OTP Math: Kyou Kara Maou!

So I wanted to figure out how old Yuuri would be if he had grown up in the other world instead of ours. So I broke it down, to what I call, OTP MATH:

Canonically, 2 months our time, is 1 year theirs.

So it would take 6 years there to equal 1 year here. (6 times 2 equals 12)

The math is: (Earth Age) X 6 = (Other World Age)

Yuuri is 15 when he first gets transported there.

15 X 6 = 90

Yuuri is technically 90 years old.

Now let’s reverse that equation to see how old our boys are (with help from the official Wiki)

(Other World Age) / 6 = (Earth Age)

Let’s start with Gunter:

Wiki says that he is around 150 years old

150 / 6 = 25

Gwendal is around 130 years old

130 / 6 = (roughly) 22

Conrart is around 100 years old

100 / 6 = (roughly) 17

Wolfram is confirmed 82 years old

82 / 6 = (roughly) 14

So the ages would be:

Gunter: 25

Gwendal: 22

Conrart: 17

Wolfram: 14

Yuuri: 15

So TECHNICALLY Yuuri is OLDER than Wolfram.

This also means the Great War that happened 20 years ago, only happened just over 3 years ago. Ulrike is 100 years old. Greta (though a human) is barely even 2 years old. By their time, the US has been a nation for over 1400 years. Conrart kept his promise to Yuuri’s dad to not show Yuuri a mean face 90 years later! 

I’m having feels and kinda really want a HighSchool AU where Wolf-chan calls Yuuri “Wimpy Senpai” and Gwendal is in the same university as Sho-kun and they have this grudging friendship and Conrart is the baseball team captain and looks out for his kohai Yuuri who is part of the student counsel and also a team member so Conrart calls him stuff like “Boss” and Yuuri gets upset and tells him not to call him that since he’s part of the team and I NEED THIS!! BUT IT HAS TO BE YUURAM EVENTUALLY!!!


Favorite Roles of Favorite Seiyuus - #5 Morikawa Toshiyuki

Tyki Mikk - D. Gray Man // Li Ren Fang - Hanasakeru Seishounen // Kurosaki Isshin - Bleach // Nakajima Hideaki - Gakuen Heaven // Conrart Weller - Kyou Kara Maou // Iwaki Kyousuke - Haru wo Daite Ita // Namikaze Minato - Naruto // Isaka Ryuichiro - Junjou Romantica/Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

I feel like during the whole "Conrad is a Traitor" arc, no one really cared to ask if Wolfram/Gwendal were alright.

Especially Wolfram since he was on-screen more than Gwendal; like, could they not see the pain he was going through?? It was all about Yuuri! Wolfram just lost his brother, just had his brother ‘betray’ him for the ‘second’ time. And everyone fawned over Yuuri (granted he’s the king, but come on! The characters had more history with Conrad than Yuuri, IMO, but they didn’t think to check on Wolfram and see if he was ok, knowing Conrad was his brother) and left Wolfram to deal with his own pain. Not even Yuuri cared to check on Wolfram; even when Wolfram asked if Yuuri was doing ok, Yuuri didn’t return the favor. Now, granted, Yuuri was very hurt by Conrad’s actions, but shouldn’t someone have checked to make sure Wolfram was coping with this sudden development? No, no one seemed to care. That wasn’t right and I am very angry over it.

themaggiezine said:

Shaved ice and Conrart/Yozak


"Is it normal to eat flavored snow on earth?"

Yuuri laughed, handing two sno-cones to a certain confused Captain. “Well, technically it’s shaved ice. But yeah, whenever I went to Boston as a kid I couldn’t get enough of them. You’ll take that one to Yozak, right Conrad? I know you two have been training hard, so consider it a cold treat from your loving King.”

Conrart smiled warmly. “Of course, Your Majesty.”

"Great! I’m counting on you! And it’s Yuuri, not ‘your majesty’!” Yuuri waved and hurried off, leaving Lord Weller alone near the stables with his hands occupied by little paper cups of sugary ice. Once the King was out of sight, he frowned and turned back towards the stable. Shaved ice, huh…?

He wandered into the stable with his eyes and mouth on the purple one, and proceeded to crash into something significantly bulkier than him. Both Conrart and whoever he ran into hit the floor, and both sno-cones flew out of the Captain’s hands and…

Conrart’s eyes widened.

Sitting in the dirt and hay before him was Yozak, who was wearing nothing but a sopping wet towel around his toned hips. He might also have been groaning and rubbing his arm, but Conrart didn’t really notice because his eyes were following a drip of water that’d released itself from Yozak’s perfectly orange hair and ran the length of his torso until it hit… Oh Shinou.

"Oy!" Yozak snapped, quickly moving to brush the ice off his skin and towel. "Little absent-minded there, Captain?" He dipped his fingers into the purple liquid still oozing around near the towel and licked them. "… Is this… syrup? And ice?"

Conrart closed his jaw before Yozak noticed it’d was hanging open. He shook his head and looked away from the muscly man as he stood. “Uh-Uh, yea, it was a present from the King, but… Sorry, I should have been watching what I was doing.”

Yozak blinked up at Conrart. Yozak had always been the master of seeing through everyone’s little disguises (being a spy certainly had it perks, eh?), and that fake little blank look on Conrart’s face wasn’t fooling him one bit. They’d been friends for WAY too long.

"Apology accepted, IF-" Yozak smirked and ran his finger through the syrup again, spreading it up his abs. He bit back a chuckle when Conrart swallowed. "You clean me up. It’s only fair, right Captain? I just showered, and you got me all dirty again…"

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