This is what the publishing industry will look like if the Big Six become the Big Four

Our chart includes the so-called “Big Six” major trade publishers, ranked by trade and consumer sales in 2011, according to research firm Outsell. They will become the Big Five by mid-2013, if Penguin Random House is approved. HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster could make it the Big Four. And if Lagardere feels compelled to defend its territory, we could even be looking at the Big Three in short order.

Via the crack squad at Quartz:

Sleep consolidates memories for competing tasks

Sleep plays an important role in the brain’s ability to consolidate learning when two new potentially competing tasks are learned in the same day, research at the University of Chicago demonstrates.

Other studies have shown that sleep consolidates learning for a new task. The new study, which measured starlings’ ability to recognize new songs, shows that learning a second task can undermine the performance of a previously learned task. But this study is the first to show that a good night’s sleep helps the brain retain both new memories.

Starlings provide an excellent model for studying memory because of fundamental biological similarities between avian and mammalian brains, scholars wrote in the paper, “Sleep Consolidation of Interfering Auditory Memories in Starlings,” published in the current online edition of Psychological Science.

“These observations demonstrate that sleep consolidation enhances retention of interfering experiences, facilitating daytime learning and the subsequent formation of stable memories,” the authors wrote.

The paper was written by Timothy Brawn, a graduate researcher in psychology at UChicago; Howard Nusbaum, professor of psychology; and Daniel Margoliash, professor of psychology, organismal biology and anatomy. Nusbaum is a leading expert on learning, and Margoliash is a pioneer in the research of brain function and its development in birds.

There are 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 2,400 publishers…Owned by only 6 corporations

Follow this link to find short video clips and an analysis exploring Herman and Chomsky’s propaganda model, which argues that government entities and powerful businesses are able to control the information the media reports through five kinds of filters

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This MMI On30 C-19 is such a gorgeous locomotive, and now (with the exception of a new square numberplate to adorn the smokebox) I pronounce this model complete. It was moderately weathered to reflect daily use on the D&RGW. 

My favorite part of this model is the front of the tender. The weathered steel plate on the deck came out great. Also the chipping/dry rot on the wooden cab matches the prototype #340. 

Aldnoah.Zero – 19

Asseylum’s sudden awakening had a This Changes Everything feel about it. But what struck me was how very little actually changes, at least this week, due in part to the sheer momentum of the developments that preceded it.

Lemrina, posing as her sister, has galvanized the Orbital Knights with her proclamation. “The arrow is loosed,” as Slaine later says; there’s no putting it back in its quiver,…

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