The Republicans In ‘Republicans Are People Too’ Ad Are All Stock Photos

Conservatives wanted to remind people that “Republicans Are People Too” with an ad campaign insisting that Republicans recycle and have tattoos.

But as The Daily Banter pointed out, the woman the ad used to prove that “Republicans are black” is actually a very popular stock photo.

Her image is featured on the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys' website and a promotion for a discount on glasses.

And unsurprisingly, TPM found that the other every-man Republicans featured in the ads were also stock photos.

This is why conservative men confidently endorse laws and social rules that are anti-sex, even when that makes them screamingly obvious hypocrites who feel zero desire to curtail their own sexual proclivities. They know, from long personal experience, that they will never have to live by the rules. Ban abortion? Well, luckily women will still get them. They will just have to work harder at it. Cut off insurance coverage for contraception? Good thing women are so desperate to use it that they’ll pay out of pocket anyway. Even if they somehow managed to overturn Lawrence v. Texas and the oral sex ban became enforceable, most straight white men can be pretty certain that the only people who will get in trouble for it are gay people and people of color—you know, people whose privacy the cops already feel empowered to intrude upon.
After several centuries of brutal anti-black racism and structural white privilege, apparently 50 years of modest civil rights progress was too unbearable for many “aggrieved” white people. Gutting the Voting Rights Act, weakening Affirmative Action and the proliferation of Stand Your Ground laws are each part of an unmistakable conservative effort to return all of America to a pre-civil rights, antebellum confederacy where "states rights," judicial nullification and Jim Crow etiquette are the norm. Again.

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to be stupid but who would be some conservative women in politics (governors/senators/congresswomen) because I just want to know some for reference when people tell me republicans are old men.

Martha Roby (Representative)

Alabama 2nd

Mimi Walters (Representative)

California 37th

Vicky Hartzler (Representative)

Missouri 4th

Elise Stefanik (Representative)

New York 21st

Barbara Comstock (Representative)

Virginia 10th

Michele Bachmann

Minnesota 6th

Jaime Herrera Beutler (Representative)

Washington 3rd

Diane Black

Tennessee 6th

Marsha Blackburn (Representative)

Tennessee 7th

Susan Brooks (Representative)

Indiana 5th

Shelley Moore Capito

West Virginia 2nd

Renee Ellmers (Representative)

North Carolina 2nd

Virginia Foxx (Representative)

North Carolina 5th

Kay Granger (Representative)

Texas 12th

Vicky Hartzler (Representative)

Missouri 4th

Lynn Jenkins (Representative)

Kansas 2nd

Cynthia M. Lummis (Representative)

Wyoming AL

Candice Miller (Representative)

Michigan 10th

Kristi Noem (Representative)

South Dakota AL

Martha Roby (Representative)

Alabama 2nd

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Representative)

Washington 5th

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Representative)

Florida 18th

Ann Wagner (Representative)

Missouri 2nd

Jackie Walorski (Representative)

Indiana 2nd

Amata Radewagen (Representative)

American Samoa

Mia Love (Representative)

Utah 4th

Michele Reagan (Senator)


Joni Ernst (Senator)


Kelly Ayotte (Senator) 

New Hampshire

Susan Collins (Senator)


Deb Fischer (Senator)


Lisa Murkowski (Senator)


Andrea Lea

Member of the Arkansas House of Representatives

Shantel Krebs

Member of South Dakota House of Representatives

Anna C. Little

Mayor of Highlands, New Jersey (2008-2010)

Sherri Ybarra

State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona

Diane Douglas

Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona

Joy Hofmeister

Oklahoma’s State School Superintendent

Kelly Mitchell

Indiana State Treasurer

Julie Fedorchak

Public Service Commissioner of North Dakota

Rebecca Kleefisch

Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

Mary Taylor

Lieutenant Governor of Ohio

Kay Ivey

Lieutenant Governor of Alabama

Evelyn Sanguinetti

Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

Kim Reynolds

Lieutenant Governor of Iowa

Mary Mosiman

Iowa State Auditor

Suzanne Crouch

Indiana State Auditor

Cynthia Cloud

Wyoming State Auditor

Susana Martinez

Governor of New Mexico

Mary Fallin

Governor of Oklahoma

Connie Lawson

Indiana Secretary of State

Ruth Johnson

Michigan Secretary of State

Barbara Cegavske

Nevada Secretary of State

Dianna Duran

New Mexico Secretary of State

————————————-    OTHERS:

Phyllis Schlafly

Constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author

Sarah Palin

Former Governor of Alaska

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

Conservative women’s movement

Ann Coulter

Lawyer, writer, columnist

Laura Ingraham

Radio talk show host, best-selling author, political commentator

Linda McMahon

Professional wrestling magnate and a former Republican Party candidate

Pam Bondi

Attorney, politician, and current Attorney General of Florida

Laura Schlessinger

Talk radio host, socially conservative commentator and author

Jeane Kirkpatrick

Was an American ambassador and an ardent anti-communist.

