No to you. No to the Anon. No.

Like, what are you actually trying to do here? It is not now nor has it ever been an overreaction to set limits and ask people to observe them. That’s what we’ve done here. We have said, do not cross this boundary we all have in place for our own self-protection. The Anon chose to do that anyway. And now you are choosing to do it.

Crossing someone’s boundaries is gross as hell. You are being gross as hell.

Are you serious? Did you expect us to say, oh, okay, our personal boundaries don’t matter. That is not going to happen.

Like seriously, you are actually telling us to take demands from people who are insisting we give more than we have to give. We all have limits. We all have our own lives and stories to deal with. 98% of you understand and are respectful of that, but you aren’t one of them. No one is entitled to our time or attention. No one is entitled to pieces of us. That’s what we do when we answer questions. We give away small pieces of ourselves. You do not get to guilt us into doing that. And you are not entitled to it.

I hope that you just didn’t really think this through before you sent it in, but ohmygodthismessageisrudeasallhell.

Stop doing the thing. Period.


Small victories

I’m in a good mood.

  • I had the day off.
  • For the first time in 10 months I ordered garbage bags in the store and they understood my request in Korean on the first try.
  • My shower house broke, which could have been a small defeat, but it means I went to the store and bought a new shower hose and shower head.  The new shower head provided the best shower I’ve had in months.
  • I bought this new exfoliating walnut face scrub that smells like pungent herbs and earth.  My skin feels great and I smell amazing.

ANARCHISM (from the Gr. ἅν, and άρχη, contrary to authority), the name given to a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government — harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by free agreements concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of a civilized being.

In a society developed on these lines, the voluntary associations which already now begin to cover all the fields of human activity would take a still greater extension so as to substitute themselves for the state in all its functions. They would represent an interwoven network, composed of an infinite variety of groups and federations of all sizes and degrees, local, regional, national and international temporary or more or less permanent — for all possible purposes: production, consumption and exchange, communications, sanitary arrangements, education, mutual protection, defence of the territory, and so on; and, on the other side, for the satisfaction of an ever-increasing number of scientific, artistic, literary and sociable needs.

Moreover, such a society would represent nothing immutable. On the contrary — as is seen in organic life at large — harmony would (it is contended) result from an ever-changing adjustment and readjustment of equilibrium between the multitudes of forces and influences, and this adjustment would be the easier to obtain as none of the forces would enjoy a special protection from the state.

Halloween as a Trans Person (Revisited)

Judging from social media it is safe to say that Halloween is, if not the favorite holiday, close to it for a lot of people I know.  That is fantastic.  Halloween is a time for the creative, the theatrical, and the mass consumption of candy.  But as I shared last year on my blog, my own feelings on Halloween were indifferent at best for a long time.  As a young kid I would dress-up, go out, and have fun, but from around age 10 (when I first really noticed my gender dissonance) forward I just sort of checked out of the whole thing.  I did not do costumes, did not carve pumpkins, and just stayed at home by myself handing out candy.

Halloween has been long been referred to as the “Christmas” of the gender variant community, since both gendered clothing laws (back in the day) and expectations around behavior are/were in effect suspended for a day.  I know many trans people for whom Halloween was a way to dip their toes into another gender presentation in a way that would not draw undue attention, and could (just for one day) grant them a little space to explore.  But for me, especially as a confused and totally closeted 11 year old, the thought of going out, even on Halloween, as a female character like Princess Leia seemed totally implausible, forbidden, even dangerous.  I was certain someone would judge me, stop me, or even hurt me for even thinking that was okay, and just as strongly I felt that if I just kept things a secret that those feelings would eventually just go away.


(Me talking to myself at 11.)

Sidenote: I could have totally rocked her Hoth look…I mean come on, Minnesota, late October?  Plenty of snow to set the scene.

Fast-forward to 2009 when I finally started to turn those feelings around and get back into the Halloween spirit.  Navyy and I decided to go as Link & Zelda and while a shipping snafu meant my dress arrived too late, the ice was broken and I have been getting back into the playful, celebratory spirit of the holiday (we are going as updated versions of Sothe & Micaiah from the Fire Emblem series this year).  It is not so much about feeling like I need to do a female/feminine costume, but just finally feeling like I can have fun without feeling self-conscious about my choices.

This year when Tom Burns’ piece on dressing up as Leia to compliment his daughter’s (awesome) Han Solo started making the rounds, I got a smile on my face.  Now the inner Star Wars nerd in me questioned why, as her dad, he would want to be her character’s romantic interest rather than Solo’s steadfast companion/platonic life partner - Chewie.  But the parenting message sent is the right one: I support you 100%.

