The truth is that waking up can be a disturbing process. Who really wants to find out that everything they thought was real was nothing but a pocket full of dreams? Who wants to find out that everything they hold onto and cling to is the very reason that they suffer? Who really wants to find out that we’re all addicted to qualities like approval, recognition, control, and power, and that none of these things actually beings an end to suffering? In fact, they’re the cause of suffering! So the truth is that most of us don’t really want to wake up. We don’t really want to end suffering. What we really want to do is manage our suffering, to have a little bit less of it, so that we can just go on with our lives as they are, unchanged, the way we want to live them, maybe feeling a little better about them.
—  Adyashanti
All consciousness and energy was once fused into an integrated whole. This Whole was aware of aspects of itself, but in a different way from individualized consciousness. In Earth’s present development the self is recognized first, then society, and finally the Whole, All That Is, or God. Separation is still created. This separation from the Source is an illusion. This illusion is a tool that provides the Whole with all the necessary lessons and challenges it needs to experience in order to reintegrate back into the Source.

Before this fragmentation from the Source, the Whole existed in another octave of dimensional reality. From this realm of unification, portions of All That Is wondered what it would be like to fragment and temporarily forget integrated existence. The force of this thought on such a mass level began to create a fragmentation. The illusion created from this fragmentation would be a challenging forgetfulness in which consciousness would need to create (from its own divine nature) the remembrance to once again unite.

What has been termed “creation” is indeed this fragmentation, or, more descriptively, the Dimensional Infusion. The Whole’s initial curiosity about a fragmented existence actually created the reality itself. It required a shift in perspective, focus, or frequency. As part of the Whole, aspects of the Galactic Family were partially responsible for laying out the blueprint that was to guide their development. Therefore, the statement “we are God” actually has viable meaning.

The blueprint that was laid out contained many different ideas. It first held the notion that polarity and fragmentation would be the norm. The encoding in the blueprint provided the option of Free Will on the part of each fragment or soul. The challenge was in remembering that each consciousness possessed it. The more Free Will is used, the more divine memory is invoked. When faced with a polarized reality, Free Will becomes the liberator. When a soul forgets it possesses Free Will, the lessons become much more challenging, yet quite rewarding.

Another idea present in this chosen blueprint was that fragments of the Whole would be entirely responsible for their actions during this state of amnesia. Whether or not it was remembered, every action taken would generate a response from the universe. Some have called this karma; however, it is much more than “an eye for an eye.” Instead of punishments for negative behaviour, there is always the option of expanding one’s awareness. Therefore, in a sense, wisdom erases karma.

Though this may sound like the rules for some kind of cruel cosmic game, the outcome has already been decided. With this in mind, it is not necessarily the destination that counts but the journey along the way. It is literally how the game is played.
—  Lyssa Royal - The Prism of Lyra
Alone time

Sometimes, there just needs to be alone time. Lots of times, even.

And, it’s not necessarily that there needs to be time -away- from other,

it’s just that the way alone is set up…others aren’t exactly in the physical equation.

Take the time and embrace solitude, anyway, without guilt, with joy.

Embrace the self and know that it’s okay to love the self so much that, even for long periods at a time, the main company you keep is your own. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m craving love.
I’m craving a strong, healthy and passionate relationship.
I’m craving a partner who will run after their goals while still taking the time to tell me they love me.
I’m craving someone who will accept my independence and let me be the woman I want to be.
I’m craving someone with whom I will be able to share all this passion and love inside of me with.

And I will not settle for less even if that means it’ll take years before I meet someone who even comes up to my ankle.

I’d rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t deserve me.

But damn, I can’t wait to run the world with them.

Our Descent into Life and Death (Poem)

Look at you, darling;
Swiftly colliding with all of reality as it is happening;
All at once,
All of us, clashing lives
Coming against the turmoil,
The tides, the arms of the ocean
That pulls us in – and swallows us whole.

The metaphoric black hole,
The silent background…
“Death,” she whispers as she comes in;
Just like that, to the night she leaves, vanishes,
Because our memories of death,
Our imprints of mortality
Constantly remain with us
At every hour – until the final hour.

We were born to feel our dying flesh,
Clashing and living against the consuming sea;
The sea that all of us are in
vividly, intimately.

