Pride And Prejudice has seen many iterations - miniseries, movies, books, spin-offs, and modern-day retellings. Take an in-depth look at the highs and lows of Pride And Prejudice on the screen to find out why it has endured for over two centuries:

But why do we keep revisiting this world in particular? Pride And Prejudice is the rare literary classic that offers a genuine happy ending yet balances its crowd-pleasing romance and comedy with intelligence and seriousness. It effortlessly subverts the notion that great books must be tragic ones. At times laugh-out-loud funny, Austen plays the neat trick of keeping her prose as polite and mannered as the society in which her characters live.

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No, it’s a swimsuit, it has a matching bottom (visible in the shot of them going into the water). It’s just that the top *looks* like a sports bra, which is sensible when you’ve got to contain Thunderrack.

I truly, deeply, love the consideration that went into the artistic decision to put Mako in a supportive swimsuit top.

That is someone on the design team saying “Yeah, but THUNDERRACK” and then planning accordingly.

That is glorious.

The Wrongness of School Dress-Code

Imagine for a moment, what it’s like to be a girl. When I say this, I am not referring to drama or heartbreak, or that time of month. I am not talking about shopping or gossiping or betrayal. I’m talking about what it feels like to walk down the halls and feel the stares on you, what it’s like to hear the obnoxious cat-calls and whistles from boys; and even judgemental whispers from fellow girls. But worst of all – to feel your heart sink and your confidence crumble away as a staff member tells you that your favourite shirt is “too revealing” or “inappropriate for school”. Many of you, after hearing this, may think that I’m nothing but a stubborn feminist. I would rather be this, than be completely complicit in my own dehumanization

When I was younger, I was considerably fearless. I would walk into school without a care in my mind, without a single negative thought. Without the persistent nagging in the back of my mind, telling me that boys were staring and girls were judging. I would walk into school in a dress – and I would have never thought that it could ever be more important than my education.

Every day, girls are getting dress-coded for wearing clothing that they like and are comfortable wearing. If you don’t know, dress-code, by definition; “Is a set of rules specifying the required manner of dress at a school or office.”

Today, I wish I was as audacious as I was before. I wish I had the courage to walk through the halls and feel confident with every step I take.

But I’m not.

I can’t wear a dress out of annoyance and even fear that some boy as well as a staff member may call me out on it. In the summertime, girls tend to wear less clothing. And they believe that it’s okay – because nobody wants to suffer through the boiling heat outside and the stuffiness of inside a classroom in 35 plus degree weather. Yet something as simple as a bra strap or “too short” shorts can ultimately send a girl home if she doesn’t have anything to change into. By dress-coding a girl, you’re letting her know that her confidence is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if it took her years to feel this way in her own skin. You’re also letting her know that her body and her choice in clothing is more important than her actual education.

If a girl is finally comfortable in her own skin, why are you shaming it?

Girls should be able to dress in clothes that make her feel comfortable as well as confident. She should not feel ashamed for showing her shoulder. I don’t even know when and how shoulders became sexual, as they aren’t even a genital.

Why is it that you “promote” feminism and urge girls to feel confident in themselves, and then knock them down and slut-shame them up to the point where you make them feel shameful and embarrassed for having a proper human anatomy? You are making me feel apologetic for how I was born, rather than making me feel apologetic for not studying for a test.

So why is it considered okay to target and punish girls for dress-code violations, but not boys? Boys can low-ride, and show their arms, shoulders, or legs – and nobody would bat an eyelash. You don’t see staff members giving them calculating looks or hear girls whistling at them. But, God forbid, a girl showed her shoulder, right? You say it’s a professional place … or does that rule only apply to girls as well? Boys are never told to “cover up” for showing their body parts. They are seen as human. Yet when a girl wears a skirt, she is classified as a “slut” or promiscuous.

A girl should not be walking down the hallway feeling raw and vulnerable, like a piece of meat.

