Shot on a shoestring budget over fourteen summer nights, Falling Overnight was conceived by director Conrad Jackson in collaboration with writing partners Parker Croft and Aaron Golden. The writing team attempted to capture the numbness and isolation that comes from being “one of the sick people”, highlighting the bittersweet experience of falling in love when the future is uncertain. Instead of filling the story with the heightened, overly dramatic dialogue and scenes that populate much of contemporary film, the filmmakers created a lifelike world for their characters, pouring their own stories, experiences, dreams, and regrets into the script.

Ultimately, it is real life that Elliot will miss.


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Catch Falling Overnight, A Wonderful Gem, On Demand

Falling Overnight is one of those rare romances that has stuck with me since I watched it about a year and a half ago. I embrace romantic films perhaps too often, but so be it. When done correctly, there’s something inherently magical about watching two people fall in love on screen. And Falling Overnight did exactly that.

I saw it at the Phoenix Film Festival in March of 2011. I saw a few other films, most of which I didn’t care for, and then I came across this one and wholly embraced just about everything. In fact, I fell in love with the film, awarded it five stars, and said it was “the most beautiful film I’ve seen all year.” Was that an overstatement? At the time, no; it’s still one of the most beautiful from last year, but I can’t talk about it like that anymore. It’s finally getting a limited theater run in various cities, and will be available on VOD starting tomorrow.

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