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…Dang. ……Dang. Dang. 

Dang. Dang. Dang….

okay so this episode was actually better than i expected and here’s a list of why i think that way

  • elena taking care of matt and jeremy a+
  • the damon and klaus talk was great (now i can’t wait for de to be endgame so damon can smear his ‘i got the girl asshole’ revenge all over his face lulz)
  • they were all badasses trying to get elena’s plan to work okay kudos to everyone
  • elena and jeremy fighting kol it was awesome TEAM GILBERT 9EVER
  • elena shooting kol THAT WAS SO HOT okay sorry
  • klaus getting a bit of his own medicine watching kol die JENNA SOMMERS YOU HAVE BEEN AVENGED sorry not sorry
  • and then throwing a fit but failing at being a threat for much more than 15 seconds before bonnie locked him up lol u tried
  • everybody being at the salvatore house when damon shows up and elena looking at him like they hadn’t seen each other for YEARS wow there’s an entire forest in my eye i’m fien
  • their HUG BABIES
  • and okay he freaked me out a bit at first because i didn’t know wtf was going on but JEREMY RIPPING HIS SHIRT OFF and the hunter’s mark finally being completed wow i’m actually excited for next thursday now???

On primitive human planet, plants touch YOU.

  • My math professor:what do you do if you don't know what to do with these numbers on the final?
  • Everyone in my class:cry.

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Does that mean you are not going to post any live blogs or talk about Adventure Time or Steven Universe anymore in your new blog? Oh...

nope, although, i might share production posts.

im considering whether i should liveblog the korra finale on THIS blog tomorrow. on one hand, i’ve liveblogged every korra episode. on the other hand, ive just——

what the fuck i deleted all my damn liveblogs????

i forgot i had a bunch of AT liveblogs!!!

i should have, like, saved them or something


….Can von Karma STOP objecting to croos-examination of his witnesses? It’s one thing to impend them by onjecting to any line of questioning but objecting to any cross-examination at all just make them look suspicious.

Like, everyting he does in this trial screams ‘I’m hiding something’

If there’s nothing to be questioned in this witness’ testimony,why not do it? better make sure by not taking the prosecution’s word for it :/ It’s not their job to decide whether there’s something to question or not SO CAN HE STPO THIS IT MAKES NO SENSE TO DO.


Regina has shown little to no guilt for murder, etc., but screwing a married man? That’s where she draws the line.

I mean yes I get her issues with love and self esteem and all (although I’d argue that self-loathing has never been an issue with Regina until maybe recently? Like she has a ridiculous amount of self-importance still. Ie, see any reaction between her and Emma. And her damn goings-on about the book. And every time she brings up having been a villain, it’s only to engage in self-pity as if nothing is her fault and she was thrown into being a villain by cruel fate. I love Regina but I’m tired of her shit. And I wish she would treat Robin like she treats some other characters, because he really hasn’t been fair to her. I think that’s part of the reason (other than the weak development and the “soulmates!” thing) I’m not buying their relationship; Regina around Robin is just so…idk, weirdly docile and un-Regina. I get she’s “~in love!” and all, but damn. That only makes it worse ‘cause what will things get to when they’re through with this cupcake phase.).

You know, you’d think with Snow and Charming as an example, Regina would be more willing to buck up and fight for this relationship, you know? They certainly had to fight quite a bit. Charming even broke off an engagement, possibly leaving an entire kingdom bankrupt. Food for thought, you know?

Okay but I’m still kind of squeeing at Robin being cute to Regina. And them kissing. Curse my traitorous heart. Oh but then they opened their mouths and talked and everything is horrible again.