Three performances this weekend and each one of them added a new perspective to our lives as musicians.  I remember a while back a musician was leading a workshop and he made the statement..”What do you want as a musician?  Do you want to be rich or famous?”  His point was that you seldom are both.  It is a really important question.  

Gig 1—We played for a group of senior citizens.  We were reminded what a great love is like.   A very spry 89-year-old told us about himself and then he started to talk about his wife of over 50 years that had recently passed.  He talked about her love of music and her playing piano.  He talked about how she made him a better man.  As his eyes misted he said, “you know it seems she is still with me.”  Connection.

Gig 2—We had the incredible pleasure of being a small part of bringing music to Painted Planet and its Phoenix Stage.  Housed in a beautiful old church set in the Cooper Young area of Memphis, it is the perfect venue for local artists to show their wares.  Owners Doc and Donna Bowers have created a real oasis for the arts in this place.   Donna and I have been aware of each other for awhile but as many creative people do …we seemed to be always missing each other.  Tonight we connected and it was worth the wait.  She has a spirit that naturally nurtures art in all it’s forms.  She is a great asset to Memphis.  She had never heard us sing and it was so much fun to watch her audibly unwrap our sound.  She stood there and let the music wash over her.  They say that cats see music as waves of color.  If this is so…then I hope we covered Donna in a rainbow of sound.  Connection.

Gig 3.  We ended our day at a neighborhood coffee shop called Avenue Coffee in Memphis.  This is a very unique shop.  First of all it is nestled in a neighborhood and has a great “cheers” vibe to it.  Second,  it is a non-profit.  Yep…the profits go to a variety of good works.    We started our music and to our surpriset the baristas  were lip-synching along with us on our original songs.  We later found out that we are regularly played on a mix tape in the shop.  So these guys KNOW our music.  Woohoo!    What a cool experience!   Connection.  

We are not famous…but we are rich.  Rich in the joy that comes when we are allowed once again to share our music and so rich that folks connect when we do.    Don’t let age…or lack of fame…or even meager means stop you from sharing your creative spirit with the world.  It is one of our most sacred connections.