“I appreciate you being here, but we cannot be friends.”
“You had me pegged from the start. A man damaged by his demons, and those demons are not dormant, they are hellbent on killing me. And everything I find beautiful.”

This is an actual song I wrote, besides just posting lyrics from just watching Youtube new music subculture shit,

No romorse in the eyes of constration, just a taste of swallen fear
No regrets in the sight of my death, no mercy shown in this state remmemberence

Forseen demise, from the worms of the false light, on this rock that you call earth,
Self-now depart from this worship of the acccursed

Fuck it all!
Blind again forevermore
Fuck you all, professed destruction, contemplating as you’ve done before

Clenching fists for the determined freewill, bewildered by faith nevermore
Thunderstorms intermitted by the Sun - the symbolic despair
Clenching fists, determined freedom, bewildered by slaves no longer
Solar flares and transgressed storms balance-desolation now present in this hunger