California 8th grader gets detention for sharing his lunch with a friend


Talk about no good deed going unpunished.  Good grief!  This is the kind of nonsense our kids are learning from public school. 

from KRCR:

An eighth grade student from Weaverville Elementary School got a detention slip for sharing his school prepared lunch Tuesday.

Kyle Bradford, 13, shared his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich he was given by the cafeteria.

Bradford didn’t see any problem with sharing his food.

"It seemed like he couldn’t get a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it," said Bradford.

But the Trinity Alps Unified School District has regulations that prohibit students from sharing their meals.

The policies set by the district say that students can have allergies that another student may not be aware of.

Tom Barnett, the Superintendent of the Trinity Alps Unified School District says that hygiene issues also come into play when banning students from sharing meals.

"We have a policy that prohibits students from exchanging meals. Of course if students are concerned about other students not having enough to eat we would definitely want to consider that, but because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals," said Barnett.

Bradford’s mother Sandy Bradford thinks that her son did the right thing by sharing his lunch. She also believes that it isn’t up to the school to discipline her son for good manners.

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And so, instead of learning manners, this kid will learn from school to be selfish, germaphobic, how to add 2+2 in 15 steps. 

irishdrunk88 said:

Question for you since I know you bring all the facts to the table. I hear a lot about this anti cop mentality and have a few friends that also think cops are scums. But why is it that no matter what the good cops do, there's always backlash?

Well, there aren’t many facts per say that I can bring to the subject, but I can only assume it’s simply because many people hate authority.  Now, that has its pros and cons.  I think it’s healthy to question authority, but at the same time you also have to realize that a beat cop is a member of the same community he/she patrols.  They’re paid relatively very little to take on a very risky occupation.  I think many people also blame the messenger when it comes to the police.  It is not the officer’s fault for enforcing the laws we have essentially voted for by putting lawmakers into office.  We should really be turning our condemnation towards the politicians and bureaucrats in charge.

I’m going to take this opportunity to clean out my inbox of the barrage of messages I’ve received this week, if you don’t mind.

Anonymous said:
Should nasa be privatized?

Yes.  SpaceX and Boeing are doing the heavy lifting now anyway.  NASA needs to be closed down and we should start researching other private funding methods for space exploration and research.

Anonymous said:
"Communism Works!" Tell that to the Russians, Cubans, North Koreans, Cambodians, and Vietnamese.


Anonymous said:
You’re a hardcore, flag-humping, hate monger and I feel bad for anyone that knows you


Anonymous said:
"Oh yes, I am a conservative therefore I am better than anyone else, ever. Anyone that disagees with me is dumb. I love shooting guns, eating red meat, and pissing on the homeless. God bless America." You disgust me.


Anonymous said:
How can you deny the facts about global warming?

I believe you’re confusing theories with facts.  I believe we all agree on most of the facts, it’s the theories and research we’re generally disagreeing on.

animecandie said:
What is your opinion on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?


Anonymous said:
America was asked to leave. Obama agreed because if we stayed there, then that meant we did not recognize their sovereignty.

I believe you need to read upon the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement as well as the Strategic Framework Agreement.  There were still discussions of keeping a good number of ground troops there as the region was still very unstable.  Obama, on the other hand, was more worried about his political obligations of totally removing our troops there.

Anonymous said:
I don’t really watch the news much or read the paper but I’d like to start. Although, I don’t know which news stations are the most reliable and unbiased. Could you give me the stations you watch or listen to?

Here’s a post I did a while back on this.  I’d also suggest the new site Truth Revolt.

Anonymous said:
It’s too bad you’re a libertarian.


Anonymous said:
Here’s a thought experiment. What if minimum wage was cut by half overnight to about $3.50. Would it improve the lives of workers? If yes… why? I doubt their wages would increase, and I doubt prices would drop. CEO’s would keep the prices the same and keep the extra profits.

