this is the first thing that comes up when you google “skinny bitch” or “skinny bitches” 

it’s not some compilation of insults about girls with no ass, btw. it’s a weight loss guide, featuring a logo of a woman with an incredibly unrealistically small waist and torso, and this is how it sells itself 

Stop Being A Moron and Start Getting Skinny! 

If you can’t take one more day of self-loathing, you’re ready to hear the truth: You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.

pretty ironic how “skinny bitch” becomes a term women are eager to apply to themselves when they can make it about degrading fat women. pretty ironic that women who wouldn’t normally care about the misogynistic meaning of the word “bitch”, because they use it frequently themselves, are suddenly hurt deeply by its connotations when they see it being used by a fat woman. 

if you’re deeply, personally wounded by the fact that nicki minaj or megan trainor used the term “skinny bitches” in a song, don’t worry! just wait a little bit until it’s in vogue again to call yourself a skinny bitch. then you can get the tshirt, go to the yoga class, and maybe realize that those woman have absolutely no power to hurt you, and never have. 


i. Titan Trio + Dahlia
The Dahlia can be a symbol of standing strong in one’s sacred values. It can also negatively connote betrayal, instability and dishonesty.

Sock It To Me : To deliver a physical blow, forceful comment, or reprimand. In the 60s/70s it was the equivalent of “Hit me with your best shot!” “Do your worst!” or “Give it to me!” In the 80s/90s some used it to refer to sex because of its sexual connotation 

so yeah, Alex does say “Sock it to me!” when he was singing Arabella

listen to me, thin privilege is a goddamn real thing. i can go into a store, and people would not look twice at me buying 12 tubs of ice cream. “ugh i feel so fat.” is used when ur disappointed in ur body.  FAT is seen as a negative connotation, something that is disgusting and people who are overweight can control it. society thinks it’s their own damn fault. society doesn’t put big girls on screen, unless they’re playing the hot girl’s best friend, or the comedian. society put size 2 beauty queens and talks about getting rid of cellulite and here’s all these diet pills and oh here, here’s skinny girl vodka. THERE’S NO BIG GIRL VODKA. the point is, there is misrepresentation and underrepresentation of this demographic, and it is not my place to whine or complain, because this is their struggle and their celebration. So you know what, fuck those skinny bitches in the club. i ain’t all that.

i miss you.

you hurtle across the ghetto of my nightmares with the precise urgency of ambulances cutting through a thicket of riot police. i have dug nails into soft butter to loosen the rosette of this cul-de-sac. i have lugged the riverlocks of your hair as failed proofs of chaos theory. i have slapped duct tape across the length of my seismic undercurrents. i have worn gas-masks and hospital gowns to debutante balls. i have left the sepia connotations of mimosas on the porch. i have filled every whiteboard with magic marker rainbows spelling mea culpa in monotype corsiva.

i miss you.

- from ”That Beautiful Somewhere”, Scherezade Siobhan©

this was an irl thing a conservative girl said to me at lunch today are u ready……….
“u come off as a scary feminist and u need to watch out for that bc feminism already has a negative connotation and u don’t want anything bad to happen to u”

fabulouskilljoyphilosophy said:

I'm just saying that I disagree with your allegations that he is homophobic or misogynist. But I think it's incredibly unfair to say that he is untalented. Sure some of his writing is very bad. But he has also written my favourite show, created it even, with his best friend (who just happens to be gay btw and he has no problem with that.). Many people think he's quite talented, but everyone has a different opinion. I respect yours, disagree, but am annoyed you attacked him for a good thing.

girl read part c of this in reference to why i don’t give a shit about your opinion and leave me alone

(‘and he has no problem with that’ lord above. GIVE HIM A MEDAL, THEN)

it being your favourite show is meaningless. i don’t care if it’s your favourite show. it being your favourite show connotes no value and doesn’t stop it being a racist homophobic pile of shite. lord help us, family guy must be the favourite show of millions. it’s irrelevant. you don’t get to be annoyed about this and demand that i care about that and you don’t get to tell me to shut up. 