Fowl Language recently channeled a similar sentiment too:


Now I would venture to guess that most of the kids who don cross-gendered outfits on Halloween are not trans (or LGBTQ for that matter), but a small few are.  Celebrating every kid’s creative license, imagination, and excitement is just the right thing to do.  That should not be particularly revolutionary, but it still is.

So this Halloween go out, have fun, (over)indulge a little, and marvel at the wide-world of characters we can all become when we let our imaginations run wild for a day.

-Kat (Transparenting)

The Living Zombies

They are all around you
but hunger not for your flesh
but instead
crave the consumption
of your energy.

A head shot can kill them
but I would not advise that.

the crazy anon telling me not to post any selfies until i’m fit for their consumption basically makes me want to post even more selfies

ResBang Promo #4

Ready your confetti because here’s another story we’re gonna have for Resbang!

I hold on
written by: jaaaaks (therewithasmile) [ffn, tumblr]
with artist: karachips [tumblr]
and artist: showknight [tumblr]

Before the start of something that surely would have lasted a lifetime, uncontrollable circumstances forced them apart. Eight years later, Maka moves back to Death City and finds him, Soul, the same boy from her childhood. As they continue to run into each other, she realizes that he, like her, has moved on — is different. Yet she’s falling in love with him all the same, wrapped up once more in a bittersweet relationship that will affect the rest of her life.

- inspired by Ao Haru Ride.

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: So/Ma, background Tsustar
Warnings: Alcohol (no abuse of it, just consumption and casual drinks), divorce scenes, perhaps implied smut

Find more participating authors and artists here.

The concept of this song is fairly simple. I am trapped by myself. I am a man who is bounded by his own lusts and vices, yearning to be free of these hindrances. We are enslaved to our passing desires that are often more swayed by our environment than our own volition. Most of what we call our “choices” are simply reactions. Free thought is incredibly rare. Who can know the darkest parts within himself? This unspoken and nameless prison is the bane of the “free” world, the hole in the neighborhood. We are in the chains of debt, the chains of consumption, enslaved by our lusts, our fears, and our past. The truth will set you free but it’s only slightly less scary than hell and a whole lot harder to get there. There is no outer freedom until we have chosen to be free inside.
—  Jon Foreman [x]

The benefits of Cannabinoids – THC, THCV, THV & CBN/CBD
Cannabinoids are a unique variety of chemical compounds only found in the marijuana plant and the human body. Plant cannabinoids are called phytocannabinoids and in humans they are called endocannabinoids. When these two compounds bind, research has found and continues to discover several health benefits THC- : Euphoric, stimulant, muscle relaxant, anti-epileptic, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulating, bronchio-dilating, hypotensive, anti-depressant and analgesic effects.THCV, THV – Tetrahydrocannabivarin:A non-psychoactive cannabinoid found naturally in Cannabis sativa. It is an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with the sidechain shortened by two CH2 groups. THCV can be used as a marker compound to differentiate between the consumption of hemp products and synthetic THC (e.g., Marinol). THCV is found in largest quantities in Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa strains. It has been shown to be a CB1 receptor antagonist, i.e. blocks the effects of THC. CBD – Cannabidiol A major constituent of medical cannabis. CBD represents up to 70% of extracts of the medical cannabis plant. Cannabidiol relieves convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and inhibits cancer cell growth. Recent studies have shown cannabidiol to be as effective as atypical antipsychotics in treating schizophrenia. In August it was reported that CBD reduces growth of aggressive human breast cancer cells in vitro and reduces their invasiveness. It thus represents the first non-toxic exogenous agent that can lead to down-regulation of tumor aggressiveness. It is also a neuroprotective antioxidant. Also lessens the psychoactive effects of THC and has sedative and analgesic effects.CBC – Cannabichromene:Promotes the effects of THC and has sedative and analgesic effects.CBG – Cannabigerol:Has sedative effects and anti-microbial properties as well as lowering intra-ocular pressure. CBG is the biogenetic precursor of all other cannabinoids.CBN – Cannabinol:A mildly psychoactive degradation of THC, it’s primary effects are as an anti-epileptic, and to lower intra-ocular pressure. #RefineSeattle #CannabisCures #RealMedicine by @x_tracted

Derek & Ahsha FANFIC: The Off-Season Blues

*Authors Note: I managed to find the time to write another fan fic… And when I say “find the time”… I mean, I was PROCRASTINATING lol. This fan fic is based in season 3, during the off-season. Took me a few days to write, and it is VERY LONG. Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know. Note: All the songs mentioned in this story, are actually some of my personal faves lol. Thank you all for the love & support.* 

