When you suddenly getting conscious but your parents still stuck on white supremacy it’s like you’re becoming the parent to them to show them the RIGHT way. It’s hard to do, but I will try to get my parents to be more aware and self loving. This is what they should have taught me but they probably weren’t taught by their parents so I can’t say anything or they never even cared to learn more about their history but I will raise my future children to be conscious.

What does it mean to be a Mother? Do you have any guidance on the subject of Parenting and Children?

Your children are your Gurus.  They are sacred teachers, they are Masters.  Children are born enlightened.  It takes time for the un-enlightenment that dawns upon you, and usually happens at the time when the Ego is born.  Watch your children - they are present, they have come excited for life, with a passion for living it.  They are moment to moment Be-ers.  The world is new and full of wonder.  Each day holds the promise of discovery.  They are free.  Let them teach you, let them remind you how to Be.  

To be a Mother is to be Gatekeeper for this magical journey.  To be a Mother is to be like the Earth - generous, abundant, and supportive.  It means to love more fully than ever before, to allow the fabric of your heart to stretch as your love bursts forth for this Being of Light that has come through you to shine on the world.

The best Parents are those that understand their real task, which is to encourage this light to get brighter and brighter.  Many do not realise this and with out meaning to, slowly diminish the light of their children - teaching them to conform to the world that they have come forth to change.  The world needs more light, and little beings make the brightest light of all.  They are pure.  They haven’t learned judgements.  Little ones are born knowing how to love freely and live fiercely.  

Your children are your Gurus.  Let them teach you.  Love them and nurture them, and allow them to be all that they have come forth to be.  That is our best advice on Parenting.  Learn from your dear children, let your love for them be their light house.  Let their energy be a river in your life, go with it and discover it’s bends and rich banks together.  Encourage their light to shine by shining your own.  Mostly just love them and bear witness to the miracle of life unfolding before you.  Remember that your children do not belong to you, they belong to life.  You are the safe haven for them to explore and return to.  Be their shelter, their safe place, their cheerleader, their great love, their student, their confidant, their friend.  Allow the love you have for them to transform you, allow the love they have for the world to transform the world.  Mostly: just allow them to Be.


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

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Suddenly I found myself reevaluating my whole parenting world—maybe even my whole relational world. I was humbled to realize that although it had taken me thirty-some years to do this, they had returned the favor within seconds.

6 and ½ weeks into my pregnancy…
Mentioned casually the choice to breastfeed for the first year and possibly beyond. 
My grammy laughed and talk about ‘how much I have to learn’ as if I don’t know anything….
I am a woman. I am a capable mother. 
I will follow my instincts and I won’t take any short cuts to the health of my child. 
Call it attachment parenting… I call it normal. 
We’re too far removed from things that should be so natural and so obvious…
Not that it is 'right’ for all babies to be breastfed extensively or exclusively but we should trust maternal instincts more than any external customs that have arised over the course of history.
I refuse to deprive my baby of what I wished I had experienced with my own mother…
I’m 19 but I’m not stupid.

Our children didn’t come into the world to be our puppets. They came here to struggle, fumble, thrive, and enjoy—a journey for which they need our encouragement. Neither is the goal to change a particular behavior.
Our concern isn’t with “how to put my child to sleep” or “how to get my child to eat.” The principal task is to put spiritual foundations under both our child’s life and our own. This triggers a shift in the elemental way in which we relate to our children, with the result that their behavior automatically falls in line as they become aware of, and true to, who they really are. Behavioral changes are an outgrowth of a shift in the relationship. -Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent

elton turns three on the 27th of this month. i’ve noticed that the past three or four times he’s gotten really upset (yelling/screaming at anyone who isn’t giving him what he wants at the time), after he’s calmed (which used to take up to ten minutes and he has worked down to less than five, thank godddd) he goes to whoever it was he yelled at and apologizes. i don’t care who you are, that’s a huge fucking deal. i know adults that don’t do that. 

here’s the thing that i love most about it, it’s working. we don’t punish, we follow positive discipline/conscious parenting. i think a lot of people hear “we don’t punish” and think we let aavi and elton do whatever the eff they want, which is so far from what we do. we communicate. everything revolves around bodily autonomy. we don’t encroach on them, they aren’t to encroach on each other or anyone else, we won’t let anyone encroach on them. they have sole ownership over themselves. we are here to protect and guide, not mold and direct. we are here to love and always be their home, not to push beliefs or break down. and it’s working, i get to see it almost every day. it’s in the kindness they show others, and how often they come back to their center.

no child needs to be bullied into “behaving.” no child deserves to be hit by those they trust most. parenting can be done without violence, so why would any loving parent choose to do it any other way?

5 Easy Ways to be a Conscious Parent

#HappyMothersDay - 5 Easy Ways to be a #Conscious #Parent

Children are different today than when we were young. What worked for our parents, is not working so well for us…

This new generation of children, our children, think differently than we did. They have access to things that I could not even imagine at their age. Our children are more sensitive to others and their surroundings while expecting respect, lengthy explanations and the right to…

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My son was lying on my bed as I sat nearby working on something or other. He began talking to me about wanting to eat healthier than he currently was, especially at his father’s house. I was giving him some tips, suggesting that he go along to the grocery store or just make sure he ordered healthier menu items. I told him to simply tell his father what his goals were and ask his father to help. He was raised eating only healthy foods so he certainly knows what they are.

He was arguing with me that none of these strategies would work. I asked him why. Then he said something I’ll never forget. He literally blew me away:

“Because you tell me, ‘No.’ Daddy never tells me, ‘No’.”


Marie Forleo & Dr. Shefali Tsabary: Conscious Parenting: What Parents Can Do To Raise More Conscious Children

“Our children are here to show us, in so many grand and majestic ways, who we are. And we’re not fully capitalizing on their wisdom; we’re still working from this top down approach - using children to get to where we need them to be - that we’re failing to attune, failing to listen - because they house the wisdom that they need to manifest their greatest destiny, we just need to get out of their way.”

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Positive parenting addiction!

I have been travelling throughout my day thinking about the things I want to get down. Firstly I’d love other parents practising positive parenting holistically or with a few techniques to give some feedback. I have found that this profound shift to BE WHAT YOU PREACH beneficial to my parenting experience. It’s become addictive therapy. Positivity radiating towards my children has calmed them, allowed them to develop profoundly. I do not use pressure type parenting techniques, I use techniques that assist my child and what they need in that moment, and future. Please tell me your stories. I am finding that my 1 ½ year old is having a higher attention span, concentration levels have increased and her ability to recognise letters at her age is amazing. Peace to you all. Tell me your stories!!

We all truly appreciate how our children inherit our behaviors, our interests and our temperaments. We all can see this happening in the moment, our children absorb our ways of being.

But how much do we truly appreciate that we are the products of our past, our parent’s behaviors, the society that we grew up in?
Unless we become aware of what we have inherited from our past we will mindlessly project this on to our children and pass on a legacy - an emotional legacy - that wasn’t our children’s to bear. Our pasts, our childhoods - they never leave us. We are housing them within us moment to moment. We want to be as mindful as possible when we are interacting with our children so that we do not project this past onto them. We want to pass on legacies that make them feel empowered and that is theirs to own, not ours to process and heal. We all carry unacknowledged wounds within us from our past. We do not want to project this mindlessly onto our children. It is only when we become conscious of our emotional inheritance that we will be able to free the space between ourselves and our children and allow them to be who which is they’re meant to be in this world.


Dr. Shefali Tsabary, clinical psychologist, author of “The Conscious Parent”