when a man punches another man, it’s not news. when a man punches a woman, it’s news. why? because differing power dynamics and social consciousness that goes along with recognizing the imbalance in those power dynamics, that’s why.

i’m not comparing blacks:whites to men:women; only making an analogy. but it’s an effective one and sheds some light onto why you have mass protests in ferguson and not in SLC. simply put, police are representatives of historically and contemporarily white-dominated power structures. white-on-black police brutality carries a very recent historical connotation that drives and even defines the relationship between power, authority, and the african-american community. therefore, a white cop killing a black kid is weighted down by the very social problems that likely produced it to begin with. it becomes a lens into a much greater problem facing our communities.

the white kid being shot by a cop is a problem and shot not be minimized, but it is not representative of as many fundamental social problems as the ferguson incident.

as usual, attempts at reason like the above ^ will likely be eschewed in favor of ridiculous adherence to script: blaming the liberal agenda, “black culture,” and political correctness

—  White friend of mine’s response to his white friends complaints about the media coverage of Dillon Taylor vs Mike brown
This is a show that skirts the undeniable truth so often that I’ve come to expect some kind of vagary in every major event, a way for the writers to back out. But her body was in that trunk, that face staring back toward the audience in that unfocused way that connotes someone is 21 grams lighter—yet I still waited for her to blink. The camera zoomed in on her eyes and I checked to make sure they were the same color as Mona’s eyes. She didn’t move. She didn’t speak. She was cold and lifeless and dead, and it was almost as if the show wanted to tell us, ‘We know you’re onto us about not showing bodies and bringing people back. Well, now we’re going the other way. This is the body. No tricks. No smoke. Deal with the loss.’

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Summer Finale Review: Because You’re Mona by Nick Campbell

I guess time will tell on the “no tricks, no smoke” part but it certainly felt final. Fatally final. Get it? #FAtalFinale

how to make me like a story

• asshole characters
• asshole characters who aren’t framed to be decent people
• moral ambiguity
• bittersweetness/conflicting emotions
• well-developed female characters
• obsessions
• critiques on the everyday view on certain types of people, and of the reality
• historical connotations

basically im saying i like chess the musical and phantom of the opera. thats it

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i’m still trying to figure out why “spectrumslide” pisses me off and i think it’s the fluidity of the term’s connotation. as if being trans is a choice. as if people don’t suffer from dysphoria and are just “trying to be edgy”.

genderfluidity is a thing, yes, but it’s not like you grow boobs on your chest and can lop them off the next day.

anonymous said:

What if a creationist believes in evolution? Like God created the world but creatures still changed over time. I think those views could be compatible.

Sorry, I suck at semantics. Technically creationism means believing God created the Earth, which by that definition means there is no problem reconciling both that fact and that evolution exists, as they are not mutually exclusive. But that connotation rarely exists with that definition anymore. Creationism has become a widely used misnomer for specifically Fundamentalist Creationism (meaning they believe that the Book of Genesis in the Bible is fact, instead of a spiritual, divinely-inspired mythology). Fundamentalist Creationists are the one who dedicate museums of dinosaurs and humans living together and say that archeologists and paleontologists are lying to us about the carbon dating and fossilization of dinosaur bones. Apologies for not clarifying fully enough; I didn’t mean to offend.

Me Walking Into Class w/ Pizza John Shirt
  • Neighbor:So, Pizza?
  • Me:Oh, yeah, its a.... an inside joke?
  • Neighbor:Oh, so you made the shirt yourself?
  • Me:Oh, no, not at all
  • Neighbor:oh, ok...
  • Me:No like, do you know that movie that came out in theaters? Um, its called (Don't say the abbreviation, don't do it).... The...Fault In Our Stars?
  • Neighbor:Yeah
  • Me:Yeah, the author of the book, this is his face (points at shirt)
  • Neighbor:....ok

"Finally caught you, Winchester."

"Took you long enough, Sheriff." 

woah two in one day, another comm for jen~ this time cowboy!dean and sheriff!cas mmmm……..yeah this was lots of fun. and i listened to this way too many times while drawing i think i can stop now right?????? naw….