militaryblu asked:

"I Shouldnt be in love with you!" William blurred out, face flush before wuickly running away. So he wouldnt need to face the consecense.

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Monika stood there, dumbfounded when she heard those words. She watched as William ran off without daring to look back at her. He… He was in love with her? When had that happened?! When did they…. What?

Monika looks down a moment, trying to judge her own thoughts on the whole thing. She wasn’t upset…. But she was confused. Their relationship was completely different from most people’s. They were platonic…. Yet at the same time hold such a strong intimacy. It was always called…. what was it? ‘Friends with Benefits.’. That’s right. But what happened when maybe a stronger feeling got put in play? What happened when love was involved?

Monika finally got out of her daze and headed off to go find the Scout. They needed to talk about this and figure this out… Because maybe she was falling in love with him too.