I’m so sick of adults as well as boys telling girls that they’re “asking for it”. NO. NOBODY asks to be raped, violated and left in a vulnerable state. No girl asks for fear in the back of her mind when she goes out at night. No girl asks for any type of sexual attention whatsoever.

And STOP telling girls that “Boys will be boys.” NO. I shouldn’t have to hide myself out of sheer embarrassment because “boys will be boys”. Don’t tell me I “distract boys”. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember my shorts giving you an F on your test. When you tell me that my choice in clothing distracts boys, you’re putting their education and “special needs” before mine. It is not my fault that they get distracted. Boys not being under control of their hormones is not my, as well as any other girl’s problem. You are making me feel guilty and ashamed for other people’s lack of self-control. And I can assure you – every girl you ask will tell you that she seeks comfort in the clothing she wears, not sexual attention.

Stop blaming girls and start realizing that it’s the real violators who need to be blamed – the ones who sexualize our bodies. Stop making me as well as other girls feel like this is our fault. It’s not.

I am a 15 year old girl. If you’re making me feel apologetic and shameful whilst sexualizing my body parts, then YOU are the problem.

Opinions on the No Filter Show (Chicago)...

We just got home from our almost four hour drive home from the No Filter Show in Chicago. 


There are a few people saying that they are disappointed in the show tonight and we thought we would share our view…

Honestly, it was incredible. There was not a moment that we doubted the quality or consideration that went into the show and we enjoyed every second of it. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes and managed to get in a lot of different bits. Plus, we met a few rad people from the fandom and we were doing Mamrie’s cheer about anxiety in the car on the way home.

It was well worth the time and money that went into attending the show tonight and we would do it all over again if we got the chance.

uhh maybe its because i havent been in a relationship in 3 years or because i have the core personality of a five month old puppy but i feel like people who don’t just give their partners things for the sake of their happiness are wack as fuck. you can have a happy and healthy relationship without it, but even friendships and open relationships are a thousand times better when you just spontaneously point out shit you like about em in depth, when you give gifts to them surprise or not, hell even if you just tell em you’d hypothetically do a certain thing for them like “yo i’m here for you” yknow? and that is one of the huuuge reasons why you cant/shouldnt bullshit a relationship. it requires, fuck, if demands so much thought and consideration so you can do these things almost effortlessly. you should be doing this to the point where its so rewarding that you almost feel like you’re doing it for you.


By Andrew Wheeler

For most people New York Comic-Con marks the end of convention season, capping off a long summer of announcements, reveals, and other assorted fun. As such, it’s also one of the last big places for fans to get amazing sketches and commission pieces from artists, who tend to cap off the season with some truly amazing art.

Full disclosure: Erica Henderson is not only a friend of the site and a collaborator with our own Chris Sims on Subatomic Party Girls, but also a contributor to the site, most notably with her original editorial illustration for Juliet Kahn’s piece on sexual harassment and her Sims portrait for the ongoing Ask Chris feature. All of which just means we noticed her considerable talent before everyone else caught up. Now she’s working with Ryan North on Marvel’s recently announced Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and her skills were in high demand at NYCC.

Check out a few of our favorite picks from her commissions below, and be sure to visit Erica’s website to see more of her art, to commission a piece, or to buy posters, postcards, jewelry, and more.


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a consideration: what if the warriors learned how to pierce ears (probably with sticks or smth) and they would wear stuff like prey bones or feathers or shiny rocks that are held together with a backing made of twigs and moss

that’d be cool!!!

A University of Cincinnati partnership is reporting a significant leap forward in health diagnostics that are more accurate than what’s available today, yet considerably less invasive than something like a blood screening. It’s a lightweight, wearable device that analyzes sweat by using a smartphone.

In an article published in the latest issue of IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Jason Heikenfeld, a UC professor of electrical engineering and computing systems, highlights new developments regarding the gadget that can gather vital medical information in almost real time.

