Fusion Follies
  • To be honest, I really don't like Garnet as a fusion.
  • Hear me out though; I love Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, but what I don't like is how people no longer see Garnet as her own, strong, independent person and. It seems like people are almost forgetting about her and instead focus on Ruby and Sapphire, even though their fusion makes Garnet one person, and not just two people.
  • I also don't like how Sapphire and Ruby's fusion is all we get to see of their relationship, and the whole "They love each other so much that they are Garnet and we never have to see them interact in any way" kind of bothered me as well because I really wanted to see more of them as their own, independent selves with unique and even constrating personalities and not just as Garnet who speaks for them both.
  • I see them as three seperate characters.

The constrat between my Inquisitors …..

Rae was such sweet heart and Valyna was ‘fuck you and you too, fuck everyone’