For both Prime Minister Netanyahu and the hawks in Congress — mostly Republican — the primary goal is to undermine any potential negotiation that might settle whatever issue there is with Iran.
—  Noam Chomsky, institute professor emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, appears on Democracy Now! to discuss the controversial invitation for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on Tuesday.

Failed compromise

As southern states began seceding during the winter of 1860–61, several compromises were proposed to hold the nation together. One was a constitutional amendment that would have prevented Congress from passing legislation interfering with a state’s “domestic institutions … including that of persons held to labor or service.” Amendment sponsors hoped its approval would keep border states in the Union and reassure southerners that Republicans opposed only the extension, not the existence, of slavery. Congress approved the amendment, but only two state legislatures ratified it.

Proposed Thirteenth Amendment Regarding the Abolition of Slavery, 03/02/1861

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Israeli, Conservative Media Try To Demonize President Obama With Lies Days Before Netanyahu Speech

Israeli, Conservative Media Try To Demonize President Obama With Lies Days Before Netanyahu Speech

As Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress approaches, Israeli and conservative media are pushing a story accusing President Obama of threatening to shoot down Israeli planes that try to attack Iran.

Even before Netanyahu’s plane landed in Washington, DC, so that he could be greeted by the GOP as if he were the actual American president, Israeli National News jumped to run with a “report” by a…

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Snodewn Worked Vainly

NSA will legally continue to collect telephone data of Americans. Obama pledged that the spy program will be removed, but a federal court has allowed the National Security Agency to keep their policy of mass surveillance and spying. The Agency will be doing it until 1st of June – the day when Congress should solve the issue. Evident that Obama is not going to accept any decisions. He just promises to finish the spy program and then some other state agencies are going to do whatever they like with an issue.

February 25, 1870: America’s First Black Senator Is Sworn In

Hiram Rhodes Revels, the country’s first African American member of U.S. Congress, took his seat on this day in 1870, representing the state of Mississippi. Southern Democrats, who were for the most part supporters of segregation, tried to block his nomination.

Revel’s term lasted a little more than a year. He impressed many political observers with his oratorical gifts and moderate temperament.

Dive deeper into the story behind Revel’s election with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross.