On the Hill, lawmakers are pushing full steam ahead on legislation the Obama administration is seeking in order to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal with Asian-Pacific countries. Some Democrats don’t support the deal, arguing that certain trade provisions are worrisome and haven’t received enough scrutiny. Nonetheless, a key Senate committee moved the bill forward on Wednesday.

Across the country, city officials are making their own concerns about the legislation crystal clear. This week, San Francisco adopted a resolution opposing fast-track, following similar efforts in other cities, including Seattle and Bellingham, Washington and Fort Bragg and Richmond, California. A Pittsburgh official introduced a “Will of Council” against the deal on Tuesday. And next week, New York City officials will consider a resolution declaring the Big Apple a “TPP-Free Zone.” The sponsor expects it to quickly pass.

These resolutions are symbolic. Some of them urge representatives in Congress to oppose fast-track. Others claim that TPP’s regulations will not be respected within city limits — although of course, people must still follow federal and state law. Nonetheless, Celeste Drake, a trade policy specialist at AFL-CIO, a union federation that opposes the deal, called the resolutions “important statements of citizen sentiment.”

New York City Council member Helen Rosenthal, who is sponsoring the resolution in her city, told The Huffington Post that she seeks to make it clear how TPP will affect New Yorkers. For example, Rosenthal said she’s uncomfortable with certain provisions in the deal that concern investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). Those provisions, she said, might potentially grant a major tobacco corporation the right to sue the city in order to overturn a law that bans smoking in restaurants. “That’s outrageous,” she said.

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Congressional Democrats are pushing for “debt-free” college.

On Tuesday, Democrats in the Senate and House introduced twin resolutions “to ensure that students have access to debt-free higher education.” The measures call for the federal government to support states in making greater investment in colleges and expanding financial aid measures so that students can eventually expect to have “no debt upon graduation from all public institutions of higher education.” This could be huge in 2016.

Congress just launched its first strike against women and LGBT people under the guise of defending religious liberty – “employees in the District of Columbia could be fired for using in vitro fertilization to start a family or for becoming pregnant while unmarried”

That’s right, for people living in D.C members of Congress (all republicans) just voted to let your boss fire you for personal decisions you make at the doctor’s office — because your boss believes those decisions aren’t consistent with his religious beliefs. Now, the whole House may take a vote on this discriminatory measure.

(Source: ACLU)

Kim Kardashian’s Second Marriage, The Creation Of The World And 9 Other Things That Didn’t Take As Long As Loretta Lynch’s Confirmation

163 days.

That’s how long Loretta Lynch has been waiting for the Senate to vote on her confirmation as U.S. attorney general because of Republican delays.

Here’s a chart that gives some important context on things that took less time to complete than Lynch’s confirmation. If she has to wait much longer, she’ll surpass the amount of time it took poor Frodo Baggins to return the ring to Mordor.

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The U.S. senators and representatives who refuse even to consider raising taxes on the rich—they squall like scalded babies (usually on Fox News) every time the subject comes up—are not, by and large, superrich themselves, although many are millionaires and all have had the equivalent of Obamacare for years. They simply idolize the rich. Don’t ask me why; I don’t get it either, since most rich people are as boring as old, dead dog shit. The Mitch McConnells and John Boehners and Eric Cantors just can’t seem to help themselves. These guys and their right-wing supporters regard deep pockets like Christy Walton and Sheldon Adelson the way little girls regard Justin Bieber … which is to say, with wide eyes, slack jaws, and the drool of adoration dripping from their chins. I’ve gotten the same reaction myself, even though I’m only “baby rich” compared with some of these guys, who float serenely over the lives of the struggling middle class like blimps made of thousand-dollar bills.
Congress Trying To Make It Legal For Gay People And Unmarried Women To Be Fired For Having Babies

Congress Trying To Make It Legal For Gay People And Unmarried Women To Be Fired For Having Babies

While on one hand, Republicans in Congress want to make it illegal for women to have abortions under any circumstance, on the other hand, they have been busy trying to make it a fireable offense for single women to have babies.

Even married people, and most certainly gay people, who want to have babies via in vitro fertilization would be subject to being fired in Washington D.C.:

A committee of…

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