Adam Stevens and dating advice
  • Adam:*sits on the foot of Connor’s bed*
  • Adam:Connor, now..
  • Connor:Dad you don’t have-
  • Adam:Jude seems like an okay kid, and if he hurts you, or you need someone to talk to, or you guys get in a fight, I want you to know that i’ll always be here for you.
  • Adam:When you really for someone, sometimes your blinded by their faults and turn them into..waddya kids call em..i dont know, but don’t be dumb, and always tell the truth and...when i kissed your mother for the first time, i was young, and i knew that she was somethin' else..and maybe that’s the same for you and ju-
  • Connor:*laughing*
  • Adam:Look kid, i’m tryin’ alright!
  • Connor:*Smiling*..... Thanks (hesitation) Dad
  • Adam:don’t get all mooshy on me, i’m still your dad.
Connor’s Declassified School Dating Survival Guide

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“Jude, this feels so intrusive,” Connor complained.

“Come on, you were telling me all week you wanted to do something like this. The viewers want to know how the real Connor Stevens thinks,” Jude encouraged trying to get his boyfriend in character. He held a video camera up at his boyfriend, ready to record.


Connor walked up to the unsuspecting teenage couple a boy and girl, in the cafeteria currently making out

“Always had that urge in kissing him?” Connor questioned to no one in particular, but looking at the camera. “Well make sure to do so in the most unsuspecting of situations, with already conflicting feelings. A tent is usually a good place for it too. Then don’t forget to lie about what you did and forget about it, because you don’t feel comfortable about it just yet.”

“Ummm,” The boy and girl looked up, confused at Connor’s intrusion.

“No need to thank me,” Connor said boldly walking off with an air of purposeful attitude.

Jude gave him a thumbs up, indicating he’d got the shot.

“So that makes it what, four scenes shot?” Connor asked.

Jude nodded, “let’s head to the movies after school.”

Connor agreed.
The two boys snuck in from the back of the theatre, since they had no intention of actually seeing a movie, they just needed to get into a theatre itself. Seeing the door to a “chic flick” still open, they entered inside.

The theatre was partially full of couples. Jude began filming for an overall shot of the theatre. Panning to his boyfriend.

“Now, it’s best to take the seats at the back of the theatre, that way people can’t see what you’re doing.”

They both walked up to the back of the theatre where a lone group of boisterous boys sat.

Connor continued. “Now, even if you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as you bring your other friend make sure to send him or her mixed signals of your interest in them. Just make sure the theatre is dark enough. My personal favourite is playing with their pinkie.”

“Wh-what,” one of the boys said obviously flustered, “Wh-why would I want to do that?”

“Good job, boys!” Connor said indifferently, smiling at the camera.

Jude gave Connor his thumbs up again.

Suddenly, someone called at them.

“Hey! You two, no cameras allowed in the theatre.”

“Run!” Connor yelled.

Connor and Jude managed to evade the hulking theatre employee, panting outside.

“Wh-where to next?” Connor asked, trying to collect his breath.

“Let’s do the shirt thing,” Jude responded.

Connor nodded and took out some of his favourite plaid shirts and flannels. Jude began recording again.

Connor walked up to a random person waiting at the bus stop. “You ever feel like you want to get someone’s attention, but don’t know how? Wear plaid or flannel shirts!” He held up one on the man’s chest and one on his own.

“What?” The man responded, taking out his earbuds, confused as to why a shirt was being pushed in his face.

Connor continued, “The intersecting and varied colours are very eye catching, guaranteed to get someone to like you.”

“I guess?” The man questioned.

“Another case solved,” Connor said triumphantly, smiling at the camera.

Jude gave him thumbs up and they both headed to Jude’s house.


Now in the kitchen, Jude had the camera ready on Connor, sitting next to two cupcakes.

“Now you might be wondering why I have two cupcakes in front of me, well chances are they’re already for your crush. But nothing says ‘date me’ like gorging on them as a reward for helping him or her find scavenger hunt clues related to their birthday.” Connor followed by grabing one of the cupcakes, and messily eating it.

Behind the camera, Jude couldn’t help but snicker, as his boyfriend’s face got all sorts of chocolatey dirty.

