“I appreciate you being here, but we cannot be friends.”
“You had me pegged from the start. A man damaged by his demons, and those demons are not dormant, they are hellbent on killing me. And everything I find beautiful.”

Following a lengthy process, Alan Turing, the scientist who broke the Nazi’s Enigma code machine during World War II, was formally pardoned by the British monarch Tuesday.

Glad the Queen didn’t wait too long. Not like Turing’s brilliance and importance hasn’t been known for decades and that his mutilation and death were atrocious crimes. Congrats on not waiting to acknowledge that being gay is undeserving of mutilation and suicide.

Fuck you, Queen Liz. You were queen when was convicted and died. You waited sixty years. You, your family, and your country’s leadership are despicable people. So seriously, fuck off you miserable shits.

I mean seriously, do you these people think they deserve to be congratulated for taking decades to recognize they were shitty people? You did not even mention that it has been sixty damn years since he died. Sixty years of this brilliant man being marked as a criminal for loving another man. How is 2014 the year it dawned on you that Alan Turing did not deserve to be chemically castrated, that his suicide was caused by bigoted policies that were then reinforces in Britain for decades by evil bastards like Margaret Thatcher? Have you pardoned every other homosexual you condemned to prison or castration? Have you apologized for decades of denying these people humanity? Have you accepted that so many were murdered because of your unwillingness to defend them? You being slow to realize your bigotry is not great. It is pathetic. You do not get praise for denying the humanity of your fellow citizens. You do not get praise for failing to acknowledge your failures. You do not get praise for anything. You are horrific people that have failed humanity. You get scorn. You get condemned. You can go fuck yourself, you miserable, horrible, contemptible fucks.

Here is the other thing. The British government has explicitly stated they will not pardon the other 49,000 people convicted under this law. That only Alan Turing deserves the recognition for not being a criminal. Everyone else, well they fucked a dude so they can still be registered as criminals. To say otherwise would imply that the British government did something wrong, that they failed their people. 

A última mentira da humanidade

Quando o amor não for o suficiente
Adicione um pouco de ódio
Quem sabe se o constrate
Não os completa

Quando o amor não for o suficiente
Adicione um pouco de fidelidade
Misture talvez com confidência
Dê prêmios aos pequenos esforços

Quando o amor não for o suficiente
Não se desespere
Não estoure sua mente com expectativas
Que ele nunca foi o suficiente

Se o amor não for o suficiente
E as mentiras contadas
Desfizerem-se de repente
Talvez sobre espaço pra outras coisas

Talvez assim
Sobre espaço pra verdade
Abra espaço em tua agenda
Pra um pouco de caridade
Companheirismo, vontade
E não pra render-se aos caprichos
De um sentimento esquizofrênico.

Saulo Abip Gonçalves