UNREAL: Labor unions seek exemption from L.A. minimum wage that they helped push

This is unbelievable. As we reported recently, Los Angeles just passed a new $15 minimum wage that will gradually take effect until 2020. But guess who wants to be exempt from it. That’s right. Some of the wage hike’s loudest cheerleaders: The labor unions.

From the LA Times:

Labor leaders, who were among the strongest supporters of the citywide minimum wage increase approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council, are advocating last-minute changes to the law that could create an exemption for companies with unionized workforces.

The push to include an exception to the mandated wage increase for companies that let their employees collectively bargain was the latest unexpected detour as the city nears approval of its landmark legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

For much of the past eight months, labor activists have argued against special considerations for business owners, such as restaurateurs, who said they would have trouble complying with the mandated pay increase.

But Rusty Hicks, who heads the county Federation of Labor and helps lead the Raise the Wage coalition, said Tuesday night that companies with workers represented by unions should have leeway to negotiate a wage below that mandated by the law.

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Not only do they want absolutely awful rules that are guaranteed to eliminate jobs and hurt small businesses, they want the awful rules to only apply to certain groups of people they don’t like. Are. You. Kidding. Me. This is straight up evil.

Is anyone on the left still principled? Anyone?

As much as the left likes to push the narrative of a “war on women,” reality says otherwise. If anything, the right has waged a war on sexual irresponsibility and what they perceive as the murder of unborn children. Rebranding abortion as “reproductive rights” and throwing it under the umbrella of women’s rights was a brilliant tactic of Democrats in their attempt to not only destigmatize abortion, but convince women that they were entitled to end life at their own whim. It was also a brilliant method of rendering conservatives as evil, anti-woman villains whose objective was not to protect the lives of those who could not protect themselves, but to control the lives of women. But I digress. My point is, the only war on women taking place in modern America is the war on women that don’t fit the left’s narrative. The women being vilified are those who dare to think for themselves, speak for themselves and do as they please without asking Hillary Clinton or Emma Watson to sign a permission slip.

I don’t know if there’s anything more ironic than the way feminists mock women that don’t promote their agenda or believe what they believe. They point at the dictionary and ask “how we could not be for equality??!!” even going so far as to suggest we should give up our rights to vote and work if we won’t claim feminism (ignoring that those rights were achieved by movements that have almost nothing in common with third wave feminism in developed countries). 

But to assume that modern feminism owns the belief of equality between men and women is indicative of a not only a dangerous gullibility, but a lack of critical thinking ability. When a professor hands out the syllabus for a women’s studies course, it doesn’t say “men and women are equal, the end.” Lena Dunham wouldn’t need Taylor Swift to put a cute, likable bow on her propaganda if her message were simply that men and women are equal, because the vast majority of American men and women already believe that. Feminism in the western world has evolved into an ideology much more complex than the slideshow that Beyoncé put up in her 2014 VMA performance.

Women from all walks of life have come to reject both liberalism and feminism (which have practically become synonymous with one another) for a wide variety of reasons, and I’ll be first to admit that some of those reasons are less than intelligent. However, I’ve seen equal, and if anything, greater stupidity in the reasoning for people embracing feminism/leftism

Women that don’t cooperate with leftist ideology are told that they have internalized misogyny, and are enslaving not only their fellow women, but themselves. When liberals aren’t enthusiastically berating conservative women, they’re addressing them and discussing them like victimized children, too ignorant to understand the error of their ways. They presume the only reason we believe what we believe is because our fathers/husbands prohibit us from watching Jon Stewart or reading Buzzfeed. We couldn’t have possibly done our own research and reached our conclusions independently. Even if we wanted to do something as silly as think for ourselves, where would we find the time between pregnancies and Bible studies? Every so often, though, some selfless liberal finds the time and patience to explain to us how stupid and terrible we are.

One need look no further than the way the women of Fox News are often objectified by the left and accused of being nothing more than office eye candy hand selected by the boys club, saying, doing, and thinking what they’re told, because that’s the only possible explanation for a woman resorting to conservatism, right? The fact of the matter is that the women of Fox News are intelligent and talented with a wide array of impressive accomplishments, but all of their qualifications are belittled.

When Bruce Jenner stated that he was Republican in his interview this happened. When Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Stacey Dash endorsed Romney in 2012 this happened. When Kaley Cuoco said she wasn’t a feminist this happened.The left’s message is clear: your experiences, feelings and opinions are only valid when they agree with ours. Otherwise sit down, shut up, smile and nod.

For people that claim to champion women’s empowerment and equality, you’d think they’d respect women and their right to disagree with them without character defamation or patronization. But that would probably require too much logical consistency. 

I want to make it painstakingly clear that I have no issue with my beliefs as a Republican woman that does not identify as a feminist being challenged; I just can’t ignore the cognitive dissonance of people who participate in the silencing of women, and the dismissal of their thoughts on account of their gender when that’s precisely what they claim to fight against.

