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You sat with Lydia and Malia in the stands at the lacrosse game, watching your boyfriend Liam score yet another goal, bringing the score to 7 for the Beacon Hills team. A whole section of the bleachers erupted into cheers, girls screaming Liam’s name. He turned to the crowd, winking at the girls and raising a hand to point towards them.

You sighed, rolling your eyes. Liam was constanly flirting with any girl who so much as smiled his way. Even though you were dating. Liam always made you feel loved, always made it known that you were his and he was yours, but it was still hard not to be jealous of all the attention he was giving to girls that weren’t you.

It just felt off, having your boyfriend flirt with other girls so much.

The thought stayed in your head for the rest of the game, and you ended up just going through the motions. You were actually paying so little attention to what was going on that you even cheered for the other team a couple times.

Liam kept turning back to the girls in the stands, winking, pointing at them, calling random things to them. With each time he did, your heart sank a little more.

Once the game was over, you said goodbye to Lydia and Malia and left, walking to your car instead of going to wait by the locker rooms for Liam like you usually did. Just as you unlocked the door and were about to get in the car, a hand grabbed your shoulder. You panicked for a second before you realized who it belonged to.

“Y/N what’s going on with you? Are you okay? I was watching you the whole game and something is definitely off. What is it?” Liam’s voice sounded concerned.

“Oh really, you were watching me? Are you sure you weren’t watching the Liam Dunbar fanclub? I’m pretty sure thats what was going on. Cause thats what I saw. You didn’t look at me once. Are you trying to tell me something Liam? You’re constantly flirting with other girls, right in front of me, and I know you do it behind my back too. Do you not like me anymore? Do you want to break up? Because if you’re only staying with me cause you feel bad, I don’t want that.”

“What? No! Why would you think that Y/N? I love you and only you. If you didn’t realize, you were sitting right behind those girls. I was looking at you, not them. I didn’t realize that I was hurting you so much. I don’t mean anything with the flirting, I’m just like that, even with my guy friends, I always screw around like that. Why didn’t you say something earlier? If I had known I was upsetting you I would have stopped right away! I love you and I am completely 100 percent yours.”

“Really?” You asked, finally meeting his eyes.

“Really. Now how about I go get changed and we go back to my place? We can order some pizza, watch a movie?”

“Yeah. Take a shower too. You smell awful.” Liam laughed as you pushed him away with one hand, the other covering your nose jokingly.


An hour later you were sitting on Liam’s couch, a half eaten pizza sitting in front of you, your legs tangled together and your head on Liam’s chest.

"Liam. I’m sorry I blew up at you before. Its just I know I’m not the easiest person to be with, and I’ve been messed with before and I-"

"Hey. Its okay. I should have noticed sooner that the way I was acting was upsetting you. You’re my girlfriend, and I should know when you aren’t feeling okay. No more keeping things from me from now on okay? If something I’m doing is bothering you, tell me okay? I’m totally yours. Remember that." Liam wrapped his arms around you tighter.

"All mine?"


You fell asleep like that, listening to Liam’s heartbeat and knowing that his heart belonged to you.

Things I need now.

A book of short stories including

  • Greeks against Romans in capture the flag
  • Clarisse being very protective of Baby Hedge
  • Capture the flag where Reyna plays with the Hunters and the camp gets whooped.
  • Conner Stoll constanly stealing Jason’s glasses.
  • Frank and Clarisse Bonding
  • Hazel having fun with the Hecate cabin
  • Blackjack constantly trying to get Reyna’s attention
  • Percy and Sally reunion.
  • Mrs. O’leary and Hannibal becoming friends.
  • Grover babysitting baby Hedge.
  • Rachel and Ella bonding.
  • Buford keeping gaurd duty with the Harpies.
  • The dwarves having fun stealing from the Hermes cabin.
  • Mr. D getting intoxicated with Kool-aid, bringing down the wrath of Zues in the process.
  • Will making sure Nico always eats and gets enough sleep.
  • Percy’s birthday where the whole camp goes all out with the blue.
  • Jason putting the game to "idiot mode" on the anniversary of Leo’s death.
  • Will and Coach arguing over the best remedies to help Nico make a full recovery.
  • Nico getting his first bead.
  • Reyna visiting just to say hi to Nico.
  • Annabeth, Reyna and Piper bonding.
  • Demigod power practice session.
  • Double dates.
  • Percy and Jason playing basketball, and Percy being jealous because Jason can jump higher.
  • Percy and Clarisse fun rivalry
  • Percy buying a Kym action figure, and always carrying it around.
  • Nico getting a wardrobe makeover from the Aphrodite cabin.
  • Leo sending a message to both camps telling them he is alright and happy.

♡ My Micha ♡

anonymous said:

what do you think Damon and bonnie are in. I think the witches binded like another kind of other side but it is bond to the solar eclipse

So far we know they’re stuck in 1994 but they are the only ones around… or well, not really… there’s someone else.

There’s this freaky solar eclipse that repeats itself because they are constanly re-living May 10, 1994.

I agree that the solar eclipse definitely has something to do with it. Witches’s magic derives from nature and we can consider the solar eclipse as a event connect to nature.

I don’t know if it’s exactly a new “other side”… my guess is (and I could be completely wrong) that witches trapped whoever is with Damon and Bonnie in this dimension/limbo cursing him to be alone and repeat the same day over and over again and they bound him/her to the solar eclipse.

