• Congoers noticing Dr Who Cosplayers:Oh, sweet, The Doctor.
  • Congoers noticing Futurama Cosplayers:Oh, cool, it's Bender.
  • Congoers noticing Internet cosplayers:Hahaha look, it's Trollface and Rage Guy!
  • Congoers noticing Star Wars cosplayers:Dude, it's Darth Vader! Awesome!
Hey fellow cosplayers can you help me out?

I have  cosplay that I bought from and actually I really love it. It’s probably the site I put the most trust in. But they are giving away 100$ certificates to people who have 100 likes on their photo of them in their cosplay.

Here is the -now- public link, so please help me.

Thank you so very much!


Some cool kids from Con+Alt+Delete today! I don’t have your handles, so tag yourselves if you see this! ^^

Pic 1: Super cute Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls

Pic 2: Ironically awesome Dave Strider with totally boss timetables

Pic 3: Hella rad ace congoer with a righteous shirt

I’m looking forward to meeting more cool kids and seeing great cosplayers on Day 2 of the convention! :D


COSPLAY IN DENMARK. Chatted with local cosplayers about their scene.

Hunting around online I managed to find a flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen, Denmark for a whopping $477 ! That is pretty much half off what it normally would cost to go to Europe.

Now Copenhagen was never on any bucket list - but I’ve decided this year that if I can find any ticket to anywhere in Asia, Europe, South America for $500 or less, I would just go where the low fares take me. 

The world is worth exploring. Yes, we can do that online but there’s something else when you are actually standing there.

Wherever I go now, I plan to do meet-ups and talk with local cosplayers and congoers to get a feel of their con. In Denmark, I set up a meet-up as well as talked to the owner of Animerch - probably the only anime-dedicated shop in the country as well as one of the organizers of Genki - one of the two big cons in Denmark.

I’m busy editing my second Tokyo Interview series - I was in Japan and interview a few Western cosplayers who have cosplayed in America and in Japan. 

He remembers it so you don’t have to!

The Nostalgia Critic RETURNS for Kami-Con Season 7! is a website featuring movie, game, and comic reviews by various reviewers. Doug is the most popular reviewer on the site with his four different shows, 5 Second Movies, Ask That Guy With the Glasses, Bum Reviews, and of course, The Nostalgia Critic.

In his most popular show as The Nostalgia Critic, he reviews nostalgic movies of the 80s and 90s (usually negatively) and rips them apart in a hilarious fashion.

He even gave us and our congoers a small cameo in his Star Trek 9 - Insurrection crossover review!
KAMI-CON Season 7
February 27th-March 1st
Birmingham, AL

DID YOU KNOW? Pre-Registration is OPEN!
Only $35 for a limited time!

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Among all the characters I’ve cosplayed so far, Hiro was the most challenging. Well, my friend rented me his suit but the challenge was wearing it throughout the con. It was hard using my phone but the congoers loved my cosplay and I really appreciated it. My friend who cosplayed Honey Lemon lent me her Baymax plushie and took a picture of me— ;u;
Being a hero wasn’t easy but with Baymax and the team, nothing’s a challenge with teamwork!

Attention all congoers. Please be respectful to your surroundings and those in said surroundings. I don’t want to point fingers but last year one fandom/group in particular was noted for being overly rowdy and obnoxious. The activities included a game of spin the bottle that got out of hand, screaming in the halls near the gatherings, and a personal experiance of sitting with said group and being kicked by one of the overly excited, flailing members…..etc.

Remember, this is exciting, but don’t forget your manners and don’t be rude.

smh the amount of people cracking jokes at the midwest furcon chemical leak turning blind to the fact that 19 people were hospitalized and at least one person had a seizure so they had to be cut out of probably hundreds of dollars worth of a showcase suit 

not to mention that it was intentionally done to hurt people like

most people at these cons are just anthro based artists who go to get their name out and try to make a profit, alongside anyone else in the convention centers alongside congoers.

y’all probably flip shit if some nerdass anime convention had something like this happen lmao but aight w/e maybe when you paint your skin grey and spasm around a hotel it makes you immune to chemicals entering your body idk

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Oh wow I sent a message this morning! Welp. Sorry about that but yes I'm your Secret Santa! Surprise I'm a writer! Tell me what you like. From one-shots, multiple chapters to fluff or smut. Let me know your sasuhina kinks!

no no youre fine ehehe

i like oneshots and i like funny stuffs / fluff the most so a silly fic is what i want~ like… sasuke and hinata competing with each other through the years for narutos attention (and affection)

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I'm planning on cosplaying as Rin Tohsaka from the Fate series, Grade S zettai ryouki and all. Two questions: one, I'm planning on using bleach to make the crosses on her sweater; is that recommended or should I find a way to sew a cross design instead. And, two, I wear glasses and I can't stand contact lenses. Do congoers throw fits if you wear glasses for non-meganekko characters?

1) I would say experiment with either

2) nope not at all~

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"What if they were gamers, cosplayers, comic collectors or cartoonists?" Thing is, that's exactly what a lot of them were :( Between this and Darrien Hunt, congoers and geeks of all kinds need to stick together more than ever and help keep each other safe.

You’re absolutely right. This “Nerd Heirarchy” that we all tend to have sometimes really grates me. It’s unneeded, unnecessary and almost never funny. Furries are just regular nerds like the rest of us. Buying comics, watching cartoons, playing games, reading fantasy novels and what not. It’s like this weird caste system, where the furries are this bottom rung Untouchable-like class. That sounds a bit extreme, until you see how some people have reacted to this and it hits you that it’s not a joke.

Like you said, we’re all in this together… Yet, we sure don’t act like it. :(