With that kind of information, athletes could avoid the killer cramps that could cause them to be carried off the field at the peak of their game or competition. Preemies’ vitals could be monitored without drawing blood – the pain and blood loss causing even more stress on a physically-stressed infant. One day, diabetics could maybe even avoid those painful sticks as well, as they check their glucose levels.

Heikenfeld says the patches are as light and flexible as a BAND-AID and use paper microfluidics – an inexpensively developed technology similar to that of a home pregnancy test – to collect and gather biomarkers carried in sweat. Those biomarkers – electrolytes, metabolites, proteins, small molecules, amino acids and such – can signal the physical state of the body.

In athletes for example, a drop in electrolytes can cause those paralyzing cramps. “Athletes want to constantly push their athletic training to the absolute limit. But it’s hard to tell when you’re pushing too far, when you’re basically causing tissue damage, and this will tell you that,” says Heikenfeld. “The newer patches in development are also meant to measure recovery from stress, which in many cases is more important initially than measuring the stressors themselves. One example goal is to measure cortisol levels and tell you how they return to normal over time.”

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the rival debate team captains one is like made for jack & katherine

for real tho


"Are these masochistic tendencies a recent development?" asked David, peering at Jack. "Because there’s people you can talk to for that, you know."

"She’s the only girl who’s ever beaten in me a in debate," Jack replied, stuffing his books in his backpack. "And I kinda want to take her out for coffee."

"Masochistic tendencies," David repeated, as if it needed affirming.

Katherine Plumber, captain of Pulitzer High School Debate Team, was well known for cutting a swath through both opposing debaters and any boy brave enough to even think about asking her out. Jack Kelly, the Captain of the Lower Manhattan High Debate Club, was criminally charming and had a reputation for using said charm like a weapon. The matches they had together had a considerable following.

"Ace," said Jack after one particularly heated debate about the use of censorship in history, "you ever think about coffee?"

"All the time, and never with you," Katherine retorted. "And my name’s not Ace, it’s Katherine.” 

"I like calling you Ace," said Jack mildly. "It suits you."

Their relationship probably wouldn’t have progressed beyond their debate club matches and the snarking that went on there, until late one night Jack was leaving his job at a printing shop when he saw Katherine standing on the corner, staring at her phone in evident distress and a few unsavory characters eyeing her from the stoop. Jack locked up and hurried over, deliberately making a racket so she heard him coming. People still talked about the time she knocked out Oscar Delancey’s teeth for grabbing her ass.

"Ace," he called, getting close, "Ace, what are you doing out here so late?"

"I got stood up," she said tersely, gripping her bag tightly in one hand. "And my phone’s almost dead and I don’t know how to get to the subway from here—"

Carefully, Jack took her by the elbow and steered in the direction of a brighter area of the street. “Let me walk you back. I was on my way home anyways.”

It was probably a sign how agitated she’d been that Katherine didn’t argue. They made it onto the train in silence until she spoke unexpectedly, “I didn’t realize you worked.”

"Have been for a few years," said Jack. "Helping my folks put food on the table. And we’ve always got foster kids, so every little bit helps."

"The foster care debate," said Katherine, eyes going wide. "You argued so hard against it—” 

"System’s as broken as hell," said Jack bluntly. "Did you know at least two families didn’t want Crutchie ‘cause he’s got a disability? The one that did want him just wanted him for a paycheck and the kids there were real rough on him, made his leg worse and you’d never know it until he came to live with us, he’s always so cheerful and the poor kid’s been through hell—” 

He stopped abruptly, seeing realization dawn over Katherine’s face. “I thought—” she started to say, then seemed to rethink her statement, something she never did on the stand, “I was under the impression—you just liked aggravating me. Not that you actually cared about the topics.”

"I’m a blowhard, Ace," Jack conceded. "But I’m a blowhard with principles." And just to lighten the mood, he added blithely, "Aggravating you is just a bonus, and entertaining as hell."

