As of late I’ve found physical attraction is no longer enough. I need genuine connection. I need to undress the layers of a soul before I feel a desire to tear away any clothes. Passion remains the fire, but now intimacy strikes the match, and friendship has become the fuel.
—  Beau Taplin // M a t c h 
I’m really fucking trying.
I made a point to prove to not only him, but myself that I am strong enough to seclude myself from every being of his life.
I removed myself from every social media of his.
I deleted his number and blocked it, because even though I know his number by heart I don’t want to be able to drunk text or call him and give him the pleasure of knowing I think about him when I can’t even think at all.
I took down all of our pictures off my wall along with the album I had for just us on my phone because he’s not that person anymore.
I put my prom dress in my moms closet so I don’t have to look at it every morning when I get dressed, I don’t want to think about how the only time I felt beautiful was when I stood standing next to him that night.
I erased every song we played together on our car rides because there are far too many memories and re-encounters compressed into the various versions of 2-4 minute intervals.
I walk on the opposite side of the hallways and pretend he ceases to exist at every party or social gathering. I don’t want to accidentally look him in the eyes because all I’ll think about is all the lies he told me the last time I did….
“I’m not going anywhere”
“I’m not looking for anyone else”
“I want to be with you”
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”
I learned how to bite my tongue when jokes are brought up targeting my pain, it only gives them more ammunition with every word I use trying to defend myself.
I don’t know what else to fucking do.
I cut every string connecting us with the sharpest pair of scissors I could find.
Not only did I burn down all bridges leading me to him,
I ignited any pathway I could possibly find.
From the smallest stepping stones to the straightest shots through the freeway.
Give me my fucking life back
—  My self control is quickly slipping through my fingers. I don’t know how to stay calm anymore
Do Spirit Guides Hang Out With Each Other?

Someone asked me the other day if guides just sit in the ether all day long, planning, plotting, nudging and maneuvering you, or if they ever get out and socialize with other beings.

I can’t offer you a complete accounting of how they spend their time, but I can tell you a little.

Spirit guides collaborate with other members of your posse, like your higher self, some angels, and some deceased loved ones. They check in, discuss, and make plans.

They also commune with the spirit guides of significant people in your life like your partner, children, or boss, etc to make sure everyone is in alignment with their intentions and how those intentions will impact others in your life.

So in that sense you could say they do hang out by collaborating on the total well being of you and the people you interact with.

But your guides are there to make sure your life is moving along the way you want it to. If other significant people in your life, like your spouse, have other intentions, then your partner’s guides are working with him or her to make that plan a reality, and sometimes that means a disconnect in your relationship.

Same thing happens with work. Your boss’s guides might think you’re an awesome person to have on the team, while your guides think another job might be more beneficial for you.

Some spirit guides are highly devoted to you at all times, while others pop in and out when they are needed. Being someone’s guide is a huge commitment and not taken lightly. Not everyone on the other side is qualified to be a guide.

So yes, guides do gather. Not for food, but to check in, plan and decide how to help you get what you desire. Periodically, it’s nice to send them a virtual fruit basket or hug to show your gratitude and thanks. They are working hard on your behalf.

By: Erin Pavlina 

“Nourishment is essentially the quickest route to a greater Understanding of Ourselves, which leads to greater Understanding of all other things. Remember that we are essentially Nature. We are not separate from the Pulse and Wisdom of the Natural World as our bodies are always in direct Connection with the Energies of this Planet. Every one of us mimics the Earth with our daily and seasonal cycles, and we’re comprised of the very same Elements.
Place your hands into Soil to feel grounded. Wade in Water to feel emotionally healed. Fill your lungs with fresh Air to feel Mentally clear. Raise your face to the heat of the Sun and connect with that Fire to feel your own inner Power.” - Victoria Erickson

They each loved each other
with every fiber of their being.
They chose love over fear,
not afraid of the other leaving.
They had spent years
searching for someone
to make them feel complete,
but only when they realized
they already were,
did they meet.
—  Two whole hearts can love more than two halves.

Pongo Coatrack

We feel strongly that great designs appear to be effortless. Objects of desire that function, while maintaining a state of comfort. Our design methodology translates proven and established classics into contemporary methods of making. This translation serves to invent a new identity for a familiar strategy.

For this project, we tackled the twisted-stick coat rack as a typology. Our first inclination was to melt and weld these sticks together. Though impractical, it would have been possible to purchase a tree and carve this object out as a solid. Instead we looked to five-axis milling as an operation to ensure three individual sticks could be carved efficiently, shipped efficiently, and still align precisely with mechanical fasteners. Clever spiraling fastener placement allows the single component to attach to itself, instead of requiring variation between the sticks. In doing so, we were faced with the challenge of producing the moment in the design we are most fond of—the belly buttons. These internalized nubs rhetorically call for the bolts. The three sticks wrap around each other in such a way that the bolts align with the neighboring parts, making the assembly a simple task that requires no instruction manual.

size: 21" X 21" X 64"
mate­r­ial: Baltic Birch Plywood or Solid Ash
sustainability: in addition to sourcing our plywood from managed forests, we source our solid woods locally.
fabrication: 5-axis cnc milling