Important Things Learned at ConStellation V

Every convention is a learning experience.

This year at ConStellation I learned:

1. Eventually I will find someone who totally gets the “Super Chicken” reference.

2. Other congoers will be freaked out when the gentleman who gets the reference and I sing the entire theme song in the elevator.

3. For some reason, people seem to believe that I know what is going on. In a room full of people, I am the one they will stop and ask about con stuff, even though my badge did not list me as official staff (even though I was).

4. Once again, trying the new thing wasn’t so scary after all. I ran three panels and may be invited to be a guest at another convention (which I hope pans out, I’d love to be a guest at more conventions).

5. Jefferson’s Ocean II Bourbon rocks.

6. When one drinks exceptionally good bourbon, then one eats Brazil nuts, then goes to bed, when one wakes up, their mouth will taste like a rancid amaretto sour.