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After several centuries of brutal anti-black racism and structural white privilege, apparently 50 years of modest civil rights progress was too unbearable for many “aggrieved” white people. Gutting the Voting Rights Act, weakening Affirmative Action and the proliferation of Stand Your Ground laws are each part of an unmistakable conservative effort to return all of America to a pre-civil rights, antebellum confederacy where "states rights," judicial nullification and Jim Crow etiquette are the norm. Again.

I am really sick of hearing the misogynistic drivel leftists spit about Fox News and it’s female anchors and contributors. Just today I overheard a conversation between two liberals discussing how all of the women at Fox were just ‘blonde, white, bimbos’.

You’d think feminists would have a problem with these people being classified as sexual objects undeserving of their jobs and success simply because they are women, but interestingly enough, it’s often the feminists making the comments to begin with.

So in response, here’s a sample list of some of the women of Fox, and why they are so extraordinary.

  • Brenda Buttner — Harvard Honours Graduate.
  • Uma Pemmaraju — First Indian-American woman to appear as a regular news presenter in the USA, 7-time Emmy Winner, Big Sisters of America ‘Woman of Achievement’ Award Recipient.
  • Gretchen Carlson — Stanford Graduate, Chamber Music Soloist
  • Jamie Colby — Lawyer, was admitted to University at 14.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle — Former Assistant District Attorney, Children’s Rights Advocate.
  • Susan Estrich — First Female Campaign Manager of a Presidential Campaign, Lawyer, Sexual Assault Survivor and Victim’s Advocate.
  • Megyn Kelly — One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, Lawyer, Former Law Review Editor.  (The woman in the photo above being mocked)
  • Anna Kooiman — Ran a fitness and care instruction to financially disadvantaged inner-city kids.
  • Kate Obenshain — First woman to serve as Chair of the Republican Party.
  • Christine Clayburg — Iraq War Veteran, Air Force Pilot.
  • Judith Miller — Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist and Author, while working at the New York Times, spent 85 days in Jail to defend a reporter’s right to protect confidential sources. Received a ‘First Amendment Award’ for this effort.
  • Dana Perino — Former White House Press Secretary, Global Maternal Health Advocate, PTSD advocate.
  • Hon. Jeanine Pirro — Judge, Attorney General Candidate, Founded the first ever Domestic Violence Unit in a Prosecutor’s office.
  • Michelle Malkin — Earned a full scholarship to Oxford, Economist.
  • Kathleen McFarland — National Defense and Nuclear Weapons Specialist.
  • Julie Banderas — Emmy Award winning Anchor.
  • Maria Bartiromo — Former Professor, Founder of The National Italian American Foundation, revolutionized Economics reporting.
  • Jedediah Bila — Valedictorian of the Wagner College.
  • Shannon Bream — Lawyer, became the first female commencement speaker at Liberty University.
  • Linda Chavez — Hispanic Politics Pioneer, named a ‘Living Legend’ by The Library of Congress.
  • Jennifer Griffin — Harvard University Graduate, Cancer Survivor and Advocate.
  • Lea Gabrielle — Fighter Pilot, Combat-Deployed Intelligence Operator.
  • Greta Van Susteren — Lawyer, one of Forbe’s 100 Most Powerful Women, Multi-Award and Honorary Degree Recipient, Professor.

Like I said, this is just a sample… But it paints a picture of phenomenal women who possess beauty, brains, and morals.

While writing this, however, I ended up looking in to some different figures on diversity in Media that proved very interesting.

As it turns out, in terms of overall diversity, CNN and Fox are near matched in many respects, while the overtly-liberal MSNBC lagged behind in many measures, such as proportional gender representation. also weighed in on this issue, and found that the least ethnically diverse news program was in fact The Rachel Maddow Show, where 94% of the guests were white. FAIR also found that the lowest representation for women was on CNN’s OutFront where 81% of guests were men, and the highest gender representation was on Fox’s O’Reily Factor, which FAIR reports had a 64/36 gender split, but MediaMatters said was split equally. Fox also had the highest representation of Latino persons.

(Charts from MediaMatters) 

Oh, and for the record, yes I think there needs to be more diversity in broadcasting.

Do I think quality should take a backseat to meeting quotas? No. 

I am all for having folks from all life experiences and perspectives participating in media — That’s the way it should be, really. But I am more than a little bit sick of people bashing good anchors and people because they feel morally and ideologically superior because they believe in those simple aforementioned principles.

This is why conservative men confidently endorse laws and social rules that are anti-sex, even when that makes them screamingly obvious hypocrites who feel zero desire to curtail their own sexual proclivities. They know, from long personal experience, that they will never have to live by the rules. Ban abortion? Well, luckily women will still get them. They will just have to work harder at it. Cut off insurance coverage for contraception? Good thing women are so desperate to use it that they’ll pay out of pocket anyway. Even if they somehow managed to overturn Lawrence v. Texas and the oral sex ban became enforceable, most straight white men can be pretty certain that the only people who will get in trouble for it are gay people and people of color—you know, people whose privacy the cops already feel empowered to intrude upon.
Many academic disciplines also reduce their influence by neglecting political diversity. Sociology, for example, should be central to so many national issues, but it is so dominated by the left that it is instinctively dismissed by the right.

