in a dialogue that cole has with iron bull (x) it’s asserted that cole is able to feel and read the hurt of others he’s never met before if it “touches the hurt” of the person he’s currently reading.

so imagine hawke standing off the battlements of skyhold and looking out at the frostback mountains and their snow-capped peaks with a feeling that reminds him of homesickness. it shouldn’t feel like homesickness because he hasn’t had a “home” to go back to in the past three years but it sits in the pit of his stomach like a knot that constricts tighter. it’s cold out, a bite of the renowned ferelden winter burning at his throat with every breath — and he’s worried.

anders hadn’t enjoyed the idea of him coming the moment they finished the letter and hawke hadn’t been comfortable with the separation even though he knew they would have no choice.

"promises, it’s always been about promises, but you’ve always kept them. he has not forgotten and neither have you."

the young man’s voice catching hawke off guard but he’s heard plenty of things about the one called cole who offered aid - healing - to the inquisition. his mouth hanging open to question but he chooses to listen instead as the tawny figure approaches with an air of eerie innocence, voice quiet over the wind.

the dagger is heavy, palms sweaty, the city is burning , you are burning. bright, so bright, but it isn’t morning. he is soft even though his hand is righteous, there is no longer compromise. you let him live, you let him live.”

no matter how many years that passed hawke couldn’t forget that final night in kirkwall as if it were stamped to his memory. but he never regretted his decisions, never dwelled upon what happened — he made his promises, took anders’ hand and never looked back.

"but you helped him and he helped you. you both help even though you’re hurting, why is that?"

(because he’s not here, because i’m not there to protect him if i have to be and i should be there. he should be here, we should be here. but i’ll see him soon, not much longer.)

cole dipping his head, hidden by the brim of his hat and looking down at the ground as he begins to walk past the champion, whispering soft enough for only hawke to hear.

"he misses you too."

" I immediately felt better about myself after putting this on. It binds, but doesn’t constrict. I can breathe. I don’t feel like I have to constantly adjust it. It doesn’t roll like some other binders I’ve had. Plus! It doesn’t aggravate my shoulders after a 12 hour work shift. I’m not sore, or in pain. Also!!! Look at the freaking difference, look at it. I have never been this flat, even double binding. Definitely buying a couple more next payday! #gc2b #bindingforthetransman #thisthingrocks " @yourdemonsareinsideyou

  • psychotic ginny weasley
  • ginny weasley who esperiences depersonalization and derealization even before she’s possessed by voldemort
  • and it doesn’t stop after he’s out of her body, nuh-uh
  • ginny who hallucinates regularly, who hears stuff no one else hears (much like harry! but also for different reasons)
  • ginny who feels like an alien in her body sometimes, ginny who feels like she isn’t real and that she might disappear any second
  • ginny who sees dementors where there are none and learns never to be afraid of them
  • ginny who floats above her bed at night because her reality is not constricted by the laws of nature
  • ginny who takes advice from the voices in her head, ginny who argues with them passionately
  • psychotic ginny weasley
No Smoothie

Heart disease kills more than twice the number of men than any other single disease in Britain, and trails in second place in women, just behind dementia. Yet, doctors still don’t quite know what drives atherosclerosis – a heart-attack- and stroke-causing disease where blood vessel walls swell due to deposits of hard fatty plaque. Until recently, it was thought that only white blood cells contributed to the swelling when they swallow those fatty deposits and stick to the vessel lining. But the latest research suggests that hitherto unsuspected smooth muscle cells (pictured) inside vessel walls, where they regulate blood pressure by constricting flow, might also be adding to the disease. They’re suspected of behaving like white blood cells, ingesting and accumulating the plaque. Ending this behaviour gives researchers a new target in their search for treatments of atherosclerosis, which can lurk undetected for decades before striking, fatally.

