After 5h of painful constractions and being unable to sleep all night and wishing this is it and today we will go to the hospital the constractions faded away and stopped complately as the sun rose up. I than made a quick google search and found out that i can have this kinda nights for weeks before actually going into labor,. That’s just great, like I got any sleep anyways.

One good side tho, the constractions might help my cervix soften, wich might help the first stage of the labor to be faster. But atm I would rather take 8 to 10 h intense pain and finally have my baby, than this 4 h here 5h there and nothing happens pain for weeks…

- Tuikku

I think the funniest part of the 4chan anti-bzp/anti-sjw/anti-feminism/BIONICLE circle-jerk conversation is how entirely meaningless it is. It reminds me a lot of the Deviantart BIONICLE MOCing community. It talks big shit, talks big shit about others and the rest of the community, but at the end of the day, it’s a small group of people who are even further outside the actual fanbase than the “tumours” and “autistic manchildren” they are complaining about.

And just like the DA constraction group, they’ve grown into this blob of (almost entirely) dudes with shitty taste in MOCs, shitty taste in sets, shitty taste in story developments, shitty taste in people, shitty taste in politics, shitty taste in art, and just overall a shitty disposition.

Like, okay, cool, you think a bunch of us currently and formerly on staff on BZP are terrible, and you hate feminism and equality. You’re on fucking 4chan, you’re fucking irrelevant in the LEGO community. On 4chan your opinion matters even less than it mattered on BZPower.



The Constraction of a New Slav-“macedonian” Alphabet was even a Yugoslavian Communist Affair

Picture A

These are the people from the first commission, who created the New-Slav- “Macedonian” alphabet in November 1944.
Left to right: Vasil Ilioski, Hristo Zografov, Krum Toshev, Dare Djambas, Venko Markovski, Mirko Pavlovski, Mihail Petrushevski, Hristo Prodanov, Georgi Kiselinov, Georgi Shoptraianov, Iovan Kostov (-ov and -ev means their Bulgarian descent)

Picture b

The name of Fyrom-Skopje was until 1944 Vardaska.

From 1913 until its collapse on account of the German invasion, the Yugoslav (monarchist) Government adopted a policy of Serbinzation and de-Bulgarianisation of the Slavic idiom spoken in Vardar (FYROM); an idiom which was generally considered by foreign sources and Slavologists to be a Bulgarian dialect.

From the end of WW2 with the Communists in control of Yugoslavia, a similar yet project, with many differences however was undertaken with the linguism of Vardar. While efforts de-bulgarianise the idiom and bring it closer to the Serbo-Croat dialect were again undertaken (Multiple peices of evidence confirm this), communist rule and the subsuming of  Pseudo Slavo “Macedonism” as an ideology meant that Belgrade made a concerted effort to develope unique aspects of the language. Surenames in some cases are even recorded as having been changed from the traditional Bulgarian possessive ending ‘ov’ to an ending to an ‘ovski’ surename ending. Commitees were set up by the Yugoslav Commitern to “resolve” matters of a “Slavo-Macedonian” language and alphabet.

Venko Markovski, was one of the creators of the Slavo ‘Macedonian’ alphabet in 1944, but lost favour with Tito and fled to Bulgaria later on.


Nomura Shuhei's Official Site


Yup, yup! My baby Shuhei has his own official website now!! Yay~ *throws confetti* \(^o^)/

They opened this website on August 27th, through his ameba blog.

Nomura Shuhei Official Site:

Well, its kinda shocked me! hahaha… How come?? XD

Seems that his popularity has increased, even my friend said that this year (2014) is his year! XDD

This web is simple and user-friendly.. but the features are standard. It has 4 pages on this site: information, profile, biography and photo. Blog? its direct to his ameba blog :))

Maybe this site in still under constraction and they will add another features. I hope so ^^;

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anonymous said:

your theme hurts my eyes :[


OMG IM Sorrry its under constraction its red now «33

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Constraction discussion

Bionicle 2015: Greg Farshtey reaction
Re: Chat with Greg Farshtey

an hour ago

gootah wrote:

IF the BIONICLE comes back in 2015, (I’m not saying it will this is a huge assumption), I know you wouldn’t have any control over the kind of sets they would make. But if they use a completely different system than the old system, then wouldnt that just be LEGO making a new constraction theme and slapping the name bionicle on it? That would be cold.

reaaaly cold.

I mean, they could at least make a miny story inside the story that shows them transforming or something. Otherwise its just LEGO selling a new construction themeto 8-9 year olds with an old name on it. That’s really wrong. What do you say?

I can’t speak to what system they would use. But - you’re talking about an audience that MAYBE knows the name BIONICLE, but most likely knows nothing about it. They won’t be saying, “But the old building system was ….!” If they did use a new system (and I honestly have no idea what system they would use), couldn’t it possibly be better than the old one? I don’t know.

At any rate, I’m sure there would be things that would be the same and things that would be different if it came back. It’s the nature of the beast.