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Stop in the name of the jarl?

*Conjures two swords and dual wields the guards ass into oblivion. Then transforms into beast form, resumes killing and eating guards, then finds the jarl and beats the fuck out if him until he kneels before me, then exits town and goes about business*

So erm.

I really need some words of advice?

I have a friend whose acts of self harm has worsened lately and she was sent to a therapist and held in a mental hospital to be examined. She’s tried to cut and drown herself multiple times.

She’s a beautiful person who comes off as extremely bubbly and extroverted when she’s at school or with us.

It was only yesterday she revealed about the “skeleton boy” she’s been friends with for years. She says that she’s fallen for him and hurts herself to feel closer to him in her liminal state between life and death.

We believe that its psychosis and I have no idea what to do. She’s seeing and hearing things that are conjured by her own mind and believes that he is with no doubt, real. Everyday I worry that I would really lose her, just like that.

Psychosis is extremely complicated and abstract and I’m but an ignorant teenager so if anyone has any advice to give of any life experiences to share, I would really REALLY appreciate it.

I want to save my friend.

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Does wirt and bea are planning to adopt a baby???????

No, Wirt and Beatrice will not adopt a baby. I…. sorta explained the answer to this one HERE.

Not every great couple has to have kids. That’s not to say that you can’t have them be parents. Wirt and Bea aren’t my characters, after all. But with the direction that Serina, April, Ky, Mona and I are taking it, it’s just not possible physically and emotionally for Wirt and Beatrice to have or adopt a baby. Not to mention I doubt Beatrice would be the woman to leave Wirt with a kid most of the time due to not living on the same plane of existence as him. Considering the backstory we conjured up for Wirt, he wouldn’t take it very well.

So no, Wirt and Bea would neither have, nor adopt, a baby.

Greg and Bonnie had eccentric twins, and that’s enough for anyone in that family to handle at this point.

…prominent conservative commentators have responded to the torture report and the harsh criticism of the CIA interrogation program with time-bomb hypotheticals. One side in the debate is saying, “Wow, the CIA torture program we actually had was depraved and indefensible,” while the other side is responding, “Don’t pretend you wouldn’t torture if there was a ticking time-bomb in L.A.” It’s a blatant non-sequitur. Unable to defend the torture program that the U.S. government actually implemented, they’re defending a pretend torture program from a hypothetical fantasyland where terrorists behave as if conjured by hack Hollywood screenwriters.
Breath Away From Heaven
  • Breath Away From Heaven
  • George Harrison
  • Cloud Nine

George Harrison - “Breath Away From Heaven” - Cloud Nine

"The fact that this piece was another leftover from the ill-fated Shanghai Surprise venture gave Harrison license to let his imagination run free. It isn’t a song expressing his feelings, so he creates a Dylanesque ‘I’ to narrate the story - a rare event for this guitarist.

The result is the most consciously poetic lyric in his songbook, with lines like ‘as the morning light was painting whispers of a sigh,’ using rich adjectives such as ‘iridescent.’ He displays great skill and a definite ability to conjure pathos - ‘like an opalescent moon all alone in the sky of a foreign lang’ suggests more than a passing acquaintance with the techniques of poetry.

Musically, Harrison cleverly suspends the melody in a still sea of time, as if it were the soundtrack to the graceful yogic morning excercises seen in Chinese communities the world over.” - Simon Leng, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison

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I love your blog, following you since the beginning. Fantastic stuff, but I'm really confused why would you post such obviously fake stuff like "Lemurian crystals", everything about that thing is a lie... Sorry I'm too negative, the rest is amazing!

Imagining a field of Quartz conjured such a great, magical feeling it clouded my usually skeptical judgement. Please, share the facts with me! I’m here to learn.  I’m happy you love my other posts…. maybe just take the Lemurian crystal post with a grain of salt and surrender to your imagination. 

  • Dorian:Cole, are those real clothes, or-?
  • Cole:They're real. What else would they be?
  • Dorian:I thought maybe you'd conjured them, like your physical form.
  • Cole:Do you conjure yours? Is that why they look like that!
  • Dorian:Never mind, forget I said anything.
Lucy paraphrases a terrible book for your reading pleasure

