I live for those brief encounters with strangers who walk by and look you in the eyes, establishing some sort of fleeting connection between their soul and yours. Maybe it isn’t fleeting, though. Maybe these connections are carried with us throughout our entire lifetime. We may not be dramatically changed by these instances, they may not impact our lives in a grandiose way, but they are beautiful nonetheless.


Worn Muteness, A Series of Quiet Questions

Going through old notebooks looking for answers to my own silence, tracing my huge hands feeling great and running out of sharpies doesn’t bother me. This is good. I will keep doing this. I hope you are loving the person you are becoming. At least trying to.

Instructions on How to Love

You must open her up and see the lines that run along her soul.

Then you will be able to see how old it is.

Next you compare her lines to yours.

You will see dots numbered one to infinity.

Begin to draw the love connection.

Sometimes you may get lost.

But we have erasers for correction.

As time passes your hands will grow stronger.

So be sure you have the strength to draw longer.

When you are finished connecting, have your child color in the portrait.