The LEGO Group has teamed up with six LEGO fansites in a big building contest to celebrate the return of BIONICLE. All you have to do is build the baddest baddie you can come up with out of at least 75% Constraction/Technic elements and no more than 25% System bricks.

LEGO ReBrick, Bionifigs, Eurobricks, Pockyland, BZPower and RUSBIONICLE are all hosting this grand competition, and winners from each site will win designer-signed copies of all six new Toa, and be eligible to win a 14-karat gold mask!

There are no limits on the number of entries, old MOCs may be entered, and deadline of entries is December 1.

Good luck BIONICLE fandom!


After 5h of painful constractions and being unable to sleep all night and wishing this is it and today we will go to the hospital the constractions faded away and stopped complately as the sun rose up. I than made a quick google search and found out that i can have this kinda nights for weeks before actually going into labor,. That’s just great, like I got any sleep anyways.

One good side tho, the constractions might help my cervix soften, wich might help the first stage of the labor to be faster. But atm I would rather take 8 to 10 h intense pain and finally have my baby, than this 4 h here 5h there and nothing happens pain for weeks…

- Tuikku


70787 Tahu: Master of Fire (Comic-Con build) Review

Note: This set was built at the Lego VIP Event at the Flatiron Lego Store. While official instructions were not used, the model was made by both comparing it in detail with the official set seen in the display at the store and by enlisting the aid of the Bionicle 2015 staff members at the event to make sure it is as accurate as possible. While there are possible differences between this and the official sets, this is as close as we will get until three months from now, when the actual set is released.

Enjoy this first exclusive look at “Omega Tahu” and the Bionicle 2015 Winter wave!

The constraction grievous’ face looks like makuta g2′s mask of control and I’m impressed at how awesome the constraction version of grievous is appearing to be and that’s awesome, but also says to constraction fans that lego appears to not be giving a crap about bionicle g2, but gives too much of a crap about star wars

You know what would be really funny if constraction jumpers becomes a fashion trend because of cmiyc

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