Conion C-100F

The Conion C-100F is one of the most sought after classic boomboxes. It was marketed under a few different names including the Helix HX-4365 and the Clairtone 7980 which I believe was marketed in Canada. Each version had slightly different looks but was essentially the same boombox. The Conion C-100F even had a proximity burglar alarm. It also has two shortwave channels. It’s a huge boombox that uses 10 D sized batteries and epitomizes the 1980′s boombox craze with it’s size, flashy lights and chrome knobs.  Apparently the early models were made by Cony-Onkyo in Kobe Japan but were later produced in Korea.  This box can reach over $1000 on eBay in very good condition and even just a Cassette door alone can reach over $100.

Released: 1984


Dimensions: 75.4cm x 40.1cm x 20.4cm

Weight: 12.0kg

Output: 45W (22.5W/channel)