“Mmmm,” Connor smiled at the camera.

Jude gave his thumbs again. Then they moved up to his room.

“Now possibly the best way to confuse a crush and hoping they want you, is having a playful wrestling match, probably best to do that outdoors. Then when they think you’re about to follow-through with a kiss, get distracted by your phone. This will leave a perfect opportunity for later on.”

Jude cut the shot, and held out his camera to get both of them in the next shot.

“Then, after getting kicked in the stomach because of your own complacency go for the real thing, and reel in your epicness of how suave you are.” He leaned into Jude and gave him a kiss on the lips… All while Jude smiled.
“So how’s the assignment coming, you two?” Lena asked.

“We just need to do some editing, and then we’re all done,” Jude commented.

Connor had finally gone home, and he was eating supper with his family.

“What is the assignment, anyway?” Callie asked.

His other family members perked up in interest too, when they had heard Jude and Connor brainstorming and laughing on ideas, they initially became curious.

“Oh, it’s just an English assignment. We had to write and record a comedy, so Connor chose to do something self-deprecating but funny, in the style of those really bad and cheap ads, of our relationship together. You know, like purposefully bad dating advice based on Connor’s experiences with me, before we really got together.”

“I want to see this!” Mariana exclaimed. The others agreed.

Probablysnot wanted to see it, so I made it happen xD

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Out of my League Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

*Connor’s POV*

As reality sinks in, I see Jude frantically leaving the locker room, entirely confused. I groan aloud and sit down on the bench nearest me, burying my face in the palms of my hands. I can’t do this again…  


“What the hell were you doing with that boy?! I forbade you to see him Connor!” Adam yelled punching Connor across the face.

I let out a tiny whimper at the pain and landed on the floor beside the bedside.

*end flashback*

“Stevens! Why the hell are you still here?! Get to class!!”

I suddenly am knocked back to my senses by coach who was yelling at me to get to class. I get up quickly, leaving the locker room in a rush. I can’t let this happen again, especially not with him, I thought as I left the locker room.

Jude’s POV

I rush to my next class unaware of my surroundings. In a rush of things, I accidentally run into someone. It was Taylor, “watch where you are going you numb skull… Jude?”

"Oh… Taylor.. Sorry,” I say leaving her there, brushing past her to get to class.)

I kept my distance from everyone for the rest of the day because I still couldn’t process what happened in the locker room. At lunch, I eat in momma’s office because I just can’t deal with people right now. I don’t know why I’m plagued with these feelings, but I just need time to find the answers.  

After school there’s baseball practice and it was Connor’s first day back since that not so entirely unfortunate incident. I couldn’t have been dreading it more than I actually was. Today was pitching practice and I was an utter disgrace. I pitched so wrong, that it made me question my abilities. The whole team was making fun of me for not being at the top of my game. The only one that didn’t comment on it was Connor, who was keeping rather quiet. Coach even complained on my lack of skill today. I felt embarrassed, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

When I get home, I greet everyone briefly and head to my room claiming I have homework to do. They didn’t notice my lie because I was quick about it. I wearily walk into my room, throw my backpack by the nightstand and fall on my bed, grunting and putting both my hands on top of my head.

“What the hell happened today?” I ask myself

“Why am I having such confusing feelings about that jerk!?” I continue.

As I’m thinking, my phone rings. It was a text from Taylor.

Taylor: What happened to you at school today? You were really distant and why didn’t you sit at lunch with us?

Jude: Oh I was eating with momma, just something I just wanted to spend some time with her. Nothing’s wrong.

Taylor: You sure you’re ok?

Jude: Yea, I’ll talk to you later.

I was completely lying to her, but I didn’t want to tell anyone about this because I wasn’t even sure of my own emotions at the moment. I decide to take a nap until dinner because I didn’t want to think any of this right now.

At dinner, everyone was in deep conversation with each other except me, I kept to myself. I only spoke when asked directly. I ate fast and excused myself from the table after eating. Thankfully, nobody took notice of my silence during dinner. I went back to my room and did my homework, finally putting aside the various emotions I felt for a while.

The next 3 days, I completely ignore Connor and keep my distance from everyone else. Taylor was always suspicious of my actions, I could see it in her eyes, but didn’t say anything. Cecelia didn’t notice anything because she was so infatuated with Connor.