She narrowed her eyes at him and he grinned back shamelessly. “You are the most impossible boy,” she said severely, "ever." 

"Does this mean you’ll get coffee with me?" he asked, still grinning and she rolled her eyes. 

It wasn’t until he dropped her off at her upscale brownstone that she said, “Bring me a white chocolate mocha at the next debate and then we’ll talk.”

He did. And the match ended in a draw because this is a debate match, not speed-dating Mr. Kelly and Miss Plumber. 

sometimes random sentences just appear in my head. like, im not consciously thinking them, they just Appear. for example, just now i randomly imagined the phrase “after careful consideration, we have decided that you no longer wear the title of king. instead, you are now the hardcore memer”

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So Rosie I wanted to share something with you about a doctor who does know what he's talking about! My uncle is a very big meat eater(he hunts as well) and he was having problems and went to the doctor and the doctor told him to go VEGAN for a little bit. It made me giggle so hard when he came back and I got told what the doctor said because I was always telling them how good being vegan is for you.

WOOO!! This is what I like to hear! :)

I hope your uncle delves into the lifestyle, feels great and continues it! (going back to animal products will bring back the same issues) Remember to tell him that there is a detox period, and with his meat intake was high - his detox will be considerable! 

Thank you so much for sharing x

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"The downside of what happens if I get something wrong is considerable." Is that possible? Can't you pull out a notebook and modify the rules on a whim to make yourself correct?

I can think of nothing more confidence-inspiring.

im v weak guys and this ep made me go all brotp on asher/connor so take this list into consideration

  • connor and asher studying together & forming a shaky friendship
  • asher accidentally lashing on connor bc he’s v frustrated that this one girl isn’t giving him the time of day
  • connor v bluntly telling asher why he sucks at life
  • asher making an effort to better himself as a human being
  • connor and asher hanging out as dude bros
  • connor slowly opening up about oliver
  • asher being weirdly supportive of the situation
  • connor and asher having lame inside jokes
  • basically connor and asher dudebro friends 5ever
Regarding BAP's rumours

Tbh, the BAP boys probably went to their hometown to rest after all of that tight schedules they attended. Trust me, all of that hardwork they put into promoting and a bunch of concerts as well, they would be so fucking tired. We all know TS is a very considerate company compared to other entertainment companies out there so they probably just gave BAP the rest they deserved.

Idk really this is just my two cent because i don’t wanna think so negatively about them just like most babyz do. So calm down guys and keep praying that they are all okay. After all, their happiness is our happiness as well ♥

Preview #2 for Jjongah couple

Idol wife Yura presents her singing skills to Jonghyun! “Huh! 39 points?”

Continuous embarrassment! The situation that made Jonghyun show adorable jealousy?

Jonghyun and Yura had fun on a date to a coin karaoke room.

The married couple recently moved to Sangam-dong! Jonghyun, who lived there when he was young, said, “Let’s walk around the neighborhood”, and took them to the arcade he had gone to every day when he was a kid. Betting the wish card, Jonghyun won the first round of the airplane game… But the considerate Jonghyun, who would often let his competitive wife Yura win, unexpectedly showed his desire for victory, shocking everyone watching.

With his newfound wish card, Jonghyun headed to the coin karaoke room that Yura hates. Yura, worrying about what song she would have to sing, mustered up her courage and began singing, but she only scored 39 points! Wondering what Jonghyun’s reaction was?

Jjongah couple visited Jonghyun’s alma mater. Jonghyun’s juniors, recognizing the two, looked at Jonghyun then Yura, and greeted them, asking why nobody every talks about Jonghyun, making Jonghyun adorably jealous! Not only that, but most of the letters of support sent by fans around the world were addressed to Yura, and Jonghyun was unable to conceal his sadness…. You can see what situation made the always reliable Jonghyun into a jealous husband on the coming October 25th episode of WGM at 4:55 pm.

Translation: girlsdayfansubs