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It’s time for The Weekly Tour Round-Up! There are a ton of great tours going on this fall and winter that are getting announced each week! Below you’ll find all the tours going on over the next few months, with newly announced tours listed above previously announced tours. So check out all the tours if you’ve missed any of them and make sure to mark them down on your calendars!

New Tours: 

North America
Cheap Girls, Restorations, Chris Farren [02/27-03/12] 
Norma Jean [03/07-03/21]
Have Mercy, Weatherbox, YM&EWK, Head North [03/12-04/12]  
Code Orange, Harms Way [03/13-03/27] 
Circa Survive, Balance & Composure [03/16-05/03]   
The Color Morale, Slaves, Favorite Weapon [03/19-05/01]  
Bane, Backtrack, Malfunction [03/26-04/25] 
Defeater, Counterparts, Better Off [03/27-04/28] 
Mastodon, Clutch [04/16-05/24]  
Paramore, Copeland [04/27-05/25] 
Mae ‘The Everglow’ [05/15-05/16] 

United Kingdom|Mainland Europe
Funeral For A Friend [03/06-03/29] 
Title Fight [05/01-05/25] 

Silverstein ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ [03/03-03/10] 

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Previously Announced Tours: 

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I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of who I am, who I’ve become, and who I continue to be. Not in an egotistical way, but in a dignified way. I’m proud of how I pushed myself. I’m proud of how I’ve helped people. Everyone should be proud of where they stand today. Everyone deserves to be proud of themselves. Everyone deserves to find some kind of self love.

Being genuinely happy and having a reason to smile confuses people so much. ☺️ But I just keep smiling because it ain’t nobody’s business ☺️☺️ #Happy #Smile #Positive #Happiness #Blessed #Blessings #Lesbian #Love #Lgbt #Lucky #Curls #CurlyHair #Content #FocusOnYourOwnLifeBeforeYouStickYourNoseInMine #ItsCalledAPrivateLifeForAReason

POZ Showcase: Gone By Friday

Gone By Friday are bringing back the early 2000s radio pop-rock vibes. The four-piece brings catchy, bouncing melodies with a raw, but not abrasive, honesty. Hop on the NY subway and get lost in Gone By Friday’s whimsical world in their new video for “Quarter Life Crisis”, plus you can check out the rest of their music on Bandcamp.

For Fans Of: The Flatliners, Alkaline Trio, old school Green Day

Social Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Bandcamp

By Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Billy Kupillas - Vocals/Guitar  
Peter Berardi - Guitar/Vocals 
Sean Ho -Bass/Vocals
Chris Berardi - Drums 

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
The concrete jungle where dreams are made of…but not the city part. We are from Queens. 718 represent!! 

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
We formed in the summer of 2009; a rag-tag team of mercenaries meticulously trained in the art of rock. On a more serious note, we were just a bunch of middle school friends and one other dude making music. We hated each other at one point for pretty much no reason which is the truly hilarious part considering we’re inseparable now. Just goes to show you never know. It will be six years this summer. Wouldn’t trade a minute of those years for anything. 

How have you grown since you started?
Well, we’ve all grown in size in various ways. But musically, we’ve all found new influences and started taking different approaches toward song writing. We’ve also all grown as people. We started looking and worrying about more meaningful things other than the ladies… haha. Realizing we didn’t have the brightest futures was a harrowing experience but it also inspired us to write (at least what we think to be) some of the best music of our young lives thus far. In the simplest terms, we’ve grown up a bit. 

What sets you apart from other bands?
What makes us different from other bands is the fact that we’re all just normal guys. We all work full time jobs and support our music. Everything we have we worked hard for and musically, we think that shows on our records. We’re also a group of twelve cats guised as humans with the aid of trench coats. What also sets us apart is that we don’t care about genre or the box people want to put us in. We’ve always followed the belief that we’re just going to make what we like, no matter what it sounds like.

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[Homestuck Song] Pink Fluffy Maplehoof!

Dirk, John, Dave - ShutUpAdachi
Jade -  kyleehenke
Rose - holy-angel-akoya

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Original Parody by Gooptubeify

If You're Looking For A New Record Player, Here Is Your Guide

by Jesse Cannon

One of the most popular questions we get on Zack and I’s podcast, Off The Record, is about the best gear to buy in order to enjoy your vinyl collection. Since I am a man of the people, and Zack is a merciless editor who whips me for content, I put together what my discerning ear has found over the years to give the best listening experience. In the past, I have written for him about why vinyl is not always superior to digital, but with that said: if you want to enjoy your vinyl to its fullest extent, I have outlined the steps I would take to get the best out of your listening experience.  
If you are one of those people who spends $1,000 on vinyl a year and then listens to it on under $1,000 worth of gear, you are really doing it wrong. Yes, you can get parts of the vinyl experience from this cheap gear, but you are missing so much that this is the listening equivalent to only eating the ginger when you order sushi. Spend your money wisely and reap amazing benefits by getting to know your favorite records better.
Boring disclaimer: If you doubt my expertise in the field, know that I master records every day and have had the pleasure of working on expensive vinyl equipment for the last 16 years. This is just my experience, but I have a lot of it and promise to have tested countless products to come to this decision. I either own or have owned every product on this list (except two), and both of those were auditioned for numerous hours before I decided against purchasing.
Tip: You will see prices that aren’t fixed points in this article. This is because many products on Amazon and other sites go up and down in price all the time. I listed the prices I have seen these items go between. If you are not happy with a price, keep it on your radar for a while — or your Amazon wish list — and wait for it to go down.

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