Neither democrats nor feminists will dictate my womanhood. The end.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” - Voltaire

Nobody who fights for justice and equality could possibly side with pro-Zionists. Nobody. 

If the same were to be done against those who support Israel, they would cry injustice. They would cry ‘antisemitism’. The hypocrisy is palpable. 

President Obama said the Baltimore riots showed the need for new “massive investments in urban communities.” What Baltimore needs is an investment in new thinking. The highest property taxes in the state and oppressive local regulation often make investing in jobs and businesses in Baltimore unprofitable…Shoveling more federal money into the city is the triumph of hope over experience.

Remember, this is PBS, which receives nearly $500 million of federal taxpayer money. Maybe that’s why they decided not to mention how Social Security is failing the older generation…

The warm sands and tony neighborhoods surrounding this retirement refuge are known as Florida’s “Paradise Coast.” But for seniors struggling to keep food on the table, it’s far from a paradise.

Seniors who go hungry in Naples are indicative of the problems facing seniors nationwide. In 2013, the last year for which data is available, 15.5 percent of America’s seniors — roughly 9.6 million people — faced the threat of hunger. Personal illness, family financial trouble — especially following the recession — or losing a spouse add to the problem. When mortgage payments and medicine are a priority, there is not always money left for food.

Tonight on the PBS NewsHour, watch a full report on seniors and hunger. We reported from Naples, where we met several people who were willing to share their stories with us.

Harry and Sarah Knight, 76 and 75, moved to Naples 14 years ago after selling their house in New Jersey. Harry found a job at Publix grocery store, which helped make ends meet. But things started to crumble when Sarah’s numerous health problems — Crohn’s disease complicated with a string of other ailments, like giant cell arteritis, polymyalgia and fibromyalgia — began to drain them of their funds. Then, Harry got fired after a verbal clash with his manager.

Rand Paul Leads the Republican Field in Washington State

Washington Poll:

  1. Rand Paul (13.2%)
  2. Scott Walker (12.4%)
  3. Jeb Bush (11.5%)
  4. Marco Rubio (11.3%)
  5. Ben Carson (7.6%)

From Gravis Marketing:

Washington Republicans are lining up for Kentucky’s Sen. Randal H. “Rand” Paul with strong support from gun owners, according to the May 18-19 Townhall/Gravis Insights poll of 523 Republican voters.

Rand Paul has a national following that has not been reflected in our state-by-state polls, until we took at look at Washington State,” said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Insights a division of Gravis Marketing, the Florida-based polling company that conducted the poll. The poll of Republicans carries a 4 percent margin of error. …

“Paul comes to Washington with advantages, too,” Kaplan said. The senator’s father former Texas congressman Dr. Ronald E. Paul won the 2012 Washington caucuses with strong grassroots organization.

Sergio Gor, a spokesman for the senator, said: “Senator Rand Paul has worked very hard to grow the party over the last few years, his focus on issues like privacy and criminal justice reform gives him a unique ability to successfully engage the youth community.”

The Kentucky senator was the choice of 16 percent of Republicans, where there is a gun in the home, followed by Walker, 14 percent; Rubio, 13 percent; Bush, 10 percent and Carson with 7 percent, Kaplan said.

chirpingsparrow asked:

Hi big guy. I've seen several times the talks about "filibusters" and me not being from the USA get a bit confussed. I like how you explain things so I'd like to ellaborate on what they are. Thank you.

Well, this latest filibuster in the Senate by Rand Paul was done to prevent the Senate from automatically renewing the Patriot Act as written.  Republicans like Paul, who’d be happy seeing the act expire altogether, wanted to at least see debate on the bill instead of just passing it as is which establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were advocating for.  Other Republicans like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are trying to get the USA Freedom Act, which was passed in the House, to pass which limits key issues in the Patriot Act specifically regarding NSA surveillance programs.

This video sums up the current debate:

Some facts you should remember before talking about how the UK ‘got itself into this mess’:

The winning party got less than 37% of the votes. That’s not a win. That’s not the whole of the UK voting for the Tories. That’s them getting 37% of the votes. It’s not even 37% of the voting public. 66.1% of the voting public actually voted.

63,489,234 people in the UK. (Not all of them can vote, I know)
46,425,386 people can vote.
15,900,000 people did not turn up to vote at all. (No official count)
11,334,920 people voted for the Conservative Party.
30,698,210 people did not vote for the Conservative Party.

These results show that the UK did in fact vote for other parties than just the one that will fuck us over.

This may look like a very Conservative country when you look at the map of the UK, but if you look at the constituency map, it suddenly looks less Conservative, doesn’t it?

So, in fact, we didn’t all vote to fuck up our lives. Only 37% of people did. And you know what, those are the rich that will only get richer with a Conservative government.

We have a two party voting system in a country that can have about 50 parties running for seats, and that system, doesn’t work. First Past The Post does not work for what we have. And never will. But it won’t ever change, because the party in power won’t change the way they got into power.