Professors, We Need You! -

Ehhh? The reason there are so few conservatives in sociology is probably because most conservatives reject one of sociology’s basic premises: that social, cultural, and institutional contexts influence individual humans in ways that can be predicted and studied.


It’s an awful catch-22: employers won’t hire you if you’ve been out of work for more than six months…

Let’s be clear. Ghayad’s field study shows employers discriminate against the long-term unemployed. All of the fake resumes he sent out were basically identical. But firms ignored the ones from people who’d been out of work for six months or longer — even when they had better credentials. Employers look at how long you’ve been unemployed as a better proxy for skills than anything else on your resume. In other words, more jobs-training probably won’t help the long-term unemployed all that much. Even a stronger economy will only help them years in the future, rather than many years in the future. 

It’s time for the government to start hiring the long-term unemployed. Or, at the least, start giving employers tax incentives to hire the long-term unemployed. The worst possible outcome for all of us is if the long-term unemployed become unemployable. That would permanently reduce our productive capacity. 

We can do better, and we need to start doing so now. We can’t afford long-term thinking in either the short or the long-term.

anonymous said:

I'm really curious as to why you'd include "right wing" or evangelical" along with "slut shaming" or "racist" as if they go hand in hand. I'm a pretty liberal, vegan atheist, by the way. It just seems very exclusionary and misinformed and plain wrong to include those groups together, not to mention it seems to be asking for a certain bent from your readers. Do you want the truth and real plights or a conservative bad, liberals good take on teen issues. Something to question yourself about.

Conservatism is an ideology built around the preservation of “traditional” values and social structures. But those “good old days,” for marginalized groups like women and people of color, were largely a time of oppression. Why would we want to preserve them?

Conservative politicians and thinkers—who have seen great success aligning themselves with racist, xenophobic, and evangelical voting blocs—actively work to strip women of their voices and exclude us from seats of power, proudly champion policy that keeps women out of the workforce and chained to the “traditional” family structure, promote abstinence-only education, shame and blame the victims of sexual assault, and give no credence to the possibility that women are best placed to make decisions about our own bodies.

Broadly speaking, conservatism is bad for women. So, yes, we want a “conservative bad, liberals good take on teen issues.” That is the explicit purpose of the site.

If kids want a “traditional,” victim-blaming, slut-shaming, conservative perspective, many of them can already get that at home or at school. This site aims to provide a counterpoint to that oppressive narrative, for the kids who have none and are struggling because of it.

But there’s a way around this, guys. You gotta have fun with this, as you know.  So let me offer suggestions. The first suggestion, the first way to deal with this that came into my mind, is you find yourself staring, looking at, casually glancing at a woman, but you know that it’s now socially taboo. You shouldn’t be doing it, and you think everybody is noticing you doing it and condemning you in their minds. You shouldn’t be doing it. So you walk up to the woman and say, “Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”” -Rush Limbaugh

"Limbaugh suggested that sexual harassment was just part of human nature, saying that the "liberals" behind the study [on the male gaze and objectification] "just despise human nature and try to alter it and change it and create it, because many of them just don’t fit in with it in many ways.”“

More quotes from Limbaugh

Limbaugh on an ongoing rape investigation:
"He’s trying to figure out how he can get involved in the deal down there at Duke where the lacrosse team… supposedly, you know, raped some hos."

Limbaugh on feminism:
"Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society."

Limbaugh on sexual harassment:
"Some of these babes, I’m telling you, like the sexual harassment crowd. They’re out there protesting what they actually wish would happen to them sometimes."

Limbaugh on the women’s movement:
"I love the women’s movement — especially when walking behind it."

Limbaugh on longevity:
"Women still live longer than men because their lives are easier."

Limbaugh on breasts and intelligence:
"The larger the bra size, the smaller the IQ."

Limbaugh on chauvinism:
"We’re not sexists, we’re chauvinists — we’re male chauvinist pigs, and we’re happy to be because we think that’s what men were destined to be. We think that’s what women want."

Limbaugh on cats and women:
"My cat comes to me when she wants to be fed….She’s smart enough to know she can’t feed herself. She’s actually a very smart cat. She gets loved. She gets adoration. She gets petted. She gets fed. And she doesn’t have to do anything for it, which is why I say this cat’s taught me more about women than anything my whole life."

Limbaugh on women’s clothing:
"I’ll tell you, you women. Why don’t you just make it official, put on some burkas and I’ll guaran-damn-tee you nobody’ll touch you. You put on a burka, and everybody’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want."

Limbaugh on overweight women:
"Female politicians get a pass on every aspect of their appearance. You would never have stories about how some female politican’s fat… There are plenty of lard-ass women in politics, and they get a total pass on it."

Limbaugh on contraceptives:
"So Ms. Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch."


And the Republicans wonder why they’re having a hard time attracting female voters.