N7 Armour (Mass Effect 3) by ladysnip3r featuring silver bangles

This outfit is inspired by the infamous N7 Armour from the Mass Effect series. I chose to pair leggings with a dark tunic to imitate the armour’s dark palette. I also chose a dark red bag and red earrings to replicate the armour’s accents. The earring’s long shape also imitates the armour’s back lights. (Reference Image)

MondayMarch black button shirt, $68 / Faux leather pants, $34 / Charlotte Russe platform booties / Kipling shoulder handbag / Silver bangle / Retro jewelry

#Gaming and the Geek & Sundry Vlogging Contest

There are currently three Tumblr Gaming Bloggers that have gotten past the first round in the Geek & Sundry Vlogging Contest

We have Mitch Hutts AKA The Drunken Moogle, who focuses of creating alcoholic drinks with a gaming theme.

There’s Kaitlin Stewart who runs the gaming fashion blog Pwnlove and has been doing the awesome task of wearing video game themed clothing every day for a year. 

And finally there’s Amanda McGinnis, the creator of Console to Closet. Who takes video game fashion to the next level by basing each outfit off of popular game characters. 

As a fellow #Gaming blogger I thought that I’d do my part and help these awesome people! So each of the names above like to their voting page, you can vote once per day up until June 27th. 


I’ve been playing my way through the Tomb Raider reboot on PS3 and am pretty much in love. Adventure stories are my favorite genre, and the rebooted Lara—an amateur researcher trying to take on the world—is surprisingly relatable for me. I put together this mood board with some items that reminded me of Tomb Raider—and might give me a spark of courage on the days I need it.



I started dressing outfits inspired by things I liked since high school and I always just called them my inspired outfits. Ever since I found Console To Closet and Disneybound on Tumblr, I really glad I found a community of people who also dress with the way I think, so thank you.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of today’s outfit for #C2C30 , but I do have pictures from previously when I wore it. Tah dah!

Day 1: Assassin’s Creed theme

Dante (Devil May Cry 4) by ladysnip3r 

Nelly - Rock’n Blue Jacket, $340/ Farfetch - Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans, $74/ Nasty Gal - Voltage Platform Bootie, $58/ Republic - Crafted Leather Satchel Bag, $50/ Wet Seal - Pointelle Beret, $9

This outfit is inspired by Dante from Devil May Cry 4. I wanted to replicate his signature jacket, but with a fashionable twist, so I went with a red leather motocycle jacket. I chose black pants and a grey tank top. I also found really cool wedge shoes that are black with red heels. I wanted to add some buckle details to the outfit so I decided a black bag. Lastly, I wanted to replicate his white hair so I went with a white beanie. 


*fist shaking at the sky* damn you......

so I have been extended afk here for the past week. Between work and Diablo (mmmm, diablo) I have been lacking in posts. Going to rectify that starting tonight.

There shall be news, reviews, and all sorts of fun awesome pictuers. 

In the mean time, check out this pretty awesome blog where outfits are put together to the inspiration of videogame characters. 


So far, I think my favorite is the “classy evening attire” for Portal found here


consoletocloset said:

I'm about to have a bit of an emotional rant on here, so bear with me. You are one of the most amazing cosplayers in the world and above that, you are absolutely a fantastic person. When I was getting heat with my costume for Gears, you were right there offering me support and encouragement - It's people like you that keep our hobby/community going. Your new costumes looked amazing and, in my opinion, were so creative and executed beautifully. Stay strong and remember that you’ve got quite a f

Oh no, the message cut off!! D:

Still, shit, Amanda. Thank you. I remember how people were shitting on your Gears costume and it still frustrates the hell out of me. People just like to hate Nice Things, I guess. Nice Things and Nice People.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and for that … shit, exceedingly kind message <33333 I’m having enormous Feels, and yet they’re incredibly Zen Happy Feels so I’m not flailing so much as I am just smiling and feeling proud of myself and the fact that you call me a friend. Do I have a gif for this? I don’t think I have a gif for this. Not at work, anyway!

(wait I have an Ezio Leo hugging gif for this at home, fffff)

Midna (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) by ladysnip3r featuring high heel sandals

This outfit is inspired by Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I wanted to do a sort of art deco-styled look, really focusing on the patterns on her headpiece. I chose a teal and black dress with a retro print, paired with polka dot tights and bright yellow shoes. I also chose a black flower hair clip and black accessories to compliment the outfit. (Reference Image)

Lipsy dress, $87 / Dorothy Perkins nylon stocking / Zara high heel sandals / Clutch handbag, $83 / H&M flower hair accessory, $3.13

Edi (Mass Effect 3) by ladysnip3r 

Chiara - Black Mesh Insert Sleeveless Dress, $21/ Miss Selfridge - Grey Drape Blazer, $71/ Too Fast - One Leg Double Stripe Over the Knee Tights, $14/ Guess - Jacoba Platforms, $99/ Yoox - Nannini Handbag, $80/ Nordstrom - DKNY Park Avenue Pebble Crystal Watch, $155/ Swarovski - Bella Light Saphire Earrings, $77

This outfit is inspired by Edi from the Mass Effect series. I wanted to do something more based on her humanoid outfit, but with elements of her orb days. I chose a sexy cutout black dress paired with a beautiful blazer. Together, they give off a very sci-fi futuristic look. I chose asymmetrical tights for a little sci-fi quirkiness and classic black pumps. Lastly, I chose blue earrings that are reminiscent of her orb self. This outfit is obviously a little too sexy for everyday wear, but would look great for a night on the town. 


