Finalized Bionicle 2015 Set Images Discovered

We’ve got some exciting news for you guys! At long last, we have on hand finalized images of the Bionicle 2015 sets! These pictures were discovered and graciously given to us by just2good from YouTube, and are the finalized images for all of these sets for 2015 Winter release! Absent from this photoset, unfortunately, is Onua and the Protectors. You can see all of the images in the video below:

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- Tuikku


70787 Tahu: Master of Fire (Comic-Con build) Review

Note: This set was built at the Lego VIP Event at the Flatiron Lego Store. While official instructions were not used, the model was made by both comparing it in detail with the official set seen in the display at the store and by enlisting the aid of the Bionicle 2015 staff members at the event to make sure it is as accurate as possible. While there are possible differences between this and the official sets, this is as close as we will get until three months from now, when the actual set is released.

Enjoy this first exclusive look at “Omega Tahu” and the Bionicle 2015 Winter wave!

Fʀᴏxxᴢᴇɴ Hᴀs Fᴏᴜɴᴅ Yᴏᴜ



⊰‡⊱ —— :         A small curve was formed on her fine features as the demon closed the eyelids. It was supposed to be summer, but instead, the white blanket was covering everything. The coldness has been something she actually didn’t mind, but it was a completely constract compared with her fire. Escana was indifferent when it came to human forms, but that belle with blond hair didn’t seem to be human at all. After all, how many could change the stations? Or at least, modificate a specific area? ❝—My, my…. It’s frozen. What a wonderful sight…—❞ Tender vowels left her throat as she clap two times. 


Macedonian is the language of Aristotle and Alexander the Great and it is Greek.

Picture A

The name of today F.Y.R.O.M. / Skopje was until 1942 VARDASKA.

Picture B

The so-called (Slav) “Macedonian” language is a mix of West-Bulgarian Dialects and Serbo-Croatian elements, created 1944 by Tito’s Communist Regime als alibi against Greece.

Independet source

Picture C

The Constraction of a New Slav-“macedonian” Alphabet was even a Yugoslavian Communist Affair

Τthe people from the first commission, who created the alphabet in November 1944.
Left to right: Vasil Ilioski, Hristo Zografov, Krum Toshev, Dare Djambas, Venko Markovski, Mirko Pavlovski, Mihail Petrushevski, Hristo Prodanov, Georgi Kiselinov, Georgi Shoptraianov, Iovan Kostov (-ov and -ev means their Bulgarian descent)

From 1913 until its collapse on account of the German invasion, the Yugoslav (monarchist) Government adopted a policy of Serbinzation and de-Bulgarianisation of the Slavic idiom spoken in Vardar (FYROM/Skopje); an idiom which was generally considered by foreign sources and Slavologists to be a West-Bulgarian dialect.

From the end of WW2 with the Communists in control of Yugoslavia, a similar yet project, with many differences however was undertaken with the linguism of Vardar. While efforts de-bulgarianise the idiom and bring it closer to the Serbo-Croat dialect were again undertaken (Multiple peices of evidence confirm this), communist rule and the subsuming of  Pseudo Slavo “Macedonism” as an ideology meant that Belgrade made a concerted effort to develope unique aspects of the language. Surenames in some cases are even recorded as having been changed from the traditional Bulgarian possessive ending ‘ov’ to an ending to an ‘ovski’ surename ending. Commitees were set up by the Yugoslav Commitern to “resolve” matters of a “Slavo-Macedonian” language and alphabet.

Venko Markovski, was one of the creators of the Slavbulgarian- ‘Macedonian’ alphabet in 1944, but lost favour with Tito and fled to Bulgaria later on.


LimeFlavouredLibertarian24: opinion


The Protectors are cool sets because they’re going to be so small/short that they’ll be easy to store. HF IFB was a disgraced to buildable action figures/constraction because they had lots of minifigures and mechs/battle machines instead of real buildable action figures. Lego I’m going to view and accept Bionicle 2015 with open arms and with the loyalty that it deserves because HF in many ways is a disgrace to the category of constraction figures and has nothing else going for it because Bionicle is using CCBS the system that made HF be in production for so long, but now that Bionicle uses CCBS, what else does HF have to offer, but not real constraction figures and extremely simplistic dumbed down storylines.

The feet and legs are made from constraction pieces which won’t please everyone, myself included, although they look OK and are an efficient way to provide articulation.

*huw voice* i dont actually have any complaints about the use of constraction besides that it’s constraction but im gonna whine about it anyway

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LimeFlavouredLibertarian24 reviews: Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

Coming soon…

Gathered friends listen again to our legend of the…LimeFlavouredLibertarian24! Hi there and today I’m reviewing Kre-O Transformers Beast Hunters Optimus Prime and let me just say this and that is I didn’t build the Predacon that’s included with this set because it was too boring and I didn’t build Optimus Prime in his vehicle mode, I only built Optimus prime in his robot/transformed mode. I also built the Kicker minifigure and the Optimus Prime minifigure that’s included in this set and here’s what I’ve got to say about the Optimus Prime minifigure and that is he’s dark red and dark blue instead of his usual colour scheme of red and blue, the Kicker minifigure looks kind of boring, but also nostalgic at the same time. Now I’ll talk about the awesome thing about this set and that is the action figure/kind of constraction figure sized Optimus Prime and he’s a very great build with tons of little pieces and he has ball joints that have rubber surrounding them which make them stiff and kind hard to tell if they’re completely attached on. his lower arms are red and instead of the dark red that’s on the rest of him. His torso has a ball joint/ball socket connection in it so it’s able to articulate a little bit, but mostly from side to side rather than up and/or down. Optimus prime I think has a little bit too much stickers. He has a lot of interesting ball joint and ball socket pieces as well as some interesting system based pices that are good for MOC making. I’m quite surprized at solid Optimus Prime’s build is in this set because usually things and buildable action figures that are made of bricks are usually very easily to have pieces fall off, while with this set it feels very firm and stable. His looks cool and has a strange amount of movement. He has missiles on his back that are able to pose in various ways that can transform when it comes to posing. His upper leg pieces look a little bit too skinny and I think they should have added some armour or some more pieces to make it look a little bit more bulky especially since I don’t think that would affect his articulation. The wings on his missles on his back look cool and smaller than what I would have expected, but it does make more stable. The thing about this set I think is awful and hate about this set are his hands because his sword is hard to attach onto his hand because there’s pin/axle/light saber sized connection instead you have to stretch the rubber in his hand and hopefully it’ll stay in place, but he does come with different types of hand for different poses and looks. His shield is a little bit of a basic build, but it looks big and cool. His shoulder armour looks cool and can be posed to give different motions of speed on Optimus Prime. The transparent black pieces oh his chest along with the transparent blue plate/tile piece with the Autobot symbol printed on there look very cool. Overall this set is great if you’re a fan of both Transformers and buildable toys and it includes some minifigures that you can use for MOCs and custom playsets, his hands are my least favourite part of this set, but besides that he’s a very solid build and set and has a dark, but familiar colour scheme for Optimus Prime. That’s my review of the Kre-O Transformers beast Hunters Optimus Prime.