On Friday, Connor finally says something to me as I’m walking to my car after school.

“Jude. Wait!” He calls out.

I pretend not to hear him and start walking faster towards my blue Honda Civic. He runs up in front of me.

“Jude we have to talk about this, please,” he says in a pleading voice.

“We don’t have to talk about anything,” I say, “please get out of my way.”

“Connor!” Cecilia squealed from behind. I turn around and see her running up to us. She comes and wraps her arm around Connor’s, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you.”

She turns and nods at me, then she pulls Connor the other way. I go to my car and I drive off fairly angry. I see them in the rear view mirror, arms still locked. I couldn’t help but feeling jealous again. “What’s wrong with me?” I say loudly, slamming the steering wheel.

I go home and immediately go to my room once more. Mom and momma are preparing for their date night and Mariana still isn’t home from work. I lay on my bed and think about Connor and why I’m so confused about him. I also contemplate on why I get jealous of with Cecilia around. I think that it might be possible that I have a crush on Connor, I know I’ve never defined my sexuality, but it never dawned on me that I’d have a crush on a guy. I haven’t been interested in anybody so I wouldn’t know how it would feel to have romantic feelings for another person. This feeling I have is new, but how can I like someone this arrogant.

As I am going through my thoughts, Mariana walks in and sits next to me. I guess she just got home from work.

“Judicorn talk to me, you’ve been distant all week from us. You think we haven’t noticed? We have. I’m worried about you, tell me what’s up?” She says

“It’s nothing,” I say awkwardly not really knowing what to do.

“It sure seems like something,” she says crossing her arms.

“Look Mari, I’m just confused about something. When I find out, I promise I’ll tell you, but until then, I need to figure things out myself,” I say taking a deep breath.

“Ok Judicorn, let me know when you’re ready to open up,” she sighs getting up and leaving. As she leaves, I decide to get out a pen and paper and write my thoughts on it.

Dear Connor,

I don’t know my feelings for you, nor do I understand why they are there. I can’t help but feel something for you, I just don’t know what it is. Every time I see you or anytime you are close, my heart beats faster. You make me angry, frustrated, but the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to know who you are and you aren’t half bad. When you tried to kiss me yesterday, my heart skipped a beat and I think I wanted it to happen. I think I could see that you wanted it to happen as well because I could see it in your eyes. I’m not confused about how I feel anymore. I have a small crush on you Connor Stevens, but I do not know what to do about it. You are the first person I have ever had a crush on, so it is difficult to figure out what to do about it. I just know that I don’t want to ruin this potential friendship, but I also know that want to be with you.

After writing it, I folded the paper and put it in my bottom drawer. I felt much more relaxed about it now, but still confused on what to do about it, but I will worry about it Monday, when I have to see him.

It was Saturday morning and I had to wake up early so I could cover Mari’s shift at the coffee shop. I go in and start the cappuccino machine for the day. I also started brewing the different types of coffee. It wasn’t a big rush since it was a Saturday morning, but people did keep coming in. At about 9 a.m., I get ready to take a break because it’s practically empty. Right when I get out to sit at front, the door rings, meaning someone walked in.

“Hello, how may I help…” I say turning around realizing that it was Connor.

My heart starts to beat faster upon seeing him and once again I stand in utter confusion. Do I accept the kiss that was supposed to happen? Or do I deny it? I want be his friend because he’s actually a person that likes me for who I am.

He is also shocked to see me, but walks up to me. “Hey,” he says coming up to me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask without empathy, “I always come here Saturday’s,” he replies calmly, “but I’ve never seen you work here.”

“I’m covering for my sister,” I reply, returning back around the counter to get his order.

“What would you like?” I ask him.

“A black coffee and a chance to talk to you,” he smirks.

I nod and get him his coffee.

When we sit down at a table he starts the conversation.

“So about the other day, that was an impulsive moment and it wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m sorry for that. I still want to be your friend because you are an interesting person,” He says in one fluent phrase.

“Oh,” I reply, my heart dropping because I didn’t want to ignore what happened, “yea, I totally get what you mean. Yea we can become friends,” I say right after like an automated message.