Written by Tristan Farrow

Image by Vira V. Artym from National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)
National Institutes of Health, USA
Originally published under a Creative Commons Licence (BY 4.0)
Research published in Circulation Research, July 2014

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hearing an able bodied person say that ‘trying to help [disabled folx] when they don’t need help is dis-abling them’ 

no, my body is disabled. my physical body has impairments that make it disabled.

you are constricting my life and limiting my actions by trying to help me when i don’t need help.

you are not making me more disabled, you’re just being (overly helpful) annoying (and getting in the way)


Loras took a shuddering breath, trying to keep calm as his lungs constricted further and further. He laughed, a thin, rough sound. “Yeah…had…it…as a…kid…” he gasped, stooping to look through his book bag, panicking when he couldn’t find it. He knew he had had it with him when he had arrived at Renly’s flat, only a short walk from his high school. “Ren…” he rasped, his ability to speak getting harder and harder. 

                            “Hey, hey hey.
                            Calm down Loras.” 

Renly was quick to soothe, moving
 to the younger bow and rubbing his
hand softly over his back whilst
trying to direct him to a chair to sit down. 

                          “Sit down, don’t panic,
                           it’s going to be fine, love.”

I couldn’t cry
Or scream
Or talk
I couldn’t think straight and every thing was crashing down on me
There was so much weight
And yet I felt nothing
I almost thought to let it just come out to just bleed and just
Just fuck it, right

What a thought

A thought

And then
I thought of you
And I could hear the rain outside
And I smelt the candle burning in the next room

And suddenly the world didn’t seem so huge
My problems didn’t seem so constricting
Suddenly it was bearable
All of it

Because you smiled today and made me laugh
And that’s all I needed
was that memory

And I was so happy to be able to have a chance to make more of those

the rain continued to fall
My breathes began to steady
And thank god I fell asleep that night

knowing Id wake up okay

—  In the mind of tonight
San Francisco

It felt like I could finally breathe.

Nothing was constricting my airways.

My world had stopped being grey, 

and even though the city’s as dirty as can be; covered in graffiti 

It’s a lot more pure than anything I left at home, coated in dust and misery. 

I’m so close to finally being happy, leaving behind a home filled with personal demons and destructive memories. 

I’m falling in love with the rolling hills, cable cars and a skyline, just like I fell in love with him for his writing and bright green eyes.

Baby San Francisco is calling to me like you do when you dial my phone number every night to say “sleep tight”

The Golden Gate swears she’ll be good to me, she promises to take care of my silly insecurities. 

The skyline whispers my name while I sleep and the promise of you makes my heart flutter faster and faster.

You’re so close to me, but things seem to keep us apart like this silly east coast dream.

The east has been screaming my name since I was thirteen, but when those 4 letters are upon your lips I shut everything else out, with the thought of forever on my mind.

Baby San Francisco is calling to me with a force that only golden Califronia could bring.

She swears I won’t cry my tears into the salty bay, she promises to make you stay.

She says there’s nothing back east except snowstorms and more sleepless nights because where I sleep best is in your arms.

"What keeps pushing you to run?" She asks me, when everyone I love is residing in this California sunshine. 

"You’ve found a home young bird, nonsense in going 4,000 miles away just to lose a piece of yourself imbedded in him. 

There’s a skyline and a city night right around the corner from your depressive little home, you’d be able to keep him, him, her and him all safely tucked in your arms.

There’s no point in trying to run.”

Baby San Francisco is calling to me, she’s smarter than I ever thought.

She’s a different planet filled with beautiful life, why hadn’t I ever opened my eyes? 

San Francisco is the girl I’ve always wanted to be, but hadn’t realized until I was forced to leave.

I want to keep her close, just as she brings him closer to being mine for many years down the line.

San Francisco please be gentle with my heart, it’s my only lifeline. 

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The admiral in the anime is of course our boobiemun. Who else would have Nagato has secretary ship and have mutsu as an assistant? Where were you this week?! Kongou wanted to give you her Burning Love!