So no, the UK public are not to blame, not all of us. The 11 million that voted, out of the 46 million that could.

36.9% is not a win.

62.1% of the country said NO to a Conservative Government.



See Zo School His Haters: You Won’t Believe the Slurs These Liberals Use

Oh, I believe it, having seen numerous of them myself.

Rand Paul Strikes a Nerve in Bastion of Liberal Manhattan

From the New York Times:

You can’t spell Strand without Rand.

That was the message from Rand Paul’s presidential campaign in New York City on Tuesday night, when the libertarian candidate promoted his new book at the Strand, an independent bookstore at the epicenter of liberal Manhattan.

It wasn’t the typical site for a Republican presidential candidate’s event — and many of the people who crammed into the rare books room on the store’s third floor were quick to volunteer that they had come to see Mr. Paul, not because they were Republicans, but because they loved liberty.

“Liberty not Hillary,” read the navy blue T-shirt worn by Shane Whaley, a 40-year-old who works in sales, and who came to hear Mr. Paul speak and get a signed copy of the Kentucky senator’s new book, “Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America.”

“She’s not for liberty,” Mr. Whaley said of Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Just look at how she stored her own email, and we still don’t know where she stands on the N.S.A.” …

Mr. Paul played to the crowd. He didn’t talk about social issues or the Republican nominating contest, but instead ranted against the Obama administration’s surveillance tactics. He delivered an impassioned defense of the Constitution that had echoes of the message of his father, former Representative Ron Paul, a two-time presidential candidate.

“The N.S.A. has gone way too far, and what you do on your cellphone is none of the government’s business,” Rand Paul said to applause from the crowd of more than 200 people. …

Kate, a 34-year-old who would only give her first name, because she said “liberals in New York target libertarians,” pondered why she was supporting Mr. Paul. Before she could articulate an answer, her boyfriend, Josh I., interrupted, “because you don’t want the government invading your privacy.”

Yes! That was it, Kate said. …

“I think Rand is in the classically liberal tradition of Greenwich Village that screams out for individual, social rights,” Jeff Goolsby, 33, a SoHo resident who volunteered on Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign. (Ms. Rand lived in Murray Hill, but close enough.)

Mr. Paul shared the spotlight with his wife, Kelley, whose book “True and Constant Friends,” which includes inspiring life advice and stories from her Irish grandmother, came out last month.

Mr. Paul has tried to take his libertarian message to places Republicans don’t usually campaign, but where young hipsters gave his father and his message of a vastly shrunken government and legalized marijuana cult status. Rand Paul recently had an event at the University of California and Berkley, and on Wednesday he is headed to the South Side of Chicago.

But people who loved his father said Mr. Paul doesn’t quite bring the same rock star appeal. “He’s trying to be more conservative,” said a man who gave his name only as Mario, a 24-year-old in a T-shirt with a peace sign who said he discovered Ron Paul in high school and felt like “someone finally explained what I really believed.”

The Strand’s co-owner, Nancy Bass Wyden, who is married to Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat of Oregon, asked Rand and Kelley Paul to speak.

“Rand has a different message and liberty brings people together,” Mrs. Paul said of the downtown crowd who lined up to have her husband sign their books.


(images taken from twitter)

Major news outlets are refusing to report this, so I guess it’s down to social media yet again.

Today (9th May 2015) in London there was a massive protest (which the police tried to violently dismantle) sparked by the General Election which took place this week. There is a LOT wrong with the current Conservative government such as plans to abolish the Human Rights Act, welfare cuts that will cause even more problems for the poor, disabled and pretty much anyone who is already struggling, plans to raise tuition fees and allow the government to access private internet and phone communications. Due to an outdated voting system they were kept in power for another five years with less than 40% of the votes and because of this, many people feel that voices are not being heard.

I will readily admit that I don’t have all the facts, so if anyone would like to add to this post please do so. There’s also a lot of updates on the hashtag #ToriesOutNow on twitter. If the news won’t tell people what’s happening, we need to do it for them. People need to know the truth, rather than what the media twists to suit their agenda.

We will not be silent. Hope Over Fear.


Can we please talk about what has been happening in the UK today. Hundreds of people gathered in Westminster, Downing Street and Cardiff to protest against the Conservative bastards with a massive lack of media coverage. Hopefully this will be the beginning of making our country a much better place. Fuck David Cameron.

American politics is a lot like trying to order a pizza for your friends. The Republican wants pepperoni with orphans tears dipping sauce for the crust. The Democrat wants gluten free pineapple. The Green Party is cool with whatever as long as no as there’s no meat and the animals that went into making the pizza were treated humanly. Meanwhile the constitution party wants pepperoni, borderline theocracy, and anchovies for some godforsaken reason. The libertarian is trying to convince everyone that several small pizzas should be order so everyone gets what they want but he really doesn’t care about dinner because he’s been sneaking down into the basement to eat Chinese takeout with the anarchist