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My questions

1) Do you prefer photos of people or places? Why?

I like places :) I am studying Geography - it’s kinda a must. MY LECTURERS COULD BE WATCHING

2) What would you cook someone you were trying to impress?

I wouldn’t cook XD It would be for the better, if I did cook they certainly wouldn’t be impressed

3) Which 5 people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?

Ha! I always put that question on these things, never had it asked to me though. I would invite: Andrew ;) Derren Brown, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Maggie Smith aaaaand David Attenborough.

4) Are you creative? Explain.

I consider myself creative, I have been adding my own twist to magic tricks as of late and I write quite a bit :P

5) How would you survive a zombie attack?

^^, I would gather all the food I could from the nearest shop, and live on a boat, landing on foreign coasts to resupply and if need be, live off fish.

6) What music do you like?

I like some lyrical songs, I tend to be more interested in instrumental music and soundtracks.

7) Do you prefer time with people or time alone? Why?

I like to have an equal balance. I like people but I also like to be alone from time to time mainly because my moods demand either one or the other

8) What was your favourite childhood pastime?

Apparently it was stinging my sister with bees in pegs 0.0 I remember it being horse riding though

9) What was the last embarrassing thing that happened to you?

I drove 15miles to feed my horses without bringing any food for them. Had to sluggishly retreat from the ridding school in the hope that the person who we pay to keep the horses on her land didn’t notice my arrival in the first place. Turns out she did and she called about 3 hours ago to tell me that she’d seen me.

10) Where do you want to be right now?

Right now I would love to be abroad, anywhere, just for a change of scenery

11) Do you hide your true feelings from people?

I have a habit of hiding my anger from the people involved.

My Questions to you lovely lot

  1. If you had to live in the universe of a film - which would you choose? (e.g - Death Star)
  2. Do you have a favourite flower?
  3. Who is your favourite actor?
  4. What fandoms are you part of?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. Describe your personality in one word… please?
  7. If you could be the opposite gender for three days, what would you do?
  8. You can have any superpower - what do you want?
  9. You can turn into an animal, which is the one you think would represent you?
  10. Is there a side to you that you don’t let people see?
  11. Can you play an instrument?
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I was tagged by Chris and ageeeeees ago by Claire (sorry for taking so long)

Chris’ Questions:

1. What’s one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Right now I have a cold so I wish that would go away

2. What’s one thing in the world you wish you could change?

Equality for everyone- I think a lot of problems would be solved if there was no prejudice and shit.

3. What time period would you most like to live in?

The 20’s or the 50’s look fun, I love their music and fashion.

4. What’s the last movie you watched?

It’s a Kind of a Funny Story- I bought it for my self for Christmas :3 I really enjoyed it but there were some really bad flaws

5. Chess or Checkers?

I might have a chance at winning Checkers because I’m awful at Chess

6. How much sleep do you get most nights?

I need a min of 7 or I’m really grouchy, 9 would be nice

7. Favourite TV show?

Nooooo this is the hardest question… I’m going to go with Sherlock… no Doctor Who…. No The Mentalist… No NCIS… 

NO SHERLOCK, I’m going to go with Sherlock…

8. Would you do me a favour?

Yes, but only because I’m such a lovely person 

9. Who do you love most?

Well obviously my mum! 

10. Are you happy?

This sparked a massive internal debate as to whether I’m happy or not but I probably am- I don’t know! You’re really good at deep questions. 

11. Why is the sky blue?

Because blue light’s wavelength is the same size as particles in the air so they bounce off and you can see them- ugh I don’t know I’m giving Physics up for A2  

Claire’s Questions:


  1. Book: There are hundreds butI love Paper Towns by John Green and of course Harry Potter (my fave is Order of the Phoenix) 
  2. Movie: Probably Inception, Dead Poets Society and Tinker, Tailor
  3. Album: Early in the Morning by James Vincent McMorrow, The Black Parade- MCR, This Modern Glitch- The Wombats
  4. TV Show: See above for a very indecisive answer
  5. Youtuber: Charlieissocoollike was my first favourite ever, but I now love the VlogBrothers and Danisnotonfire
  6. FanFiction: I’ve kind of stopped reading fanfiction but this one is the first I ever read and doesn’t really fit into my current fandoms but is incredible (well it was to me a few years ago but I haven’t read it recently): Spirited Away 2: Return to the Spirit World by MovieFan92
  7. Music Artist: Ben Howard
  8. Blog: I don’t have a favourite or I won’t tell!
  9. Online Game: Erm I don’t know, it’s been years since I played online games but I used to be really addicted to Avalanche
  10. FanVid: MorMor Light by violetAmber35
  11. Song: atm I really like Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runnners 

My Questions for people:

  1. If you could be one age forever, what age would you be?
  2. Favourite ending to a book? 
  3. Hot chocolate or tea?
  4. Favourite youtuber?
  5. Any guilty pleasure movies?
  6. Who was your first ship?
  7. Are you wearing and socks and if so what is their colour?
  8. Favourite food?
  9. Which Avenger would you like to be?
  10. What did you have for breakfast?
  11. Put your iPod on shuffle, what is the first song that comes on? 

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I was tagged by about five different people, I have already answered their questions, so now to make up my own!

1. Tell me your three favourite words?

2. And three favourite books?

3.What is your opinion on banjos?

4. What fictional thing has made you cry the most?

5. Favourite post on all of Tumblr?

6. Tell me about your best friend(s)

7.If you could create and be your own superhero, who would you be and what power(s) would you have?

8.How to you typically respond to the question “what do you want to do in the future?”

9.What is your general knowledge quiz subject of choice?

10. What thing that you have done are you most proud of?

Have fun answering these, Jenny, Polly, Katie, Alison, Ari and Destiny. And then there are three people whom (who? idk) I have never really spoken to but whose urls i see reblogging things from me, and I would like to tag them. I don’t know their actual names, but um: shewhowandersthemoon, wolfywox and kajsavi. I choose you! If you have already been tagged by others, I guess you could just answer these and not make up new questions. Or not answer them at all. But i would like it if you did. You can do what you want though.