I wanna do a thing

Reblog this if youre going to be alone on Valentines day. I will pair you up with someone that I think you have matching interests with, and you can chat with each other and become friends and… Stuff.

I dont know if I can do this with more than 200 notes, so if it crosses that line I’ll try my best on fixing it. I just dont want people to be alone on valentines day like I will be so…

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I’m not sure why the concept “treat others the way you would want to be treated” is so difficult is to understand. Would you want people watching your every move, analyzing how much/little you interact with certain friends, taking pictures of you without your knowledge, telling them how they can/can’t date, or spreading hate about your friends? I don’t think so, so don’t treat other people like that.

some youtubers go iceskating

Troye- amazing at it, finds tyler for the slow dance portion of the rink

Tyler- literally rolls around basically having troye drag him around bc he’s scared

Connor- rolls in straight lines while playing on phone, runs straight into glass wall

Joey- actual perfect ice skater, wears purple skate suit, learns how to do a figure 8 in 5 minutes

Dan: tall clumsy long legged boy attempting to stay on his feet like bambi, he eventually gives up and walks along the railing

Phil- an average skater following dan around laughing him and constantly helping him get up from falling on his ass