It wouldn’t make much difference except that it possibly may decrease unemployment because it would open up a ton of new positions and freedom; but most likely businesses would continue to pay above today’s minimum wage because the market really drives that wage price  The workers already making minimum wage would continue to work for that wage like normal.  You’re correct about prices not dropping though, because they rarely do unless competition increases.  CEOs would not make any more or less.

I really wish they’d teach a basic business class in every high school.

Anonymous said:
I’ll be honest: I don’t agree with all of your opinions. But I do have an incredible amount of respect for them (agree or disagree) and your raw way of saying them. You’re a goddamn true beautiful American.


Anonymous said:
What’s the difference between Islam and christianity

The extremists from one group are picketing a-holes, the extremists from the other lop people’s heads off and rape women & children.

Anonymous said:
Both my parents are die hard republicans but I will NEVER NEVER in my life vote republican.

Do us all a favor then and don’t vote at all.

residentmadman said:
You fucked my wife.

How did you finally find out?

slowking-s-thompson said:
It says to say something clever, so I’ll ask you this. If two vegans are arguing, is it still considered a beef?

I don’t know if they even have mushroom to argue, lettuce see if one of them turnips and beets the other.  Either way, it’ll all be a big missed steak.

Anonymous said:
The TV has obviously brainwashed you. I guess that’s why they call it the ‘idiot box’, you’re another idiot they’ve brought to their side. Please don’t reproduce. You will bring more morons into the world


Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:
Why should I accept anything you have to say as truthful on any of these political topics?


Anonymous said:
I started watching Parks and Rec because of you… Thank you.


c-a-bergamot said: I’m all for the right to own guns, no matter what gun it is. I stand strongly for the second amendment, but do you think gun registration is wrong? I saw that image you posted and I’m not sure if I should take it as a joke or as an argument. Isn’t it useful know who guns belong to, in case of crimes like murder for example? Or perhaps I’m getting what gun registration is wrong. I would appreciate if you could make that clear to me.

I don’t even like registering my automobile.  The problem with registering your own property just in case you commit a crime is that it already assume you may actually commit a crime in the first place.  Should I register my screwdrivers just in the off change that I could stab someone with it?  That’s my opinion at least.

Anonymous said:
Do you ever get the feeling that tumblr is against straight white males? It’s like we are all evil. we do have some bad apples but who doesn’t?


Anonymous said:
Unfollowed over your sexism.


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Conservative ‘Christian’ woman yells “Heil Hitler" to an Israeli Jewish man… wait until the end

anonymous said:

It's not the immigrants' fault they were accepted into Europe. You'd also be attempt to flee if you from Africa or war torn Middle Eastern countries. America (backed by the EU) is partly responsible for the instability in the Middle East & the flood of immigrants. I have Iraqi students at my school and it's so sad what they've been through. They have every right to be here.

It’s not the immigrants’ fault they were accepted into Europe.

That is true. It is the fault of our politicians, who do the opposite of what the people want and shove their multicultural agenda down our throat while labeling any criticism as racism and intolerance. The immigrants are the ones who walk through the door our politicians left open for them, and to make them stop coming in those numbers, our politicians need to change or be exchanged.

You’d also be attempt to flee if you from Africa or war torn Middle Eastern countries.

I think first of all, I would try to improve my country, but

America (backed by the EU) is partly responsible for the instability in the Middle East & the flood of immigrants.

Interventionism broke quite a few countries there, but that doesn’t entitle those people to living here. Just like the public was never asked about mass immigration and multiculturalism, it didn’t get a say about those wars, either.

I have Iraqi students at my school and it’s so sad what they’ve been through. They have every right to be here.

Sure, bad things happen, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to be here. Unfortunate events still don’t entitle others to our money, country and living standards, especially not against our will. I am absolutely for saying no to our countries continuing to contribute to the instability of that area, and instead, if the financial situation allows it, help rebuilding them somewhat, but those people do not belong here.

