POZ XMAS Review: James Dean Wells (the Gay Blades) - "I Can't Believe You Brought Your New Boyfriend To Our Mutual Friend's Holiday Party."


by Jesse Richman

It’s been far too long since we had new tunes from trash-pop duo The Gay Blades (pretty please in 2015?), but even when things are quiet on the TGB4N front, frontman James Dean Wells can always be relied upon for a new song at Christmas each year. That said, this year’s track, the oh-so-subtly titled “I Can’t Believe You Brought Your New Boyfriend To Our Mutual Friend’s Holiday Party,” is a doozy, even by Wells’ high standards.

Sonically, the song could be a lost Strokes number from 2002 — from the downstroke chug of the bass, to the unflashy, steady drum pulse, to the too-many-cigs-not-enough-sleep vox, Wells has that band’s hallmark sound on lock, adorning it with just the right amount of tinkling bells and cooing harmonies to imbue it with the Christmas spirit without detracting from the core. Lyrically, the title tells the story — though if you read a little closer, that new boyfriend (a guy named Nick with an “ironic beard” and “Lennon glasses”) might be more than he seems at first glance. Not that Wells gives a damn who she’s seeing — as he yelps in the chorus, “Happy Holidays honey, now hit the road!”

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POZ XMAS Review: Anthony Green - Winter Songs


by Jesse Richman

It’s been one hell of a year for Anthony Green. When he wasn’t reuniting with the genre-defining Saosin to stalk festival stages, he was busy recording the tremendously well-received Descensus with his current outfit, Circa Survive — all while recovering in secret from a heroin addiction, the harrowing details of which he laid out in one of the year’s most revealing (and surprising) interviews. Yet somewhere along the way, he also found the time to bang out this pair of strong solo acoustic tracks.

The first, an original titled “Better Half,” finds Green feeling earnest and thankful as he praises his “better half” over chord changes that twist and turn in consistently unexpected ways, a writing style that should feel familiar to fans of his other work. The second, a straightforward reading of the Sinatra classic “Christmas Waltz,” works nearly as well with Green’s high-pitched, strained vocals as it does with Sinatra’s croon, imbued as it is with the sort of malleability and sturdy construction that made the great American songbook so great. (In this case, credit Cahn & Styne). 

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The light outside is grey and beautiful. 

I’ve got incense burning, Skip James playing, my favourite bourbon, ideas coalescing, it’s cold inside & out, and I couldn’t be more content. 



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POZ XMAS Single: Bayside - "Angels We Have Heard On High"


by Becky Kovach

It’s no secret that I’m a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. What can I say? I’ve just never been much for the holidays. The mad dash to finish shopping, the oftentimes gaudy decorations, the endless stream of sugary songs that always begins way too early. It’s always been too over the top for my taste.

However I do love everything Bayside touches and even my grinchy self can’t resist their cover of “Angels We Have Heard On High.” Is it Anthony Raneri’s uniquely smooth vocals or the searing flare that Jack O’Shea’s guitar playing adds to the track that make me love it so? I can’t say for certain but I do know that this is one Christmas song that’s found a permanent place on my limited holiday playlist.

Fullness in God

It is true when the Bible tells us that we will be satisfied in God when we have Him in our lives. Unlike the things of our everyday world, God provides us with fulfillment, joy, peace, security and more and the best part of it all is that we are all provided with these for eternity. 

The moment we find ourselves secure in His grasp, it is from that point onwards that we can truly feel we can never be brought down by the world even when it tries so hard to. And the reason why is because in God, we truly have all that we need.


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it is okay to look at him and simply feel
happy. sometimes
it is okay to hold his hand and
be content. sometimes
his phone can buzz and
you don’t even have to glance in
its direction, because
it is enough to trust in the knots
you two have tied
to hold through the roughest (smallest)
storms and simply let your body
ride the waves.
all is good.
POZ XMAS Review: Free Throw - "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"


by Jesse Richman

For their half of a split with Oso Oso, emo revivalist upstarts Free Throw take a crack at one of the lamest holiday songs on record, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.” I know, I know — on paper, that sounds like a bad idea, at best. Yet somehow, marvelously, the band manages to make it work, by making the song their own.

Start by dropping the tempo down a notch, and the vocals to a hush. Then add a chiming twinkle-daddy guitar lead. Finally, ramp the entire song up from a whisper to a scream midway through. Is it emo-by-numbers songwriting? Sure. But even a generic emo track is a hell of a lot better than the cloying original. 

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