thru Jan 18:

It Hurts So Good to Be Loved So Bad
 curated by Geoffrey Young
Brian Morris Gallery, 163 Chrystie St., NYC

Richard Tinkler’s psychedelic patterns that optically vibrate, Vince Contarino’s abstract geometric and expressive mash-ups, Zoe Pettijohn-Schade uses tightly rendered, repetitive motifs to create stunning gouache works, Kirsten Deirup creates dystopic landscapes with monolithic structures of urban and personal memory, Andy Mister’s graphic, confrontational graphite works cull from pop culture as much as they do from tragedy. Christopher Schade abstracts the landscape in his latest works to create disorienting visions of nature, Lynne Woods Turner uses simple, linear geometry and pared down color arrangements to create exciting motifs, Yuri Masnyj’s latest pieces combine abstraction, rainbow spectrum, and frame works.

I know Grace
who speaks to fire.
She tells this on herself
as if she doesn’t see
her strangeness
(I think she does, a bit)—
how when she’s building it
she’s quiet, except for music on.
Then when it’s laid to suit her,
she stands back,
affirms what she has done;
just before she strikes the match,
she turns the music down, and
with a flourish, “Burn,” she says,
and lights the fire.

Joan Moore, from “Grace”

Painting Credit Vince Contarino