  • Gays:We just think our love is as valid as anyone else's
  • Liberals:Cool guys. Let's get you married.
  • Transgendered:I am not physically the person I feel I should be.
  • Liberals:Awesome. You should do whatever you like with your own body to find happiness.
  • Women:We're being raped, paid less, and I guess our nipples are more insulting then male nipples?
  • Liberals:Well, none of that is cool. We're here to support you!
  • Black People:We're being racially profiled, shot for minor crimes, and shoved into prisons simply based on our skin color.
  • Liberals:None of that is cool. You have our support.
  • Immigrants:Yes, we came here illegally, but we're escaping our countries full of violence, human trafficking, and drug lords. Can we just take your undesired jobs and raise our kids in peace to be hard-working Americans?
  • Liberals:Oh man. That sucks. Hell yeah you can. Welcome to America
  • Conservatives:NO!
  • Conservatives:No no no NO NO NO!!!
  • Liberals:Whoa there, these are normal human beings facing obstacles because of how they were born--
  • Conservatives:DON'T CALL ME RACIST
  • Conservatives:YOU'RE INTOLERANT
  • Conservatives:DON'T TRY AND PERSECUTE ME
  • Liberals:....

When TMZ released video of Ray Rice brutally knocking out Janay Palmer, national outrage ensued. But not everyone condemned this incident of domestic violence. Many people, mostly conservatives, praised it and said Palmer deserved it. That includes South Carolina Republican troll Todd Kincannon, who wins the prize for worst tweet about domestic violence ever.

Who wants to bet he considers himself a pro-life, family values-conservative?

Obama wants boots on the ground to fight ISIS...Canadian boots.


Forget the fact that there are already American boots on the ground in Iraq to combat ISIS, despite what Obama says.  Obama really does want there to be more boots on the ground, but he just doesn’t want to be accountable for the loss of life.  So, who does he turn to?  Canada, of course.

from a furious journalist at the Calgary Sun:

ISIS is Barack Obama’s mess.

He made it and now he wants our help to clean it up. What do Canadians owe him?

He’s turned his back on allies such as Israel, having proven himself a bigger friend to the likes of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood than to the Jewish state.

He’s no friend of Canada’s.

Instead of working with his friends, he’s tried in vain to appease such longtime enemies as Iran.

His rush to pull out of Iraq without leaving a reserve force behind has led to the disaster we see unfolding there now.

Now Obama needs allies to battle ISIS and help him save face. So who is stepping up to the plate? The Iranians? The Saudis? Hardly.

Yes, when things get really bad, he calls on the same allies he’s spent his entire presidency snubbing.

The Canadians, the Brits, the Australians, etc.

Forgive me if I don’t exactly jump for joy at the prospect of helping this disastrous president ahead of midterm elections when his party is facing a well deserved drubbing.

He’s the one who insisted on leaving Iraq unprotected against the advice of those who said the U.S. should leave a reserve military force behind to support that country.

Did he listen to advisers?

Of course not!

Obama is much too smart to take the advice of anybody but himself and a few of his cronies. So he pulled out completely for political reasons, not because he failed to cut a deal with the Iraqi government, which wanted a U.S. force to stay.

Now, at last word, ISIS fighters were bearing down on Baghdad and Obama’s poll numbers are in freefall ahead of the U.S. midterm elections.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, even women are abandoning this president in droves over his handling of foreign affairs. Only 37% approved of his actions on the file in that poll.

And so there is little doubt, this president is responding, not out of any sense of what’s right, but of pure politics.

We need to see this president for the political opportunist he is.

Regardless, Canada appears ready to play some kind of role in a coalition of the barely willing. According to some analysts, it’s a mission that could require two or three years in order to push the jihadis from the region.

Obama screwed up big time. The world is paying the price because he preferred to play golf rather than to be a leader.

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Man, I wish we had journalists like this in the United States.

masteratarms12 said:

I'm active duty military police with the Navy and we are one of the most likely out of the Navy to be deployed on the ground overseas. I think that it is necessary to take out Isis, who obviously have our destruction as their top priority, while they're still manageable. As to the part as if I'm willing to go, I definitely am. However, that is completely irrelevant. When I joined the military I vowed to follow orders and to protect America. That means doing stuff I may not like.

masteratarms12 said: Also, these libertarians need to stop speaking for us. I’m pretty sure everyone signed up for the military understanding the inherent risk that comes with that. I’m kind of tired of people discounting my willingness to go overseas and fight because not everybody is willing to do it.