Usually… The Roman Emperor was notoriously known for his endless nights of hard-core partying, throwing over the top parties, countless sexcapades, and extreme consumption of intoxicants. In fact, once off-season had hit… There was not a single day, in which Derek Roman’s house was without company and commotion. However, this off-season was the total opposite. Derek had no intentions of partying the night away, with people that gave not a single damn about him or his personal struggles… Let alone numbing his pain through meaningless sex with groupies and constant drinking/drugs. Just the thought of his old habits, caused him to clench his jaw as he knew very well that, they all stemmed from one major issue. His non-existent relationship with his mother… Mary Roman. Though he never wanted to acknowledge it… Derek always felt a void, and felt very much incomplete within himself. However, the moment Ahsha entered his life… Was the moment his life changed forever, and began to mean something completely different. Not only did he have someone that cared for and loved him unconditionally, but he finally knew his worth and that he was not just a screw up. Last off-season was his happiest, as he spent almost every moment making up for lost time with his lady love. That being said, though this off-season may have been a change from the baller lifestyle he once previously lived… Derek Roman was still unhappy. Although things had ended with Ahsha four months ago… The player just could not shake the thought of her not being in his life - and the fact that they hadn’t spoken in months, didn’t make things any better either. Sure, his career was going better than ever after; winning the championship for the Devil’s, being bombarded with endorsement deals, sponsorship’s, appearances, interviews and more… He still felt dissatisfied. What’s winning a championship ring, getting more fame and fortune, building more of an empire… Without having the love of his life to share it with? 

As he sat on his mocha leather sofa, with a small glass of scotch in one hand… Whilst the other was placed comfortably behind his head - Derek continued to sit in silence, basking in the soothingly dimly lit ambiance. The subtle sound of Mint Condition - My Dear playing in the background, only added to the atmosphere creating an intimate feel. He began to reminisce about the times, Ahsha would lay in his arms… As he would run his fingers through her hair - Whilst they would quietly listen to the sweet sounds of his R&B slow jams collection. Always resulting in them making passionate love on the sofa… And this song was one of their particular favourites. A slight smile graced his face as he continued to remember their most precious moments… Before the song changed to Tank - This Is How I Feel. Derek’s slight smile, turned into that of a frown as the song lyrics reminded him of how badly he was hurting. Being unable to control his thoughts… His mind shot to the thought of Ahsha going back to the one guy that seized to be the bane of their relationship - Despite knowing very well that, things had ended between Ahsha and German once again. However, just the thought of her going back to the assistant coach, made him want to smash his glass against the wall… Then suddenly, the final words he said to his mother began to play on his mind. Though he was still angry at the way in which, that night had played out… He knew standing up to her was the one thing he needed to do, in order to make things right with Ahsha, as well as himself. As Derek began to sip his scotch…  He felt his phone vibrate. It was a call from an unknown number. Derek immediately raised his eyebrow, as he began to wonder exactly who was calling. The player was in no mood to talk to anyone, let alone an unknown source. 

"Who is this?" His deep voice nonchalantly questioned, as he answered the phone. 

"Boy, I keep telling you… That is no way, to answer the phone!" The familiar voice responded. 

"I thought I told you, not to call me anymore?" He sternly replied in a tone, much more serious than before. 

"Now, how could I possibly not talk to my… Only son anymore?" Mary replied, trying to manipulate her voice into sounding slightly saddened. 

"I’m only your son, when it’s convenient. What the hell do you want?" Derek’s tone still very serious, and unmoved. 

"I am still your mother Derek… Don’t you forget that! Now open this damn door!" Derek was rendered speechless, as he tried to process the last few words of Mary’s sentence. What did she mean by “Open this damn door”? I know her ass isn’t outside… She can’t be!!! Derek thought to himself, before… "Boy did you hear me? I said open this door… You got me standing out here like a damn trespasser!" Mary continued with a tone of annoyance, interrupting Derek’s thought process. And with that conformation… The irritated player slowly rose up, as he felt his state of anger begin to resurface. His body heat began to intensify as he slowly walked along the hallway, eventually approaching the main entrance. Briefly pausing as he saw Mary standing outside… He instantly thought about how great it would be to, actually open up the door to a mother that loved him, and genuinely came to visit him out of care. But, almost immediately shaking the thought… He proceeded to open the door.

"Boy what took you so long? You know mama missed you right… Give me a hug!"Mary excitedly expressed, trying to barge her way through the door… As she opened up her arms.  

"I thought I told you not to come here, anymore. Why are you here?" Derek clearly uninterested in her seemingly happy presence, responded as he inched backwards avoiding her hug. 

"Derek… Don’t be like that. I travelled all this way, just for you…" 

"I don’t recall, asking you to come." 

"Look son, I…" 

"Stop calling me your son. You lost all rights to call me that, the moment you stopped acting like a mother… Which luckily for me, was the moment I was born!" Derek bitterly exclaimed, looking deep into Mary’s eyes before turning his back… Heading towards the living room, without even stopping to hear her response. For the first time… Mary was rendered speechless. Usually, she would have more than enough words for Derek… But this time, was different. Did Derek’s words actually hit home for her? After a couple of minutes had passed, Mary slowly walked into the living room. Derek was laid back on the sofa, with his eyes closed as he continued to listen to the music that played… When the song changed over to Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - We Are One

"Mmmm… This is still one of my favourite songs. I see you got your music taste, from me… Huh?" Mary subtly spoke, trying to engage Derek… As she slowly walked towards the other sofa, grinning. 

"I got it from my grandparents, actually." Derek coldly replied, eyes still closed. Yet another blow to Mary. Though she rarely showed selflessness, empathy or care… The mention of her now late parents, caused a slight hitch in her throat. Mary knew very well that, she had no involvement in Derek’s childhood or upbringing, and knew that her late parents did anything… And everything they could for him. In fact, Mary knew that she wasn’t a mother to Derek at all… But could not bring herself to admit it. 

"Look Derek, I came over here to make things right. But if you want me too lea…" 

"Why do you want to act like a mother, now? After all these years… Missing countless games, birthdays, firsts of everything… Why now!" Derek’s calm demeanor began to change into that of a resentful one… Cutting Mary off, as his voice grew angrier. 

"Oh come on Derek, I didn’t miss that many…" Mary lethargically retorted, throwing her hand up… Before placing herself on the sofa.  

"You know what… It’s time for you to leave. Get out of my house, and don’t come back!" Derek immediately shot up, clearly infuriated by her blasé response. 

"You’re kicking your only mother out?" 

"Mother? Ha… You cannot be serious. Just leave." Derek mockingly replied, before trying to escort her out of the living room door. 

"Fine Derek! I am… Sorry. I heard those words you said to me that night… That little speech you made about your girl, and me not loving you. Baby, I am sorry. You know, you are my only child… Please, forgive your mother… Okay?" Mary perfidiously pleaded - trying her hardest to seem as sincere as possible… Turning to face Derek, as they stood opposite one another by the living room door. Although a small part of Derek, really wanted to believe his mother… He knew exactly what type of woman she was. Skeptically raising his eyebrow, he continued to listen - Though he wasn’t buying any of it. Mary suspecting his disinterest, grabbed his hand "Why don’t you let me take you out son? My treat. Just you, and me this time… I promise!" She continued, looking deeply into his eyes. Every fibre of Derek’s body, told him not to give into his own mothers plea… However, choosing to ignore his instincts, he finally decided to take her up on her offer. After all, he believed that nothing else could possibly cause him as much pain as, letting Ahsha go.

"Whatever… Where do you have in mind?" Derek apathetically replied, finally giving in… As he literally could not be bothered to go back and forth with Mary, any longer. 

"That’s my baby! How about… Cecconi’s? I know it’s one of your favourites." Mary offered, smiling as if she had finally won the battle. 

"Cool." Derek curtly replied. "I need to go to my office to make a call, I’ll be back in a few." He continued, before trying to walk past Mary. 

"Wait! I forgot to ask… How are things between you and… Asia?" Mary quickly questioned, as she stopped Derek from walking past. 

"Her name’s, Ahsha. And things aren’t anything… We’re not together." 

"But I thought, you were going to try and get her back?" Mary softly questioned, as a look of concern hit her face. 

"Well… You thought wrong." Derek briefly responded, trying to cut the conversation about his ex-lover short. 

"I am so sorry to hear that baby… She was a good one. She seemed different… I liked her." Mary sincerely stated, as she placed her hand on Derek’s shoulder. 

"You couldn’t even get her name right…" Derek responded, as a look of confusion hit him. 

"That’s not the point… You know I’m no good with names. Anyway, have you tried to reach out to her?" 

"Enough with the questions Oprah. I need to go and make a quick call, then we can head out. I’ll be back." The player finally retorted, slightly smiling at his mother… Before heading up the stairs. 

Mary waited until the coast was clear, before heading over to the sofas… When she saw Derek’s phone conveniently placed on the coffee table. Without any hesitation, she picked up his phone entering the pin code… She knew it was either his date of birth, or his grandmothers - And after entering the second attempt she was correct. 


Scrolling through, Derek’s contacts list… She found exactly what she was looking for. Ahsha’s phone number. Smirking to herself, she quickly entered Ahsha’s number into her phone, as she knew very well that the chances of Ahsha picking up Derek’s call… May have been slim to none. Finally proceeding with the call… She smugly waited. 

"Hello?" Answered the sweet, yet dubious voice. 

"Ahsha right? Hey… It’s Mary. Derek’s mom" 

"Mrs… Roman? Heyy…yyy. Is everything… Ok?" Ahsha hesitantly questioned, as the surprise call from Mary Roman… Only made her think the worst. 

"Oh everything is fine honey. I just needed to talk to you… It’s quite important actually." Mary replied, trying to sound a little more serious. 

"Is… Is Derek… Ok?" She responded in concern, as she began to worry. Sure they hadn’t spoken in months… In fact, Ahsha thought Derek was completely done with her. However, there was not a single day that went by without her thinking about her ex-lover.  

"See… That’s what I wanted to talk to you, about Ahsha. I think its best that we have this conversation, face to face. Are you busy by any chance?" 

"No… I’m not busy… I" 

"Good. Can you stop by Cecconi’s in the next 30 minutes? We can talk there… And don’t worry, it’s my treat." 

"Ummm… Sure. But… Is Derek ok, Mrs Roman?" Ahsha hesitantly agreed before, worryingly asking for the player once again. 

"Perfect. See you there honey." Mary hurriedly responded, purposely deflecting Ahsha’s question. 


And before Ahsha could continue, Mary hastily ended the call… Completely satisfied with herself, as her plan fell into place smoothly. Ahsha on the other hand, was left absolutely confused, nervous and even more so worried. All alone in Kyle’s apartment, she sat on the sofa for a few more minutes… Trying to understand what the hell had just happened, before heading towards her room to get ready and leave.

Finally done with his call, Derek headed back downstairs into the living room, to see a very happy looking Mary… Comfortably seated on the sofa. 

"And why do you look, so pleased with yourself?" A suspicious Derek questioned, as he headed over to pick up his car keys from the coffee table.  

"Oh… I’m just happy, to be going out with my handsome boy." Mary joyfully responded, before getting up. 

"Ok… Happy. Let’s just hurry up and get out of here, before they run out of food." Derek sarcastically joked, as they both walked down the hallway… Before heading out of the door. 


West Hollywood was notorious, for it’s vibrant nightlife and bustling atmosphere. Cecconi’s was especially busy this night… With tons of crowds full of celebrities, businessmen and women, couples and paparazzi flocking to the famous restaurant. 

"It is so damn busy in here tonight!" Mary whined, as they made their way through the crowd.  

"Aye, you chose this place. Besides… It’s Friday night, what do you expect haha." Derek responded, before approaching the front desk of Cecconi’s. 

"Ahhh, Mr. Roman… Always a pleasure to have you here. Will you and your beautiful mother, be seated at your usual spot?" The excited front desk manager, spoke as he moved from behind the desk. 

"You know it.” The player calmly replied charmingly, before following the manager alongside Mary, to his favourite spot. Though Derek was usually accompanied with just a single person… He always had the four-seater table reserved.

"Here we are, Mr and Mrs. Roman. If there is anything else, I can be an assistance of… Please be sure to let me know."The overly friendly manager expressed, before turning to leave. However, before he could do just that… Mary called him over, quietly informing him that another guest will be joining them shortly - Therefore he should assist the guest to the table. As Mary continued to whisper to the manager, Derek became increasingly suspicious… But decided to keep quiet, as this night wasn’t seeming too bad after all. 

"And what was that about?" Derek couldn’t help but question, as soon as the seating manager left. 

"Oh it was nothing baby. Just letting him know that my back is acting up, so he needs to be extra… extra friendly with the wine." Mary replied, before looking at the menu to divert the attention off of her. Shortly following, Derek also had his eyes glued to the menu, until… 

"Presenting… The beautiful, Ms. Ahsha Hayes. Please take a seat… And if you need anything, be sure to let me know."The manager enthusiastically spoke, as he presented Ahsha… Before walking away. However… Both Ahsha and Derek were in such a state of shock, as the impact of their unconventional reunion hit them hard. The pair were anything but enthusiastic. 

"Surprise!!!" Mary Roman loudly called out, trying to break the awkward tension. However, Derek and Ahsha were too focused on one another to even process what was going on. The ex-lovers continued to intensely gaze at one another, as lingering emotions and old feelings began to rush back at full force. Ahsha’s eyes began to slightly well up as she took in Derek’s full appearance for the first time in months… Whilst Derek clenched his jaw, as he focused deeply on her presence. It had been a good four months, since their break up… And a long three months, since they last spoke to each other. And here they both were… Directly opposite one another, both unaware and unprepared for such an intense run in. It didn’t help that the pair of them, looked absolutely stunning either. Derek in his tight black, Hugo Boss long-sleeved polo knit - With his dark wash Levi jeans… Whilst Ahsha stood before him, in her Vesper navy blue short sleeve midi dress, accompanied by her black Louboutins and black Michael Kors clutch. The two old flames, continued to stare at one another before… 

"Ahsha… You look beautiful. Why don’t you take a seat?" Mary softly offered, trying her best to break the ice. 