I fake a smile to him. I know I should have said something more, but I just couldn’t force myself to do it.

“Great, friends then?” He says putting his hands forward.

“Friends,” I nod and shake his hand.

“You know, this doesn’t mean I’m not after your title, because I am,” he said laughing.

“Oh my god! Will you get over that?!” I say laughing back.

I feel like I should have said something more to him, admit to him that I have a crush on him, but I can’t get myself to do it because I don’t want to push him away. There was something about him that made me want to be his friend.

We talk for a while about baseball and video games before he leaves. He asked me to come over to play his new video game tomorrow. I agreed because I wanted to spend more time with him.

The next day at his house, we played his new video game and of course I won. I was always good at video games and was a quick learner at new ones too. We had fun together and bonded pretty quickly over the next few weeks.

***time skip***

It was now Friday of December, right before school was out for winter break. Connor and I were really close friends now. We had found out a lot about each other over the last few months and it surprised us at how many things we have in common. We pretty much hung out every day and genuinely enjoyed each other companies. Baseball was kept to a different degree. We avoided bringing that into our personal lives. As we grew closer, my crush on him also grew, but I kept it hidden because I didn’t want to lose what we had. As I was sitting in last period, right before school got out for break, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the past.


It was October, Connor and I had gotten to know each other relatively well. Connor invited me to go fishing with him because he loved it. Even though I knew nothing about fishing, I accepted his invitation because I couldn’t say no to him. It was a Saturday afternoon and Connor picked me up. We went to the lake in his truck. As we drove to the lake, he excitedly told me the various techniques he used to fish and the variety of fish he’s seen and caught. I just nod along because his whole face lights up when he’s happy and that makes me happy.

“You’ve never gone fishing have you?” He said after a while.

“Never,” I reply.

“It’s ok I’ll teach you! Back in Texas this was the one thing my dad taught me that was actually useful,” he said.

Connor always got touchy on the subject of his dad and Texas. Every time I asked, he would change the subject.

“Well let’s hope I can hold the damn rod,”

I say in seriousness as he laughs.

We get to the lake and start to fish. As we get all the things out of the car, Connor teaches me how to hold the rod, put on the bait and reel the fish in when they get caught. He was very good at it, he caught 3 fish in a matter of 10 minutes. I could barely get the fishing line to go in the water. By the time we were done, Connor had caught 15 fish, I had caught absolutely none. However, I had cuts from flinging the hook in every possible direction. Connor was also my victim, along with some trees. After about 2 hours of fishing, we left for home. Connor was going to stay over since his aunt was away for the weekend.

When we got home, moms had already started preparing a feast.

“Wow looks like you two caught a lot!” Mom said in amazement looking over the fish Connor caught.

“It was actually all me, mom. You should have seen me, I’m like a total pro!” I say sarcastically, completely lying.

“HAHA you wish it was all you, as I recall the only thing you caught was a couple of cuts for us,” Connor said as I laughed. His presence was becoming a larger part of my life.

We had lunch and hung out the whole day watching movies and playing video games, he even slept over. It was a nice weekend

*end flashback*

I was really close to Connor and I always had Taylor. Cecelia on the other hand didn’t seem to like me, I didn’t know why though. She always hung around Connor, even Taylor started despising her.

Today, I had to go home and go with Mariana to her dance audition so she wouldn’t be so nervous. After the bell rang for last period to end, I went to the restroom before going home. Taylor had already left so I would have to walk to my car alone. After using the restroom, I walk out to my car. I stop dead in my tracks because right before me, I see Connor and Cecelia by his car. He has his hands on her waist and she has her hands around his neck. They were kissing each other right in the parking lot. As I watch them, my heart couldn’t help but shatter into what felt like a million pieces

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Never Say Goodbye, Ch. 38

Summary: AU. After seeing Connor for the first time in years, Jude decides to break his years long silence and plunge headfirst into a relationship with his best friend. The course of true love never did run smooth, however, and the life of an Adams-Foster is never without a touch of chaos. When devastating news comes to Jude and Connor once more, there’s nothing they can do to resist fate.

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Characters/Pairings: Jude & Connor (Jonnor)

Chapter: 38/?

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