Why Damon and Bonnie ended up there, I have no idea… but I guess it’s the only loophole that Bonnie’s grams found in order for Bonnie to not be dead-dead. I think they can find a way home from that time/dimension they are stuck in.

anonymous said:

I dont know wat to do with myself, like im constanly stressing about school & my life. I litterally only have 3 friends & sometimes feel like im not wanted. Im bouta turn 16 & i've never had a boyfriend & i feel like i havent really lived my life. I want to be more social but i feel like i will be judged . & when people do get close to me i tend to push them away.

You’re only 16!! You feel like that, because you’re life is just starting!! Don’t measure how many friends you have, be happy with the ones you do have! Personally, having a small group of friends is so much better than a large one. And about the boys, I say this all the time in my videos, but you have your whole life for them, enjoy the time you have now. 

When-formalities-are-forgotten 20 questions challenge:

1. Describe your TC’s personality in 6 words. 

Sarcastic, charismatic, obliging, intelligent, interesting, humorous.

2. Do many people know/suspect you have feelings for your TC?

No one except for my mom (My mom laughs it off and thinks it’s just a little unimportant, minor crush) and my bestie who constanly has to listen to me enthusiastically talking about my tc. Once I start talking about him it’s hard for me to shut up. Everyone else has no idea I think about my tc that way.

3. Have you ever had feelings for someone else and felt guilty because you knew that your feelings for your TC were stronger?

In all honesty, I have never really had feelings for a guy before. There was this guy who I thought I had feelings for but he was the kind of dangerous bad boy girls read stories about and I guess that’s why I was so fascinated with him. My standards are usually too high for me to completely fall for someone. I admire older men but I usually never let their sweet words get to my heart. With my tc everything is so new and different. That’s part of the reason why I am so confused about this whole situation. I couldn’t imagine having feelings for anyone else at the moment.

4. Does your TC know a lot about you compared to other teachers?

No, I don’t think so. Unless my previous math teacher told him things about me. In some way, I really hope she did because she really liked me and always used to say I should take place in some modelling contest. She used to say that infront of the whole class very often. But then again I hope they don’t talk about me because then he would know about my former math marks and I don’t want him to ever find out about them.

5. Do you think that your TC knows you have feelings for them?

Mhh, no not at all. I think he knows I’m interested but I don’t think he would ever even consider that I’m so interested that I would create a blog and write about him. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m way too caught up in dating plenty other guys.

6. How long have you been in the TC Community?

For a week. I typed ‘teacher crush’ in the search bar and found out about this whole community. A few days later I decided to make a tc blog myself.

7. Give me a random fact about them?

My tc is fan of the same soccer team like my whole family, which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

8. Does your TC show you special attention compared to other students?

Yes? Otherwise what would be the point of blogging about them?

9. What do they teach? Do you like their subject just because they teach it?

His subjects are p.e. and math. He only teaches me math, though. Fingers crossed he will also teach me p.e. next school year. I only had one p.e replacement lesson with him once. Maybe I will write about that one day. Alot of things happened..

10.Have you ever spoken to your TC via text or social media?

No, not yet.

11. Describe your TC’s physical appearance in 6 words.

Attractive, tall, fit, clean, sporty, fashionable.

12. How long have you had feelings for your TC?

Not sure when my feelings started. All I know that it seems to get worse day by day.

13. Have you ever hugged/kissed/had any physical contact with your TC?

Not yet. 

14. Are you their student/have you been their student?

Yes, of course I am their student.

15. How close are you and your TC?

Let’s say, I’m working on it.

16. Have you ever given your TC a gift, if so what?

My mom always jokes about my little brother making a little bracelet for my tc in the colors of his favorite soccer team. I don’t think I would ever give it to him though haha.

17. Do you prefer your TC’s personality or looks? Or is it a combination of both?

A combination of both, I guess. 

18. How did you meet your TC?

'On the first day after summer break there was an assembly in my school. A teacher handed out our timetables and when she was finished she said ‘I have some good news for the ladies. We have a new handsome math teacher at our school. Some of you are really lucky’. Admittedly I checked my timetable and when I spotted his name I knew that this school year everything would take a lovely twist. After that we could go home again, and when I was waiting on the school ground for a friend I suddenly heard footsteps coming closer and I looked up from my mobile. And there he was. Blonde tall & oh so good-looking. Admittedly I put my mobile away because I assumed that this was the reason he was looking at me. But even after my mobile was no longer in sight he didn’t look away. He still kept his eyes on me while he was passing me. He even turned around to look at me once again. I was so confused! Of course I couldn’t help but wish that he is my math teacher. The next day me and my girlfriends were passing him in the hallway and I told them that I have a feeling that he will be our new math teacher. I don’t think I have been as happy in a long time as I was when I saw him entering the classroom and my assumption proving to be true.' (x)

19. Worst memory of you and your TC?


20. Would you consider what you have between you and your TC to be love, infatuation or lust? Or a little bit of each of them?

I wouldn’t call it love. More like infatuation with alot of lust since I’m a really sexual person hah. Maybe some day their will be love. We have to get to know eachother better first.

Did anyone even take the time to read all of this? I feel like I’m talking to myself. Oh, well.