I have no problem with a woman, such as in the first photo, breastfeeding in public. Shes covered, minding her own business and not disturbing anyone. If your child is hungry and you breastfeed with a nursing cover, blanket, or scarf, I believe no one should have the right to bother you.

I do, however, have a problem with seeing people publicly breastfeed such as in the second photo. She makes no effort to cover her breasts, nor nipples. There is no respect for anyone in the surrounding area that, if they walk anywhere near, are forced to see her completely exposed breast and nipple, and if the child finishes eating and unlatches, shes just sitting there with her breast completely out.

Putting on a nursing cover or blanket is not difficult, expensive, or time consuming. It’s a simple gesture of respect for those around you, and if you put forth that respect you will recieve it back.

The UK has always been an imperialist construct, set up to protect and further the interests of the rich. There was a brief period after the Second World War when it sought to be something more. So we had the emergence of a post war consensus and the welfare state.

I was a benefactor of that consensus. I took evening classes at the local college for a pound, had my university fees paid, obtained a full student grant, and benefited from universal healthcare. For the social equivalent of me today, making this progress would be impossible without accruing a lifetime of debt and becoming no better than a slave – fuck that bullshit. All that has now gone, and the Labour Party will not be bringing it back. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were no aberrations; they were the natural progression of a movement that has ‘evolved’ from its radical roots into a centre-right focus group-driven party of power. Now, on a policy level, they chase middle England votes, while lecturing working class people on their ‘duty to vote’ (Labour), in order to ‘keep the Tories out’.

—  Brave and honest words from Irvine Welsh, taken from this article (8 Sept 2014) on Scotland, Britain, and the upcoming independence referendum.
TN high school cheerleaders fight back after public prayer banned at football games


Stories like this make me proud to live in Tennessee.  These bold high school girls are standing up to the bullies at the ACLU who seek to infringe upon their 1st Amendment right to pray in public.

from WBIR:

After Oneida High School found out they had to drop the prayer from their football games, many in the community felt they were missing something. The change came after pressure and a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, or ACLU.

One group couldn’t let that stand. That group has one of the biggest voices during a football game. It’s the cheerleading squad.

Kevin Acres sits in the booth for every Oneida High School home game. This year, his repertoire will be missing something— the pregame prayer.

"Far as I know we have been playing football here since 1930 and been praying ever since," said Acres.

A couple of years ago, the ACLU asked schools to stop announcing prayers over the PA, but Oneida bucked the order and kept the prayer in the pre-game.

"We just felt as long as no one here locally complained, we can continue to do it," said Acres.

That went on until this season. The school started feeling pressure from outside groups to end that religious tradition, so they replaced it with a moment of silence.

"I heard the moment of silence, but it was kind of a sick feeling in my stomach," said head football coach Tony Lambert.

In this moment, Acres gave people a choice.

"During our moment of silence, if you want to say a prayer, that would be perfectly fine," said Acres.

Asia Canada is a cheerleader for Oneida. She and her squad felt a moment of silence wasn’t enough, so they took action.

"He called for the moment of silence and I started off, ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ and everyone joined in," said Canada.

Even the visiting team’s cheerleaders and fans joined in.

"When they started saying it, the crowd started saying the Lord’s prayer. And by the time the prayer was over with, the entire stadium was saying it," said Acres.

And it has become a tradition before every home game; the cheerleaders lead the prayer, not over the PA, but with their own voices.

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What a fantastic story!  Adult leaders could learn something from these cheerleaders’ boldness.  If more school districts would respond with actions like these when the ACLU or one of the atheist groups threatens their 1st Amendment rights, they would eventually get the message that their bully tactics won’t work anymore.

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How ISIS Infiltrated US Homeland Security

This is why political correctness in the Obama administration is dangerous and stupid.  Here’s moore about Mohamed Elibiary.