Don't You Dare Say You're For 'Freedom' If You're Against Marriage Equality

Don’t You Dare Say You’re For ‘Freedom’ If You’re Against Marriage Equality

Freedom — the favorite words of conservatives far and wide, but what does it mean… to them?

It seems these folks, predominantly white, Christian, heterosexual, seemingly fundamentalist individuals see “freedom” as a word for them, but when it comes to anyone else that doesn’t fit their mold — not so much.

They attribute “freedom” as something that has been given to them:

  • The freedom to write…

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Children’s Menu Discovered On Back Of U.S. Constitution

WASHINGTON, DC—Historians and scholars nationwide heralded the discovery of a children’s menu on the back of one of the four original charters of the U.S. Constitution, the National Archives reported Monday.

The U.S. Constitution And Children’s Menu, originally drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, is housed at the National Archives Building.

The menu—on the back of Article I, which establishes a bicameral Congress comprising the Senate and the House of Representatives—provides dining options for children under 7.

More about this exciting new find at the National Archives, via theonion​: Historians Discover Children’s Menu On Back Of U.S. Constitution

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(minus this recent discovery)

Feds: the 4th Amendment doesn't apply to your emails more than 180 days old

According to the Federal Government, your 4th Amendment right to privacy doesn’t apply to any electronic communications over 180 days old. This includes your email and text messages.  

from McClatchy:

If you’ve been remiss in cleaning out your email in-box, here’s some incentive: The federal government can read any emails that are more than six months old without a warrant.
Little known to most Americans, ambiguous language in a communications law passed in 1986 extends Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure only to electronic communications sent or received fewer than 180 days ago.
The language, known as the “180-day rule,” allows government officials to treat any emails, text messages or documents stored on remote servers – popularly known as the cloud – as “abandoned” and therefore accessible using administrative subpoena power, a tactic that critics say circumvents due process.
As you rush to purge your Gmail and Dropbox accounts, however, be forewarned that even deleted files still could be fair game as long as copies exist on a third-party server somewhere.
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 was written at a time when most people did not have email accounts, said Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas, who is leading efforts in the House of Representatives to update the law.
“The government is essentially using an arcane loophole to breach the privacy rights of Americans,” Yoder said. “They couldn’t kick down your door and seize the documents on your desk, but they could send a request to Google and ask for all the documents that are in your Gmail account. And I don’t think Americans believe that the Constitution ends with the invention of the Internet.”
Bipartisan legislation introduced earlier this month by Yoder and Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat, would require government agencies and law enforcement officials to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause.

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Opposition to things like this should be bipartisan.  In fact, it should be virtually universal.  


The Constitution Trumps Public Opinion Polls

His response was 100% on-point.

VIDEO: House chamber erupts in applause over Trey Gowdy's epic defense of the Constitution

“This is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats.”  Truer words could not have been spoken on the House floor, but some in the Chamber didn’t want to hear it.  Thankfully, Trey Gowdy didn’t stop there.

here’s the video:

Gowdy is, of course, 100% right.  Refusal to stop this President’s unconstitutional actions will only delay the pain for Democrats, as some other President they don’t favor as much will come along and abuse his power in the exact same way.  

Why You Don’t Have a Right to Vote

The 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution says that your right to vote cannot be taken away on the basis of race. The 19th Amendment says it can’t be abridged on account of sex. The 24th says you can’t have your right to vote taken away for failure to pay a tax. And the 26th says that people 18 years or older cannot have their right to vote abridged on the basis of age. Based on these qualifiers, you might assume that the Constitution guarantees the right to vote—but you would be wrong. Nowhere does the Constitution explicitly do that. Instead, the Constitution leaves it up to individual states to decide who the electorate is, and merely prohibits discrimination based on particular categories.

Kerry: Congress can vote as long as it doesn’t interfere with what Obama wants

Methinks Secretary of State John Kerry doesn’t understand how the Constitution works…

from Breitbart:

Wednesday on PBS “NewsHour,” Secretary of State John Kerry articulated the administration’s new position on Sen. Bob Corker’s (R-TN) bill demanding Congress get a vote on the merits of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, in light of prominent Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) supporting the bill this week.

Making it clear the bill can not “interfere” with the president’s deal, Kerry said “if it’s changed and adjusted and reflects the respect for the Constitution and the president’s prerogatives,” then Congress can vote.

Kerry said “The president is absolutely correct in making sure that what Congress does, does not assault presidential authority and the Constitution and doesn’t destroy his ability to be able to negotiate this final deal. That’s critical. And the president has said, if the bill is what it is today, written the same way it is today, then he’d veto it.”

Adding “But if it’s changed and adjusted, reflects the respect for the Constitution and the president’s prerogatives, while at the same time embracing congressional oversight and review, fine.”

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You see, Kerry has this 180 degrees backwards.  Any deal with Iran is null and void until Congress approves it.  That is the way the Constitution is setup.  Treaties must be ratified by Congress, and any “deal” that Obama strikes outside that framework is as worthless as the paper its written on.