We’ve all become locked into staring contests with these awesome paintings by Taiwanese artist Chang Chia-Ying. Really, we can’t look away.

"Her Russian doll-like portraits of animals and chubby children stare into the distance with hollow, glazed over expressions on their faces. Likewise, the viewer is invited to look through them; their torsos are a window into an alternate reality. They are surrounded by mysterious fairytale gardens, inspired by the cartoons Chia-Ying watched as a child."

Less talk, more staring contests with mesmerizing painted monkeys! You may need to come help us look away or at least bring over some snacks and join in. If enough of us stare back at these beguiling characters, one of them is sure to blink soon. Right?

Visit Chang Chia-Ying’s website to check out more of her dreamy, hypnotic paintings.

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… one this world knows best, and I better than your knights and your ladies. So sing for me, Queen in the North, keep your hand steady and sing. Don’t miss, girl. Don’t miss. Your men are going to come up here, and you’re going to show them how easy it was for you—to take the Hound’s life, and maybe they’ll make that a song, the Queen who put down a rabid dog. So you won’t miss?  credit.

For klaroline-westeros.

          oops i have a new contect idea and this one would be for a drabble. ooOPS DO I DO IT OR NAH BECAUSE IM ALREADY HOSTING THE PROPAGANDA POSTER CONTEST.

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hi hello it's me and like i dont really know you and you probably dont really know me but like ur on my dash and its always p pleasant to see you there but today i saw you were upset and like idk i probably cant really help at all becuz im shitty at that but like i still want to show you my support cuz i think you deserve it so like if u wanna talk or rant or anything im like here yo feel free to contect me you can even skype me (blak_riding_hood) tho im not too fond of the calling itself so ya

Thank you so much. I got into a fight with my mom and i have work in a few minutes. Thank you.

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Are the winner been contected?

i have just contacted both winners via my main blog, ojbh! they have 48 hours from now to respond to my message, roughly until 11AM EST on march 31. if they are not able to or if they are no longer interested in the album then i will randomly select another winner.

thank you all for your participation, and please continue to give junsu your love!

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can i need to get this off of my chest? I really don't like how Moka is playing her character. She's not doing it right, I resepcter her as a mun, but the character isn't that fun. You're seem to be paying atteion to her mostly then anyone else I don't want to unfollow her nor your nor anyone else that is contect with her, but I don't like ot see her on my dash I don't know what to think or what I am i made a blog and it's rarely notice by people everyone goes to her mostly

(Nonnie, I REALLY wish that I could respect what you’re saying, but I just can’t.

 I am not familiar with the fandom that Moka-mun’s character is in, but I think that she plays the character WONDERFULLY

If you don’t like the way that she plays her character, THEN UNFOLLOW HER!

 And I’m also sorry that you think that I pay more attention to her, I do my best to give ALL my partners equal attention, occasionally a thread gets dropped because I end up forgetting about it.

Instead of bitching rudely to ME, maybe you could TRY to have a polite conversation with the mun of the Moka blog?

Nuovo Post pubblicato su Milano Post Quotidiano ONLINE di Informazione e Cultura #AntonioConte, #ConteCt, #FIGC, #IlCalcioÈServito, #NazionaleDiConte

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Il Calcio è servito

Milano 29 Marzo - Un Antonio Conte sempre meno CT, proprio non a suo agio in questo ruolo, sta cercando in tutti i modi di convincere anche se stesso, ma la verità è una: non è proprio adatta, al momento,al personaggio Conte la carica di CT. Come è noto nei mesi passati ha cercato di trovare anche un compromesso con la FIGC, chiedendo lo sdoppiamento dell’incarico, facendolo diventare par time, richiesta rispedita immediatamente al mittente da Tavecchio. Si sente un leone in gabbia Antonio Conte, non si sente a suo agio in questa veste, lui che è uomo di campo, abituato a vivere giornalieramente con la squadra. E’ un martello che non può incidere se non vive con la squadra, trasmettergli la rabbia, la voglia e il suo carattere battagliero. Alla fine ci sono moltissime possibilità che rinunci all’incarico e intraprenda un percorso nuovo in un club e se questo dovesse capitare questo percorso sarà a tinte RossoNere. .

Gaetano Tolomeo


Információs Társadalom 8.

Ezen a héten Mark Schaefer blogposztjait olvastuk el a ‘Contect Shock’ fogalmáról. A ‘Content Shock’ fogalmát a véges tartalomkereslet és a folyamatosan növekvő tartalomkínálat hívta életre. A kínálat túlhalad a keresleten, ezért a cégeknek, márkáknak és egyéb tartalomelőállítóknak fizetniük kell, hogy tartalmuk eljussan a fogyasztókhoz.

Személy szerint egyetértek a szerzővel, a tartalomfogyasztásnak vannak határai, téves lenne azt gondolni, hogy az egyre növekvő tartalomelőállítás hatására a fogyasztás is folyamatosan növekedni fog. Eléri azt a határt, amikor az emberek fizikailag már nem tudnak több tartalmat befogadni, ekkor pedig a tartalomszolgáltatók harcolnak a fogyasztókért. Tehát ez egy létező jelenség, és érdemes vele foglalkozni.

A második cikkben a szerző a ‘Contect Shock’ létezésének ellenérveit cáfolja meg. Itt a legjobban a “Technology will help us overcome the consumption side of content shock” cáfolásával értettem egyet. Igaza van a szerzőnek, hogy manapság a minőségi tartalomnak van a legnagyobb közönsége, habár nagyon sok igazán jó tartalom nem mindig jut el a fogyasztókhoz, ha éppen nincs elég pénze a létrehozónak. A filterek jelenléte és haszna nyilvánvaló, de ettől függetlenül nem lesz soha több, mint 24 óránk egy napon, ezért a tartalmak fogyasztása is véges.

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You have an amazing blog! Can you source your cover photo? I wanted a print or higher resolution for a wallpaper (=

Hello ! :)

Thank you for your kind words.

My cover photo has been taken by Tony Avantia, in the catacombs of Paris.

Contect him here to get prints :

You can check out his work here  :