I finished reading a book yesterday that was just one of the most surreal experiences of my life. It was the sort of thing that as like a 16 year old with a bizarrely overactive imagination, I would have probably conjured up and thought it was a literary masterpiece.
But seriously. I’m going to spoil it all for you because I don’t care.
A woman is still mourning her baby that was still born 8 years ago. Then a woman turns up at her door saying it’s still alive and didn’t really die and her husband knows the truth. Her husband denies it. The next day she sees in the paper that this woman has died in a suspicious hit and run. So armed with a random man she’s known for less than a day who used to work for her husband, they track down the doctor from the hospital and break into his house and steal a memory stick. Then the new Irish man’s step son decodes it and it’s CCTV footage of her husband handing the baby to someone in a car park. So she storms to his office to confront him. He again denies it. Then as she leaves someone mugs her and steals the memory stick. Then she notices she’s been FOLLOWED. Luckily it’s the husband of the woman who was killed in the hit and run, who knows the truth and just wants to help. So she goes to the bank and transfers in 20k as a thanks. Then this old guy, Bernard I think he was called, stalks her husband to a hotel where he always goes. They turn up and show photos and he’s know round there but under a different name. They find out he’s friends with people who run the local gift shop, so they wave his photo about in there too and the shop assistant is like ‘yeh he always comes in here with his wife and kid’ HIS WHAT?! By the way this guy is a panellist on some fictional version of The Apprentice so isn’t subtle. And his wife is a novelist. His wife, the protagonist. So they find out what school the kid goes to and stand outside til they spot the right one. They just KNOW. It’s her child. But the owner of the shop had panicked and the kids nanny is panicking so shits hitting the fan. Then Bernard calls saying her hubby is HERE with the woman. So they rush over and Bernard is dead in a heap. Someone has shot him. What a waste of 20k. Then the husband appears and is like YES IM SORRY I SOLD OUR BABY AND PAID THE HOSPITAL TO KEEP IT QUIET BUT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT SHES LIKE. SHES CRAZY. SHE’LL KILL YOU. SHE’LL KILL EVERYONE. Well that’s strange. He also CANT say who it is. But that she should grab their child (who she has never met before and who doesn’t have a clue who she is) and flee the country before EVERYONE DIES. So she breaks into the house and tries to steal the child. Then the woman turns up and SHOCK HORROR BIG REVEAL it’s the husbands sister. Oh so she was wrong about the affair? Oh no that still happened. He fucked his own sister and she had to have an abortion because their baby would be deformed and inbred so said she’d kill this new woman he’d impregnated unless she could have that baby instead. So the sister and her giant henceman bundle the woman away, she’s called Geniver, and somehow the Irish man Lorcan even tho I didn’t think he was there, and drove them to some woods to kill them. Then there’s a big scene and the husband turns up in a desperate attempt to redeem himself and saves them and drives them BACK to the house of depravity to get the child. Clearly she follows as she knows where her own house is. Then there’s another dramatic showdown and the henchman is holding guns to people’s heads left, right and centre. Then someone manages to wrestle the gun away and shoots the sister. Woo she’s dead. And as she’s dying she screams HE’LL GET YOU BOTH. Well the henchman won’t because he hands himself neatly into the police, as does the hubby and the main character takes the kid home. She thinks they’re making great progress til the final chapter which is narrated by him comes and it turns out crazy Morgan, the sister, had groomed him for this day and as soon as he can he’s going to find a gun and murder everyone. Alright then.


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Given the answers to an exam before the test….? ….what?

well she went to school in south dakota if that helps? got into grade 10 there and when she returned to germany she was close to having to repeat the last year because she basically learned nothing by that “method” of literally getting the results. sorry but since then i can´t really conjure any kind of compassion anymore. here (not only in germany but in europe, i do think germany is not the worst when it comes to horrible schools, france must be a lot harder for example) kids kill themselves because they cannot handle the stress anymore and then i see multiple choice tests for maths exams or questions i could have answered in grade 6 and only 1 or 2 languages, while i had to fight my way through latin, a freaking dead language, for over 5 years and the possibility of having to repeat the year which doesnt exist in the us does it? you get through anyway? well here one F in a major subject forces you to repeat the year, if that happens more than once you cannot go to this school anymore and have therefore no chance for uni. unless you try again when you are much older, in your 20s or something, but most people cant find th strength to do everything again and i cannot blame them in any way.

see, that´s why i get angry, thinking about those kind of conditions puts all this whining around about US schools to shame.

New Christmas Fic: Caught Under the Mistletoe

This is a role play my friend (the magnificent longlivethetribbles) and I did together! We hope you enjoy it!

In honor of the Christmas season. When Santa Claus’ Jynx sneaks into Team Magma’s base and conjures some enchanted mistletoe, Maxie becomes stuck underneath it. And who is to happen upon him, but our lovable pirate? Uh, what is the tradition associated with mistletoe again? Hardenshipping SLASH

new fantasy class ideas

  • bardmage (conjures bards at will)
  • warrior but only ever wants to fight bears
  • bakerbarian (makes bread and cake angrily)
  • half-elf but the other half is danny devito
  • magebard (only sings songs about mages)
…In fact I began to think that Alex (Turner) might be in touch with them (aliens) in some way, the way he works on his lyrics. If there was a line to hone or edit he’d step outside without paper or a pen, stare at the horizon for a few seconds, then walk right back in and deliver some majestic new couplet. Seeing him conjure these lines from nothing I wonder if he’s not at least part extraterrestrial himself.
—  Josh Homme on Alex Turner