And look at you in the eye of the beholder
Of such an impersonal hell you were brought
To exist in.
Look at you, the self, the “ego,”
Always tasting, savouring the caramel taste,
Packed up in a wrap of bitterness, of life and death;
You know, all the things surrounding what you come to know
As the veil of existence.

Being there is my signature – All of our signatures.

So fall with me – swiftly, calming,
Comforting each other against the face of suffering,
Because in the true, organic,
Flesh incarnate, subjective juice,
We are all here – We exist.
Together we are dying;
Together we exist;

So please,
Hold me in your sleep,
Caress me so tightly
As I sing to you my crying,
My mourning, from this brief
Isle of existence – which is called me.

Please hold me, and I will hold you.
Sing to me, and I will sing to you;
Oh, so dearly I will sing to you.
Let’s romanticize death one last time
As we face the void,
      the complete empty,
            nothing, disorder
                     that life is.

Because even if it is not true that you are true
– that you exist, that is –
Your heat, to me, is the single truest thing
That I could ever crave.
Your caress, to me, already is the brushed glimpse
Into each other’s eyes – our lives –
And that is all I could care to leave behind.

Water droplets! :-)

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Honor authenticity

It feels really really good to live for your true self, as the authentic self. Honestly.

At first, there may be nervousness and fear, but that’s temporary, so be you anyway.

Eventually, there’ll be a deep appreciation and love for the self, so there may be lots of alone time in nature and meditating and unlearning and learning.

Living authentically also breeds connectivity with other souls, as well as creativity and inner inspiration.

Where the old was, where the conditioned was active,

now the purest version of the self will be and here is where all the undiscovered talent artistry and beauty is.

Take a step in the direction of love, and surrender to the inner being entirely,

and let it flow out and into life endlessly.


Make sure to watch the second half, where he replaces the worldview that he gets into in the first half with one in which reality can be modeled as an interaction between conscious agents.

40:55 “Do we perceive something outside us when we see or do we  construct what we see?…and the answer is both. What we’re interacting with is other conscious agents. So we’re actually seeing conscious agents, when we see anything - but - we don’t typically see them as conscious agents. When I see you, I get some hint of who you are as a conscious agent. When I see a cat, a little bit less, when I see a rat even less, when I see an ant very less… When I get down to things that I call rocks and stones, the interface has pretty much given up…we reify the limitations of our perceptions and make them what we think are part of an objective reality.”

This is exactly my starting point in describing what I call eigenmorphism. The only difference is that while Hoffman is assuming isolated conscious agents which construct objective realities locally, I’m assuming an envelope of unified conscious experience, which subdivides itself into increasingly agent-like histories. Conscious agents like us aren’t isolated, but are rather carved out of the totality of experience. What he identifies as ‘the interface giving up’, I am saying is how the universal interface (sense) intentionally dampens itself (insensitivity, quantification, or entropy-negentropy…same thing).

My idea of you is not you.

Our ideas of other people are not those people.

Their ideas of us are not precisely who we actually are.

Any idea in the mind is not a complete exact cognition of unitotal knowledge of what it tries to know.

The mind can only compare and contrast between opposties.

The truth of anything lies within the synthesis of these opposites and the mind can’t know this because it is stuck in the battle of the opposites.

Only the consciousness can completely know the truth of something because it can comprehend the sameness and synthesis of what the mind sees as contradiction.

—  mind’s concepts vs. consciousness’ comprehension
I've fallen in love

With snow and the cold.

I don’t know who I am anymore because once upon a time I hated absolutely abhorred the cold, but now, I want snow and enjoy the 20 degree weather. :|

I mean, I still love the heat and summer and all that comes in the warmer cycles, but I also have room to love what is the antithesis of sunny times.

Isn’t that how life is tho. All of a sudden everything begins to mirror everything else, lol.

Releasing attachments and aversions to particular states, be they mental or emotional, naturally leads to realization of peace, because a. Peace is always, & b. instead of fighting enduring forcing and changing, there’s surrender which allows for the seeing of what always is.

And, much like with my feelings and thoughts, I’ve come to terms with the weather (Which is as temporary as thoughts and feelings)? And I can love it, even the cold, and be at ease in it and enjoy it lol

Life is really funny