"Oh… Th Thank you… Mrs. Roman." Ahsha falteringly replied, finally snapping out of her trance. She slowly pulled out her seat, and sat directly opposite Derek… Though they both tried not to look at one another, their eyes met once again. Ahsha could feel the tension build, as she knew very well that, Derek’s anger was beginning to increase. His body completely tense, as his rage grew… However, his eyes displayed a feeling of complete pain. Fuck, I’ve missed her! He couldn’t help but, think to himself. All Ahsha wanted to do was get up and leave, as she was not expecting… Nor was she ready to see Derek anytime soon. However, her heart just wouldn’t let her. She didn’t know what to do, or how to feel… Was she mad at Mary Roman, for forcefully reuniting her with her ex? Or was she thankful that she was finally able to see the man she still loved, ever so deeply… Once again? Damn he looks so good! She thought to herself. 

"So Ahsha… How’s life as a Devil Girl treating you?" Mary asked, trying to make small talk. 

"It… It’s great. Tiring… But great. Thanks, for asking Mrs. Roman." Ahsha softly retorted. 

"Girl, please call me… Mary! Mrs. Roman, makes me feel old. I may be his mama… But I still don’t look a day over 40." Mary jokingly exclaimed, nudging Derek trying to lighten up the mood… However, her attempt and Ahsha’s response, just made him frown even more. Ahsha awkwardly smiled at Mary’s response… Before looking down at her menu, trying to avoid eye contact with Derek. 

"Ok guys… Are we ready to order?" A friendly waiter asked, as he approached the table. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" Derek finally spoke, his voice filled with complete resentment, as he directed his attention to Ahsha. 

"Derek, you know better than to talk to any woman like that! Apologize to Ahsha." Mary demanded, shocked at his response. 

"Your mother… Invited me here, actually." Ahsha smartly replied to Derek, her voice matching his resentment. 

The ex lovers gaze intensified, causing the atmosphere to seem anything buy joyful. The waiter looked on in confusion, not knowing what to say or do next. 

"Would you all prefer our finest selections of wine instead?"The waiter interjected trying to diffuse the intense atmosphere. However, there was no response as Derek and Ahsha continued to stare at one another. 

"Maybe, I should just come back later. Please do not hesitate to call… Once you are all ready to order." The waiter hurriedly spoke, before trying to walk off until… 

"It’s fine… I was just about to leave. Maybe we can have dinner, another time Mrs… I mean, Mary. Thank you for the invite." Ahsha sternly expressed, as she stood up… Never breaking eye contact with Derek. 

"That’s right. Leave, just like you always do." Derek bitterly replied, matching her deep gaze. 

"And what the hell is that, supposed to mean?" Ahsha challenged, her voice slightly angrier. 

"Will the both of you… Stop! Ahsha sit down! And Derek, calm that ass down! You guys a behaving like some damn kids, and I am sick of it. Shoot, I’m going to use the bathroom… And by the time I come back, both of y’all asses better still be at this table." Mary sternly exclaimed, slightly raising her voice… Before standing up to leave the table. 

Finally giving in, Ahsha decides to sit down once again. 

"Look, I didn’t mean to go off on you like that." Derek calmly spoke.

"It’s… Fine." Ahsha briefly spoke, looking innocently into his eyes, not knowing what to say next. 

"My mom asked you to come… Why?" 

"I’m still trying to figure that out, myself." 

The pair looked at one another in silence, before slightly breaking out in laughter.

"Doesn’t take a genius to see what she was trying, to do here…" Derek continued, before chuckling to himself. 

"So genius… What exactly was she trying to do here?" Ahsha mockingly replied, before subconsciously biting her bottom lip. 

"You tell me…" Derek teased, raising his eyebrow. 

It was as if their relationship had never ended. Their chemistry, connection and banter… Still as strong as ever. Whilst their passion, desire and love for one another… Even stronger. The once bitter atmosphere, was immediately replaced by a now passionate, playful one… Just like old times. The two continued their playful exchange, eventually placing their orders as the wary waiter approached their table once again. After 20 minutes had passed, the food had finally arrived… And so did Mary Roman… With an unknown guest. 

"Look at y’all… Looking all young and in love, again haha. And since we are all in a good place now… I would love to introduce, the both of you to someone very very important." Mary excitedly spoke, as she approached their table with the unknown guest… Slightly couching, as a cue for him to introduce himself. 

"Ah… Just the beautiful couple I wanted to meet. Please allow me to introduce myself… I am Elroy Jackson. Businessman, and friend to all… And I have just the perfect business idea, that will build the "Dersha Empire" in ways, you… Could not imagine!"The arrogant, overly confident, shyster expressed. 

Ahsha looked on in complete confusion, whilst Derek balled up his fists in complete anger. The pair finally realized exactly why Mary was so eager to get the both of them back together… She didn’t care for their reunion one bit. In fact, she only saw their reunion as another business opportunity. Ahsha slowly turned to face Derek, as she saw the pain in his eyes… Causing her to reach out for his hand. However, Derek could no longer contain his emotions… 

"I… Knew it. I fucking… Knew it! I tried to warn myself… But a part of me, wanted so badly to believe you." Derek spoke in a low tone, as he slowly rose up. The anger in his voice clear as day. 

