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I have so many thoughts about Lizzie DeVine from “Codename: Kids Next Door” right now that I never thought I’d ever have

Rewatching some Codename: Kids Next Door Episodes, I suddenly realize that Lizzie Devine’s characters makes a lot more sense now that the creator of the show has revealed that she was actually an Alien G:KND operative undercover: It changes her portrayal from an obsessive lunatic with a good heart but an utter lack of common sense into a character who probably had a lot of internal conflict and struggles going on during everything she did, and we just never got to realize it.

How delicious. 

(In-depth analysis of her behavior in the show in context with the new information we got under the cut!)

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I’m a little surprised that the resident mage of the family is still questioning whether Sakura really saw the ghost or not. But then I suppose for Fai this is all the stuff that he WOULD know if it was logical to his way of thinking, and as far as he knows Sakura doesn’t have any active powers like that. Of course he would be wrong in thinking that, but still, he had no reason to assume that before now. So he’s trying to puzzle it out, connecting all the pieces and trying to explain the magic that he should be able to understand but doesn’t make sense to him yet. 

My other thought is that maybe this is actually an entirely different brand of magic compared to what he’s used to in his homeworld. Magic expert, yes, but maybe communicating with spirits just isn’t a power that exists in Ceres? 

OKAY BUT THERE’S THE CLUE. YUKITO COULD DO IT TOO. It’s obviously tied to Sakura’s powers, just as it would be for Yukito, so I wonder if Yukito ever cottoned on to what kind of powers this Sakura actually has. A lot of the extreme stuff could easily have come from the Tsubasa thing that activated in the ruins, but she obviously had some powers before that too, so I wonder what they are, or if they were always Hitsuzen-intended to be tied to the Tsubasa thing?

Meanwhile I’m just excited that she inherited the power that Toya had in CCS, though he obviously doesn’t have it in this world, so I guess it’s always a one-sibling-only type deal. Which is a pity, but it explains a lot. 

Ancillary Swooooooooord!

There’s an ace Medic!

*delighted bouncing*

I mean, it’s not like they used the A-word or anything, but (*giggles* - Seivarden’s preoccupation with sex is giving us a lot of insight into sexuality on ship, and I freaking love the Seivarden-Esk dynamic) “I suspected Medic had no interest in sex to begin with.”


Also, for your entertainment, “You were less angry for a few days. I don’t know, maybe because you were injured.”  sanguineshadows

anonymous asked:

I understand why you did it, but I was always sad that you dropped Crystal. You had a unique perspective on the series because you knew the story and characters, but you hadn't read the manga. I haven't been able to find anyone else with your viewpoint who is as good at looking at SMC critically and talking about it. Would you consider liveblogging the rest of Crystal before you do the manga?

Well … I thought I’d say “no” flat up, but then “no” didn’t instantly come. So “I don’t know” is I guess the best I can say right now. It sounds like something we’ll want to talk about when the time comes. I’ll throw out the idea then – which will also give a larger scope as to what more, if anything, Crystal will cover – and we can decide before it’s manga time.

unbefreakinlievable asked:

Considering that everybody you possess automatically gets to look like you, including boob shrinkage, you don't have much room to brag. I'm curious though, is it true that Stein is actually Crona's father? That would explain why he's suing you for custody...

Medusa: “What is with all of these insults about my body?! Kill it all, these questions are annoying! And no, Stein is not Crona’s father–and where do you make up these stories of custody battles? What do you think this is, a judge television show?!”

Lord Death: “Order in the court! I, Lord Death, will determine custody of the child Crona Gorgon! All for the sake of ratings! And, you know, making sure a child is properly cared for. But mostly daytime syndication ratings and a lucrative contract in the top 12 markets nationwide!”

Medusa: “What?!”

Crona: “I agree–what?”

Lord Death: “Hold on, I need my gavel. Psst–Marie? Turn into a hammer.”

Marie: “No, my power would break your desk, Sir.”

Seriously considering not watching the last two episodes of this season. I’m just SO MAD. I was loving this season SO MUCH but f u c k this shit. fuck it. i’m so fucking done with the writers taking characters, especially fucking female characters, and killing them for boy angst. what the fuck were you thinking. why. there was NO POINT TO HER DEATH BUT TO GIVE SAM AND DEAN ANGST AND GUILT AND MURDEROUS RAGE. You use her as a tool in the latest round of let’s be fucking morons and hide shit from each other and then kill her off-screen. fuck this shit. i’m done.

I plan to finish FMA03 today.

I’m considering liveblogging Conqueror of Shambala on my second blog (makise-hawkeye) because it has far fewer followers, thererefore, it won’t bother as many people. (If I livetweet it, I may just get my account terminated for being a nuisance. Plus, my booktube friends already endure so much of my anime bullshit. I cannot do this to them. I must draw the line somewhere.)

I say this because that’s either going down tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether my brother is down to finish the series AND watch the movie on the same day.  So if anyone is down to hear immediate thoughts, that’s happening on this blog. Follow if you’d like? (It’s a secondary blog to this one so if I can’t follow back or like posts from that username. If you ever feel like I’m ignoring you from there, that’s why. haha) 

Where am I in FMA03? I think I have four or five episodes left. I officially realized that Lust was my favorite character…then she died. Elsewhere, Archer is being transformed into the antagonist of a horror film. I’d assume he’s becoming the robocop that I know tries to assassinate Mustang later. I think Ed is in the process of evaporating Sloth. Alphonse continues to piss me off. Winry and Sheska have the most ADORABLE FRIENDSHIP. Hohenheim is on the other side of the gate, I think. Dante remains creepy. After a beautifully long stretch of time where we didn’t have to deal with Envy, they have returned to have a bitch fit about Hohenheim. 

Team Mustang is my favorite part of this, not even going to lie. I would watch a sitcom with their shenanigans. Can Team Mustang fight Dante pls? Can that be where we take this? Just picture it. Roy can stand around and set things on fire. Riza and Havoc come up from behind him like, “pewpewpewpew!” with their guns. Fuery can be in another room with a wire tap doing whatever it is a wire tap is required for. Falman will be guiding everyone through this maze-like structure (I’m imagining the fight happening in some kind of labyrinth), because he memorized the layout the night before or idk. Breda will do whatever it is Breda does. 

Basically, I just want a Team Mustang spin-off. I’ll take 03 or Brotherhood’s version of them. Like, I’m not picky. I just want it to happen.

I had a point before I derailed.