Finalized Bionicle 2015 Set Images Discovered

We’ve got some exciting news for you guys! At long last, we have on hand finalized images of the Bionicle 2015 sets! These pictures were discovered and graciously given to us by just2good from YouTube, and are the finalized images for all of these sets for 2015 Winter release! Absent from this photoset, unfortunately, is Onua and the Protectors. You can see all of the images in the video below:

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- Tuikku

Last of my three bricklink orders arrived. :D

In total I scored…

3 hero factory chestplates
6 red bohrok limbs
A bunch of constraction limbs
3 red claws
Gali nuva’s scope
1 trans-green glatorian head

2 Pearl Silver matoran blades
2 Blue zamors
Some yellow throwbots/slizers pieces
3 pairs of hero factory fists.
2 marbled white/metru-red takanuva staffs (THESE EXIST?!)
1 Nuvok-kal shield.

2 sets of…claws? (I remember them back when lego life on mars was a thing)
4 yellow mantax claws
6 minifig robot arms
2 trans-white bohrok teeth
Another 3 pairs of hero factory fists.

All in all I’d say it was a good haul, and the fact everything fit in lettermail pretty much halved the potential cost.

If any of my followers want to find cheap replacement parts or just want to collect new ones, you should check out bricklink. :U


70787 Tahu: Master of Fire (Comic-Con build) Review

Note: This set was built at the Lego VIP Event at the Flatiron Lego Store. While official instructions were not used, the model was made by both comparing it in detail with the official set seen in the display at the store and by enlisting the aid of the Bionicle 2015 staff members at the event to make sure it is as accurate as possible. While there are possible differences between this and the official sets, this is as close as we will get until three months from now, when the actual set is released.

Enjoy this first exclusive look at “Omega Tahu” and the Bionicle 2015 Winter wave!


Sobrang dami kong gustong sabihin at sobrang dami kong gustong ishare pero hindi ko alam paano sabihin. Ni hindi na nga ako makapag constract ng matinong sentence eh.  Basta ngayon may mga narealize ako about sa relationship.

na kung kaya mo pang mag fight for the relationship, fight for t, lalo na kapag pati yung partner mo, pinaglalabin pa rin niya yung relationship niyo.

Tsaka, hindi lahat ng IDEAL about sa relationship ay applicable na sa inyu. Iba’t iba ang bawat relationship ng mga tao, kaya kung ano man ang sinasabi sa elitedaily, sa tumblr, sa movies at sa mga novels ay iba sa REALITY. Completely different. Don’t and NEVER base your relationship on these things

Those people who are still together right now never gave up despite of whatever challenges that came along their way. Maybe they have thought of giving up but never did they give up. Despite the many challenges and trails they continue to fight for what they have.

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fun okotoa facts

constraction joker’s chestplate is the same shade of green as lewa, but his flower is covered up when you put the chestpiece on, so you can make lewa RIPPED

Concept art of the almost near destruction of constraction

Hero Factory Concept Art Shared By Andrew, BZPower News Manager

Christian Faber has updated his blog with a piece of Hero Factory concept art. It’s an early look at what became last year’s exo-suit sets - it’s interesting to see how spot on they were, even if some parts changed. The shape of the cockpit looks pretty accurate, although the suits look a bit bigger than they turned out in the end. The last wave of Hero Factory sets was great and I’m glad we could get a brief look behind the process that created them!

Lego needs to give constraction a lot more respect

New Sets Revealed at London Toy Fair

By Andrew, BZPower News Manager

The folks over at Brick Fanatics are lucky enough to be at the London Toy Fair, and while they can’t take pictures, they do have set numbers, prices (UK), names, and some of their initial thoughts posted on their site. While they haven’t shared any Bionicle set info yet, there’s some information about Scooby Doo and Jurassic World which could both be cool, along with Friends, City, Ultra Agents, and Superheroes. BZPower will be at New York Toy Fair in less than a month to take pictures and provide our own coverage of the 2015 lineup!

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Those dragon heads came in old Lego Vikings sets. The monsters the vikings fought were essentially just big constraction figures with small system assemblies.


It’s kind of strange seeing Skull Warrior using a stud blaster as his weapon because I’d expect that from a minifigure/lego system because ammo for a minifigure weapon is usually studs, I’d expect some awesome weapons instead for a set that’s constraction

LimeFlavouredLibertarian24: opinion

I hope Mask Maker/Ekimu’s saw shield doesn’t have a crappy flick fire missile in it because that would be too much system and not enough constraction/Technic