"We have a guest here son, you know better." 

"I do not give… Fuck! About your guest. Trying to get me caught up in these bullshit "get rich quick schemes" is one thing… But to try and get Ahsha involved… You’ve gone too damn far this time!" Derek continued, his rage increasing… Causing most of the people, at the restaurant to look over. 

"Baby… It’s fine. Let’s just go, ok?" Ahsha softly interjected, trying to calm Derek down as she stood up, to hold his hand… But his anger continued to brew. 

"I can’t believe I actually thought you gave a damn about me… Let alone, Ahsha and I. This was all a ploy, to help your own ass." 

"Son… We are talking about an "Empire" here. Ahsha needs to be apart of it too, if you guys plan on building a life together. Elroy and I are doing y’all a favor here!" Mary replied, clearly unmoved by Derek’s emotional outburst. Ahsha could do nothing, but look at Mary in total disappointment and shock. 

"Fuck… Elroy." Derek curtly replied, before turning to walk away. "Oh, and one more thing… Stay the hell away from me, away from Ahsha… And stay the fuck out of our lives." Derek finally expressed, before storming out of Cecconi’s. Ahsha took one final painful look at Mary, shaking her head… Before running after Derek. 


"Derek… Wait!" Ahsha shouted quickly walking towards Derek, as she saw the valet guy handing over Derek’s Escalade to him from a slight distance. 

"Look, you can’t drive in this state… You need to calm down… Ok? Let me drive." Ahsha sincerely continued, as she turned his face to face hers. Though Derek didn’t respond… His glistening eyes, gave her the confirmation she needed. He was beyond hurt, and it broke her heart to see him in that way once again. Any lingering feelings of resentment, was completely gone on both of their parts… By this point.

The car was filled with complete silence, as Ahsha drove until…

"You can drive to Kyle’s place if you want… I’ll drive home from there." Derek briefly spoke. 

"Do you really think, I’m going to let you drive home by yourself? It’s fine… I’ll drop you home. I don’t mind catching a cab… From your place." Ahsha replied, hesitating on the last part of her sentence. Sensing her hesitation, Derek just nodded and continued to remain silent. 

As they finally pulled up into Derek’s driveway… Ahsha stopped the car, and turned over to Derek.

"I am so sorry with how tonight, went down… Derek." Ahsha softly spoke, as she looked deep into his eyes… Grabbing his hand. 

"It’s not your fault." Derek replied, showing no sign of emotion on his face… But tightening his grip around her hand. They both remained silent, until tears began to fall from Derek’s eyes. Ahsha had never seen Derek cry, and she was thankful for it as, the sight before her was almost unbearable to watch. Eventually causing her to feel her own tears, begin to fall from her eyes. 

"I did not deserve to have… A mother like her. I’ve spent most of my life, trying to understand why she just doesn’t… Love me." Derek confessed, holding Ahsha’s hand even tighter as his tears began to profusely fall from his eyes. 

"A mothers love is something special, and I am so sorry that you’ve missed out on that, Derek. But baby… You are a great man, with an even greater heart… And I love you." Ahsha genuinely replied, wiping his tears. 

"A great man huh? A great man… Wouldn’t have let you go, so easily." Derek truthfully exclaimed, looking away from her. 

"We all make mistakes, Derek. We both did… But what’s in the past, is in the past." Ahsha replied, grabbing his face… As she looked deep into his eyes. 

"I love you… So much… Ahsha." Derek briefly, but passionately expressed before gently grabbing her chin… Pulling her in, as he softly kissed her lips.

"And I love you too, baby." Ahsha gently replied, talking into his lips… Before using her lips to coax his apart, causing their kiss to deepen. Slightly tilting his head as he, entangled his hand within her perfectly straightened hair… Derek slowly entered his warm tongue into her mouth, causing her to let out a slight moan. As her tongue met his, their kiss grew intenser… Both their heads moving rhythmically, as their lips completely enveloped one anothers. Their kiss clearly displaying how badly, they’ve both missed and craved each other. His Escalade filled with nothing but heavy breathing and soft moans, as the two lovers intensely caressed one another as their kiss began to turn them on, in ways indescribable. Slowly moving his hand up Ahsha’s thighs… Derek parted them, eventually reaching her thin lace panties. As they continued to kiss, he swiftly moved her panties out of the way… Allowing his fingers to slowly slide into her moist center. As his fingers deepened into her, a deep moan escaped her throat. 

"I’ve missed… You baby! Stay… The night." Derek softly cooed into Ahsha’s lips, in between kisses… As he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her wetness.  

