Not a tiny house, but still awesome.

So, I saw the above house and it really spoke to me. I liked the original floor plan and left it alone. The only real change is the change from 5 doors to 4 (although I may reduce them further) and the addition of a staircase going down to a root cellar.

There weren’t any dimensions on the website, but the unfinished walls gave away all the info needed to get the size. I determined that this is a 525 sq. ft. home that is 15 ft. by 35 ft. It seems the walls are approximately 10 ft. from base to top of the facade. This leads me to believe that the roof slopes from 10 ft. to 7 ft. as indicated by how the drywall is cut on the interior.

I used these measurements to research how much the building materials would be and also came up with the floor plan above. I want a root cellar as well, so I included that in all the measurements and cost research.

The total of the materials and appliances that are needed to get the house to a livable state is approximately $20,000. This includes the concrete blocks and bags of concrete for the root cellar. I also included some cosmetic things, like the cost of using stone tile on the walls of the bathroom and of covering the entire floor with tiger striped bamboo, because it looks kinda badass.

My goal with this build is to build a home that is efficient and comfortable during cold weather months. This home will be completely insulated to above the standard for -18°F which will make it comfy all year. For the efficiency, I plan on using solar and wind power for the food storage (deep freezer and small refrigerator) and lights. Propane will be used for cooking food and heating water using an on-demand device. As an alternative I will also have a wood-fired stove for heating the home, cooking, and heating water. During the warm months of the year I plan to do most of my cooking in an outdoor coal or wood-fired kitchen. 

The liberal amount of $40,000 will be the total cost of this home, the land, the digging of the well, the installation of the propane tank, and the purchase of the solar power system. There is no reason why this won’t pay for itself in a few years time. Growing my own food in underground greenhouses will supply me with food to eat and sell year round and will provide me with ingredients for canning, which can also be sold. I also plan on building a forge, which will allow me to make my own tools and create artistic and useful items to sell.

In conclusion, This home is my dream: off-grid, comfortable and inviting. I can’t wait to build it. I also look forward to constructing the accompanying building with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom so I can actually entertain overnight company. My goal is to complete building by early 2016.

Now, if one of you sees something where my measurements may be wrong or if you have any ideas for me, let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

source of the inspiration: http://www.labor13.cz/projekty/560-dum-v-zahrade-matrelik/ and http://www.inspirationgreen.com/pit-greenhouses.html