We said in the writer’s room that if we were going to do clowns, we were going to create the most terrifying clown of all time. That was our goal when we were writing him, but I’m worried about people being too afraid of our clown. It’s heart-stopping what he does. I’m worried. I’m worried that people are going to have cardiac arrests… The clown’s intro in the first episode is … even I was terrified of it. It’s brutal. Two crew members told me they have had nightmares about this clown since we started shooting and they’re not even scared of clowns. I think he’s pretty extraordinary because, when you see why he’s a clown and why he’s wearing the mask … just you wait.
—  Ryan Murphy (BuzzFeed)

Connor mentioning Troye on Younow - Sept 19, 2014

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Here’s the new video! Sometimes, a friend falls for another friend. This usually leads to some issues, but as someone who’s had this happen to him MANY times, I’ve become a bit of an authority on the subject lol. Here’s some thoughts on that subject.

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