"I thought… You’d never… Ask. I need you… Right now baby!" Ahsha quietly replied back, in a moany voice… Clearly enjoying the feel of him.

"You… Need me…" He smugly replied, as he gently rubbed her clit… Whilst looking deep into her eyes.

"Mmmm… I need you!" She uttered matching his deep gaze, slowly gyrating her hips into his touch… Causing her pleasure to intensify. 

"Let’s get the fuck outta this car… I can’t wait to feel you." 

The pair continued to sensually tease one another, before reluctantly getting out of the car. Derek lifted Ahsha up… Wrapping her legs around his waist. They continued to kiss, tease and talk dirty to one another as he carried her along his driveway. Finally reaching his door, the both of them still unable to keep their hands off each other… Causing Derek to struggle to open the door, with Ahsha still wrapped around his waist kissing him. Finally opening the door, the two lovers began to rekindle their love, the entire night. Starting in his hallway. 


greysquirrels said:

All of these people saying, "drink 'humane' dairy" and all that mumbo jumbo are completely missing the point. You can treat a cow as nicely as you want, but it still does not give you the right to take her milk. She does not owe you her milk for being kind to her. Her milk is not for you. It will never be for you. The whole point of Veganism is that animals are not here for us to use. You don't get to drink non-human animal milk because it is not yours and was not intended for your consumption.

Thank you Kylee <3

anonymous said:

found this on consumer affairs, here's a snippet... "It is legal in 44 states to eat a dog or a cat. What? Yes, your dog could end up on a plate with a side of rice and a carrot curl for garnish. It is illegal to sell dog or cat meat in the United States but 44 states allow its personal consumption. Indian reservations are exempt from such restrictions.What this means is you can humanely kill and eat a dog or cat but you can't sell it at a restaurant or supermarket"

"It is legal in 44 states to eat a dog or a cat"

Well, obviously that sounds incredibly sane. My question is which are the 6 states that hate freedom, choice, liberty, shootin’ shit, owning people, and all the other stuff that this great country was built on?

I hate to think that one day I’ll live in a country where I have to tell my grandkids that once we had the freedom to chop puppy dalmations up into a bunch of little pieces and then throw those pieces on top of a fire. But now because the vegans have taken over this once great country, we are not allowed to do such wonderful things? Thanks Obama. Now, in 6 states we can’t eat dalmations. I can’t be the only that’s upset about this. Where’s my non-vegans at?

Let’s represent. Call your congressmen and let them know it is not cool that we can’t kill and eat puppy dalmations. The vegan agenda has just gotten to be too intrusive. FREEDOM!!! This is our Braveheart moment.

i mean, i think it’s less the existence of male sexuality and more of how it’s expressed. besides the fact that it’s ever-present, men feel comfortable in inserting it in any given discourse, and the fact that it’s given so much deference (and all of the above describe heterosexuality in general), most men are unable to express it or communicate desire (verbally or otherwise) in a way that isn’t violent and/or consumptive 

the commodification of a second or third party is just implicit and normalised, even when it isn’t overt 

and i’d wager that’s at least in part because of how phallus-centric all sex is, and how penetration is something “done to” someone else

anonymous said:

What does it feel like to eat a soul, like what we humans feel when we eat a meal depending on the taste, but in this case, all the horror and misfortune that has happened to the persons soul you are consuming? If that makes any sense at all.

He frowned softly in thought. Not quite sure how to answer or if he should answer at all.

He had said it before. It was impossible to tell exactly what a demon felt during the consumption of a soul. He did not think humans felt the same when they were eating something. They could not possible feel the relief and pleasure ingesting a soul brought. They did not feel this torturous hunger which was crawling his insides in every minute he breathed so they could not understand how freeing it was to finally devour that precious core.

Though, the Guest was right that misfortune, pain and suffering, indeed, changed the taste.

"I do not believe humans can comprehend the feeling when we, demons, felt while eating a soul, dear Gray One. Because no matter what, the level of our hunger is not the same and it can never be the same." he uttered calmly, feeling hunger acting inside as he had been made focus on it.

"But yes, horror and misfortune have an affect on the taste of the soul as any other emotions and feelings have. Though it is not to say, every demon prefers their meal drenched in darkness. Some just prefers it pure and untouched." Not him though. He did not think any other soul he had consumed would be able compete with the soul of his little Lord.


the best professors legit just care about you learning shit and getting excited they dont give a damn about formalities. like my professor for Sustainable Energy, he’s so friggin pumped about everything he teaches and it’s inspiring and awesome and I learn so much and then the multiple choice test questions will be like  ”what does price elasticity of demand refer to?” and answers A-C are actual answers and option D is: “A consumers ability to perform downward dog pose during hot yoga” or “what is the term for the effect of large houses on energy consumption?” and one of the choices is “the McMansion effect” like props to you, professor this is the best