You know Tokka is canon

It has to be. Bryke wouldn’t play with us like that

My theory is that Sokka married Suki it didn’t workout and Toph feeling kinda left out because everyone was starting a family and shit decides to finally take the offer of her parents and complies to an arranged marriage and Lin is conceived but the dude leaves because, let’s face it, living with Toph cant possibly be easy, even worst if you don’t really love her.

With baby Lin and Toph feeling kinda inadequate comes Sokka to help her raise Lin and they fall in love and shit he asks her to marry her in Lin’s second birthday with a compromise necklace made of stone and metal so she can see it and then they have Suyin and all that jazz and when Korra is found to be the new avatar the girls are almost adults and he dies defending her of the red lotus and that’s when Toph lives because she misses him so much and she can feel him better in the swamp

please someone agree with me

Ebola (poem)

Because a black puppet
is the perfect disguise
for the elite’s lies

10 million American dollars
"thrown into African health research"
They assure their followers
"It’s because we care""
The followers assure themselves
over and over again
"It’s because they care"
Wiping soap on their brains
is the only way to keep them sane.
To stop the internal fights
from keeping them awake at night

A black puppet
is the perfect disguise
to cover the elite’s lies

Hate on hate
Excused excuses
Invaders, Thieves-
More money for the elite
Throw fear into the weak one’s ears
'That will keep them in their shell'
Puppy dog eye’d disguise
To suppress those who fear eternal hell

What dark man would destroy his own land?
What dark man would kill his fellow men?
The dark man isn’t there.

A  black  puppet

                   Is   the   perfect   disguise

To    cover  up

 the   elite’s   lies.


the fanart that caliborn is cosplaying wearing lord englishes jacket looks

an awful lot like john

what if

john defeats caliborn while he’s here


and somehow becomes lord english

like, i thought it was jake but jake isn’t there so that doesn’t make sense but john is there…. in fact… john has always been there. from day one. you could say he was already there… 

what if john is lord english