ECommerce Resources Part 3

ECommerce Resources Part 3

by Juan E. Romero

Top ECommerce Resources For Fashion Entrepreneurs Part 3

Comparison Shopping Engines:

  • Shopzilla/Connexity– Product listing ads (PLAs) Search engine marketing (SEM) Search engine optimization (SEO) Marketplace listings
  • Google Shopping– Search results on Google Shopping are built on Product Listing Ads. Shoppers can discover, compare and buy products directly from your store.
  • The…

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Shopzilla Rebrands as Connexity

You probably saw this coming. In June, Shopzilla, the shopping search engine, branded three newly-combined business units as Connexity — the name of the programmatic media buying startup it acquired in February.

Today, the Las Angles-based marketing technology provider took the next logical step and officially rebranded as Connexity.

Company officials said the new name will help highlight the shift of the company from comparison shopping to technology driven marketing solutions that “enable retailers and brands to understand their consumers better, acquire new customers at a lower cost and increase sales based on retail signals.”

Shopzilla had been best known for its comparison shopping websites, such as Shopzilla and Bizrate. But CEO Bill Glass said today that the comparison shopping websites “were just the tip of the iceberg.”

In a statement, Glass noted, "We have launched a comprehensive set of solutions so marketers can touch consumers at every stage of the path to purchase from awareness, consideration, transaction, right to loyalty. These businesses are now the majority of our revenue and growing at an accelerating rate.“

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4D Printing: Cube Self-Folding Strand from Self-Assembly Lab, MIT on Vimeo.

In a collaboration between Stratasys’ Education, R&D departments and MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, a new process is being developed, coined 4D Printing, which demonstrates a radical shift in rapid-prototyping. 4D Printing entails multi-material prints provided by the Connex Technology with the added capability of embedded transformation from one shape to another, directly off the print-bed. This revolutionary technique offers a streamlined path from idea to reality with full functionality built directly into the materials. Imagine robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices!

A collaboration between:
The Self-Assembly Lab, MIT + Stratasys Ltd. + Autodesk Inc.

April 22nd 2015

First off happy birthday to my new team mate Jacquie!
Today we had cargo and supply check out and we had to swap around some vans due to the accident from last week. After we finished swapping and getting our vans loaded up we had a good two hours off to finish packing up and cleaning our rooms. I finished early and got to take a little nap. We then had specialty role check ins like we always do for transition weeks. I went to the Service Learning Initiator check in, the role I have had all year, and we did some activities together and got some updates.
I then grabbed lunch (tofu sandwich was amazing) and heading to the Federal Center which is the new location of our connex storage units and where all of our meetings will be after round 3.
When we got back we had a quick room inspection to make sure everyone was packing and cleaning and then we were done for the night!
All that was left was to enjoy dinner and load our huge red bags in to the cargo van. After that I finished my ninth book I’ve read in 2015 (The Wicked Will Rise) and now I can start to re-read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass tomorrow! If you know me you know anything involving Wonderland is my favorite.
I watched an Adam Sandler movie with a friend before bed and now I’m going to get some rest before our long day of traveling tomorrow. Finally an AmeriCorps van driver so wish me luck on the road!

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Big Data is Here: How About Actionable Insights? [Infographic]

By now everyone from your kid’s baseball coach to the Avon lady representative can give you an earful about how (big) data and analytics lead to better decisions. But if that’s the case, why are so many of us seeing so many lousy offers?

A few years ago we might have been able to argue that retailers, and other marketers, thought that big data was just a bunch of hype that didn’t actually lead to better returns. But we’ve come a long way since then.

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Connex print of concept 2.

Want to experiment with ring sliding onto finger, meaning it would have to be in two parts. Also want to experiment with ring rolling onto my finger.

Drawings of my initial large fit ring. I aim to UP print The internal ring part, as it is quite big so will be expensive to connex print. The external part will be printed on the connex and will slip over the internal ring. The external ring is inspired by the patterns of cell structures.
Adiós, April!

Another week, which means more services supported in Prism! Check out our list below of billers below that you can now view and pay your bills of. As always, if you don’t see a biller you’re waiting for on the list below, don’t worry - we’re working hard to make it happen!

Banks and Credit Unions:

  • Air Force Federal Credit Union
  • AllCom Credit Union
  • Border Federal Credit Union
  • Castle Bank
  • Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union
  • Clackamas Federal Credit Union
  • Clinchfield Federal Credit Union
  • CME Federal Credit Union
  • Connex Credit Union
  • Coventry Credit Union
  • Credit Union of New Jersey
  • Credit Union of Southern California
  • Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union
  • Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union
  • Direct Federal Credit Union
  • DuPage Credit Union
  • East Cambridge Savings Bank
  • East Idaho Credit Union
  • East West Bank
  • East Wisconsin Savings Bank
  • Education Credit Union
  • EECU Credit Union
  • Endura Financial Federal Credit Union
  • Evansville Federal Credit Union
  • Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Exchange Bank
  • Fall River Municipal Credit Union
  • Family First Federal Credit Union
  • Family Trust Federal Credit Union
  • The Farmers & Mechanics Bank
  • Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • FD Community Federal Credit Union
  • Fidelity Bank (
  • Fidelity Bank (
  • Financial Plus Credit Union
  • Firefighters First Credit Union
  • Firestone Federal Credit Union
  • First America Bank
  • First American Bank
  • First American Bank & Trust
  • First Atlantic Federal Credit Union
  • First City Credit Union
  • First National Bank of Syracuse
  • First Service Credit Union
  • Five County Credit Union
  • Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union
  • Generations Federal Credit Union
  • Home Loan Investment Bank
  • IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
  • Interra Credit Union
  • KleinBank
  • Maine Savings Federal Credit Union
  • Maine State Credit Union
  • Miami Postal Service Credit Union
  • Municipal Employee Credit Union of Baltimore
  • Numerica Credit Union
  • Penn East Federal Credit Union
  • Prestige Community Credit Union
  • Redwood Credit Union
  • Service Credit Union
  • Sikorsky Credit Union
  • Southeast Financial Credit Union
  • State Employees Federal Credit Union
  • The Summit Federal Credit Union
  • Tyndall Federal Credit Union
  • Unity One Credit Union
  • University Credit Union of Maine
  • University First Federal Credit Union
  • University of Michigan Credit Union
  • Utilities Employees Credit Union
  • Via Credit Union
  • Washington State Employees Credit Union
  • Xceed Financial Credit Union


  • Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados
  • Bacliff MUD
  • Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority
  • Cedarburg Light & Water Utility
  • College Park, GA Utilities
  • Crossroads Utility Services
  • Danville, VA Utilities
  • Dowdell PUD
  • Fort Bend County MUD #124
  • Gladstone, MI Utilities
  • Grey Forest Utilities
  • Harris County MUD 26
  • Harris County MUD 55
  • Harris County MUD 109
  • Harris County MUD 157
  • Harris County MUD 222
  • Harris County MUD 230
  • Harris County MUD 342
  • Harris County MUD 401
  • Hays Utility South Corporation
  • Horsepen Bayou Municipal Utility District
  • Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District
  • Je Pa Services
  • Mason Creek Utility District
  • Melissa, TX Utilities
  • MMIA
  • Municipal District Services
  • Municipal Operations & Consulting
  • Northwest Harris County MUD 24
  • Roseville, MI Utilities
  • St. Clair Shores, MI Utilities
  • Sonterra Municipal Utility District
  • Si Environmental
  • Water WasteWater Management Services
  • West Travis County Public Utility Agency


  • 10 Fitness
  • 10Gym
  • ATC Fitness
  • Atlanta Fitness
  • Bally Total Fitness
  • Blast Fitness
  • Body Xchange
  • California Family Fitness
  • Cardinal Fitness
  • Charter Fitness
  • Chuze Fitness
  • Club Fitness
  • Columbia Athletic Clubs
  • Coop’s Health & Fitness
  • The Edge Fitness Clubs
  • Gold’s Gym
  • HealthRidge Fitness
  • Merritt Athletic Clubs
  • Pure Austin
  • Sky Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Spectrum Fitness
  • Thrive Community Fitness
  • Total Woman Gym + Spa
  • Towne Fitness Club
  • Ultima Fitness
  • VENT Fitness
  • Women’s Fitness Club
  • Yakima Athletic Club
  • Youfit Health Clubs

Credit Cards:

  • CompUSA Preferred Account
  • Expedia Credit Card
  • Home at Five
  • Jewelry Television Preferred Account
  • Mercedes Benz Financial Services
  • Nestle Pure Life Water Direct Delivery
  • PC Mall Preferred Account
  • Speedway Credit Card
  • Tiger Direct Preferred Account
  • Walmart Money Card
  • The Wisconsin Cheeseman Credit


  • Altamonte Villa Apartments
  • Autumn Chase Apartments
  • Avana Sterling Ridge
  • Avana Woodridge
  • Berkshires on Providence
  • Pine Lakes Apartments
  • Plum Tree Apartments
  • The Trails of Redmond Apartments
  • Weinstein Properties

I told Wojcik (my hs vball coach) that I’m gonna go try out for 9man and he said “yes finally!!!!” He’s been trying to get me to go try out for a couple of years now lol
But yeah I’m a little scared about trying out tho… Try outs always scare me
Woj also thought I wanted to try out for Connex 😂😂 I would probably pee myself if I tried out for that team


Printed version of the original design. I decided to base all my rings on water. The too tight one will be based on ice, being constricted and hard. This one will be too loose and watery. I will put bubbles within it that will become visible with the connex printer. The just right ring will be a comfortable version of this with softer shapes that is the most wearable.


C'est la deuxième fois que le COPA a le plaisir d'offrir des programmes à l’école Nouvel Horizon. L’an passé, nous avons offert Ensemble contre l’intimidation - l’atelier pour les parents, tutrices et tuteurs sur la prévention de l’intimidation.

À la suite d’une demande des parents d’enfants d’âge préscolaire, nous sommes retournés offrir l’atelier en adaptant les jeux de rôles et les discussions à ce groupe d'âge.

Comme la plupart des participant.e.s avaient déjà suivi l'atelier, nous avons pu explorer plus en profondeur les causes de l’intimidation et les enjeux connexes, ainsi que le principe de l’autonomisation avec les plus petits.

Merci à Nouvel Horizon pour cette deuxième séance et aux participant.e.s pour leur engagement au sein de l’école pour que règnent la sécurité, la force et la liberté!