Dana Loesch

Conservative talk radio host and a host and contributor at TheBlaze

Jedediah Bila

Television and radio host, Fox News contributor, columnist, and author

S.E. Cupp

Conservative political commentator and writer

Andrea Tantaros

Conservative political analyst and commentator

Katie Pavlich

Conservative journalist, primarily known for her work at the online news magazine Townhall.com

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Cable news personality and one of the co-hosts of the programs The Five

Kayleigh McEnany

Conservative commentator who is currently in the second year of pursuing her J.D. at Harvard Law School

Dana Perino

Was the 27th White House Press Secretary, serving under President George W. Bush from September 14, 2007 to January 20, 2009, political commentator for Fox News, while also serving as a co-host of the network’s talk show The Five

Monica Crowley

Conservative political commentator, talk radio personality, and author

Lila Rose

Pro-life activist and the founder of the pro-life group Live Action. She conducts undercover investigations of abortion facilities in the United States

Bettina Inclan

Seasoned communications and political strategist

Mary Katharine Ham

Journalist, Editor-at-Large of Hot Air, a contributing editor to Townhall Magazine, and a Fox News Channel contributor

Anne Marie Murrell

Original PolitiChick anchor, Contributor to TownHall Finance, TheBlaze, DailyCaller, FrontPageMagazine

Rachel Marsden

Conservative political columnist, television commentator and university lecturer

Michelle Malkin

Conservative blogger, political commentator, and author

Scottie Hughes

Currently serves as the News Director for the Tea Party News Network

Katie Kieffer

Columnist, commentator and entrepreneur

Julie Borowski

Policy Analyst at FreedomWorks, YouTube

Alyssa LaFage

Activist, Blogger, Radio Show Host, Political Commentator

Dr. Gina Loudon

Tea Party activist, Conservative radio talk show host, two Master’s degrees and a PhD

Kristin Tate

Multi-media journalist and commentator, reporter for Breitbart News and a contributor for the Ron Paul Channel. 

Condoleezza Rice

66th United States Secretary of State

Elaine L. Chao

Public servant who served as the 24th United States Secretary of Labor

Cleta Mitchell

Lawyer, politician and conservative activist

Peggy Noonan

Author of seven books on politics, religion, and culture, and a weekly columnist

Mary Matalin

Political consultant well known for her work with the Republican Party

Carly Fiorina

Former business executive and was the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from California

Ana Navarro

Served as the National Co-Chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council and was a national surrogate for the McCain 2008 campaign

Marjorie Dannenfelser

Is President and Chairman of the Board of the Susan B. Anthony List, an American political organization that seeks to advance pro-life women in politics

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Television personality and talk show host

Maria Cino

Served as Deputy Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee

Megyn Kelly

Television host and political commentator on the Fox News Channel. As of 2014, Kelly hosts The Kelly File.

Jeanine Pirro

Former prosecutor, judge, and elected official from the state of New York, who is currently a legal analyst and television entertainer. Pirro is the host of Fox News Channel’s political commentary television show Justice with Judge Jeanine 

Shirley Temple

As an adult she ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Republican and served as a representative to the United Nations and as Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia under Republican presidential administrations

Ginger Rogers

Was a Hollywood actress, dancer and singer. A lifelong Republican and member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), she appeared in the Nixon-Lodge Bumper Sticker Motorcade in Los Angeles and was a vocal supporter of the Hollywood blacklist.

Jeanette Rankin  

Was the first woman ever elected to Congress and a leader in the women’s suffragette movement. She is also the namesake of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation, a nonprofit organization that gives educational scholarships to low-income women over the age of 35.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Was the first female appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and is a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Clare Booth Luce

Was a writer and Congresswoman from Connecticut. She was also Ambassador to Italy – the first woman to hold a major Ambassadorship abroad. She is also the namesake of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, which provides resources and training to up-and-coming conservative women.

Christina Hoff Sommers

Author and former philosophy professor known for her writings about feminism in contemporary American culture.

Sabrina Schaeffer

Executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum. 


"Conservatives are trying to freeze the flames of [a golden era of] the past, traditionalists are trying to keep those flames burning" — Alex Kurtagic, From his speech at the National Policy Institute’s 2013 conference

"Tradition is the passing of the flame and not the worship of ashes” — Gustav Mahler

"Today it is not a matter of ‘conserving’ the present or returning to a recent past that has failed, but rather of regaining possession of our most archaic roots, which is to say those most suited to the victorious life." — Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism

Many academic disciplines also reduce their influence by neglecting political diversity. Sociology, for example, should be central to so many national issues, but it is so dominated by the left that it is instinctively dismissed by the right.

Professors, We Need You! - NYTimes.com

Ehhh? The reason there are so few conservatives in sociology is probably because most conservatives reject one of sociology’s basic premises: that social, cultural, and institutional contexts influence individual humans in ways that can be predicted and studied.