Peplum Top Face-Off - Morrigan vs. Gastly

Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Top: Ally Fashion - Paisley Print Peplum Top, $25 / Pants: Topshop - Moto Black Skinny Jeans, $76 / Shoes: Boohoo - Emilee Black Studded Boots, $80 / Ring: Swell - Alejandra Ring, $64 / Necklace: Crafted Spike Chain Necklace, $16 / Hair: Monsoon - Rose Feather Clip, $23

Gastly (Pokèmon)

Top: Ally Fashion - Paisley Print Peplum Top, $25 / Skirt: John Lewis - Mango Double Pleat Skirt, $54 / Shoes: Jildor - Michael Kors Brayson Pump, $160 / Bag: Wolf and Badger - Faith Bag, $260 / Earrings: Max and Chloe - Primadina Amethyst Earrings, $175 / Bracelet: Yoox - Ruby Browning Bracelet, $130

Which outfit would you wear?

Inspired by Ninetales from Pokèmon

Dress: Chiara - Gold Sequin Embellished Cream Chiffon Dress, $40 / Coat: Target - Mossimo Faux Fur Coat in Cream, $35 / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Kardashian Gold Platforms, $95 / Clutch: BCBG - Lasercut Harlow Clutch, $128 / Bracelet: Diva - Gold Chain Link Bracelet, $15 / Earrings: Stylebop - Gold Small Spiked Tail Hoops, $180

Haunter (Pokèmon) by ladysnip3r featuring a keyhole dress

This outfit is inspired by Haunter of the Pokèmon games. I chose a purple dress, paired with black accessories. I also wanted to do a classier look, so I chose some beautiful pearl jewelry, including a layered necklace. (Reference Image)

Keyhole dress / Steve Madden wedge sandals / Lipsy cross body shoulder bag, $79 / J.Crew knot necklace / Diamante jewelry, $26 / Stud earrings

Gyarados (Pokèmon) by ladysnip3r featuring a chain belt

This outfit is inspired by my personal favorite Pokèmon, Gyarados. I’m going to give you three reasons why Gyarados is the best Pokèmon ever:
1. It’s from a lovely little place named Lake of Rage! Arrrggghhh
2. It’s a flying fish. That’s awesome.
3. It’s a water type that can learn fire and electric moves. Total surprise attack.
Now that Gyarados is your favorite Pokèmon too, you’ll really want to wear this outfit inspired by the dragon. I found a gorgeous dress that reminded me of the different shades of blue and spikes that cover Gyarados. I added a black belt to contrast against the print. I also chose a cardigan that’s the same color as Gyarados’ belly. I wanted to bring a little ocean influence to the outfit, so I found a starfish ring and bubble necklace. The violet earrings look amazing with the dress and are the same color as Gyarados’ eyes. (Reference Image)

Warehouse short silk dress, $48 / s.Oliver oliver, $52 / Opaque tight / Madden Girl wedge shoes / J.Crew statement necklace / Justine Brooks bronze jewelry / Stud earrings / Chain belt

Forsworn Armor (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) by ladysnip3r featuring opaque stockings

This outfit is inspired by the Forsworn armor in Skyrim. I wanted to do something a little more covered up, but still maintain that wild feeling to it. I chose brown leopard print shorts with black tights and brown knee high boots. I also chose a huge, comfy grey sweater and a brown hobo bag. I wanted the accessories to really bring to life the tribal look of the armor, choosing stylish accessories that had feathers and teeth on them. (Reference Image)

ADAM loose shirt / Fogal opaque stocking / Mini shorts, $7.82 / Miss Me low heel boots / ALDO handbag / Feather jewelry / Feather jewelry / Luana hair clip accessory, $16

Espeon (Pokèmon) by ladysnip3r featuring clutch handbags

This outfit is inspired by Espeon of the Pokèmon series. I chose a lilac summer dress to replicate Espeon’s color and fluidity. I also chose dark blue long earrings and grey accessories to compliment the dress. (Reference Image)

Dress / Steve Madden steve-madden shoes / Nica clutch handbag, $61 / Earrings, $18

Corvo Attano (Dishonored) by ladysnip3r featuring metal mulisha

This outfit is inspired by Corvo Attano from Dishonored. I wanted to layer winter pieces and incorporate a dark palette like his in-game outfit. I chose dark jeans paired with a black v-neck and navy blue sweatshirt. I topped that off with a long black peacoat, meant to be worn open in this outfit. I also chose black boots which can be worn under or over the jeans. Lastly, I found dark leather accessories to compliment the outfit and add depth. (Reference Image)

Diesel sweat shirt / Jeans, $160 / Silver skull ring / Metal Mulisha / Selected Homme Gizmo T-Shirt V-Neck, $24 / Harrods Signature Hip Flask, $32

Inspired by Oliver from Ni No Kuni

T-Shirt: River Island - White Dope Shirt, $22 / Hoodie: Target - Mossimo Men’s Long Sleeve Hoodie, $25 / Jeans: Get the Label - Criminal Damage Vinny Jean, $40 / Scarf: Boticca - Off Grid Scarf in Grey, $153 / Shoes: Zappos - Vans Classics, $45 / Belt: Kohls - Architek Textured Belt, $28