• Congoers noticing Dr Who Cosplayers:Oh, sweet, The Doctor.
  • Congoers noticing Futurama Cosplayers:Oh, cool, it's Bender.
  • Congoers noticing Internet cosplayers:Hahaha look, it's Trollface and Rage Guy!
  • Congoers noticing Star Wars cosplayers:Dude, it's Darth Vader! Awesome!
Hey fellow cosplayers can you help me out?

I have  cosplay that I bought from CosplayMagic.com and actually I really love it. It’s probably the site I put the most trust in. But they are giving away 100$ certificates to people who have 100 likes on their photo of them in their cosplay.


Here is the -now- public link, so please help me.

Thank you so very much!

skeletoncannibalswelcome said:

what happened in russia with misha?

Apparently the organizers didn’t plan out the security or the safety of the congoers and 5 thousand people were in standing room only watching misha and they started to crowd one another in an attempt to get closer to him.

Misha did 20 of the planned 30 minutes and apparently (I say apparently because I still haven’t gotten up the guts to watch the panel video someone uploaded) he spent most of that time being very concerned for the people that were being crowded.

people started to faint and there are reports of some pretty serious injuries in the crowd. 

Cosmania day 2 : A look at Philippine Cosplay and my RWBY cosplay hunt

Hey there followers (I think I have some Filipino followers?) and other people :3 I went to Cosmania day 2 in the Philippines today with my friends but today I did not wear any costume so for today I am just your plain old congoer. I was really excited to see some people cosplaying because haven’t attended any cons for like 3 months damn .For this convention I actually targeted people who are cosplaying characters from RWBY and I was rather surprised to see that there are lots of RWBY cosplayers in the Philippines and also I was surprised that the cosplay community here in the Philippines had really improved over the time. Let’s look at some photos me and my friends got XD

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seriously tho i was alone the entire con. imagine walking around a small con and seeing that one girl who is always alone and sitting alone and doing things alone and looks terrible pathetic and awkward and sad and you’ve basically seen me.

im not kidding i kept getting sympathy looks from other congoers. i felt like an orphan.

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You’ve heard my stories of how the cons I go to update shit so like, Cosplay.com is the most useful thing ever XD. AOD doesn’t even have a forum. Fanime can be iffy XD and AX people jut use Coscom because sometimes it has a forum & sometimes not.

Exactly XD For the cons you go to, it makes total sense to use cosplay.com, since the cons themselves aren’t organized enough to keep their own shit updated XD As much as the midwest cons have issues with updating sometimes, at least they all attempt to keep things organized and posted on their own without having to rely on external sites to get anything done XD which is probs why cosplay.com isn’t used in the midwest, because our cons are better at keeping themselves organized/independent. Seriously tho, ACen and GenCon are the best cons for organization, and making sure they properly communicate shit with congoers. ACen this year even had a digital guide that you could download and use with a free app on your smartphone, where they consistently updated throughout the con when things got rescheduled/moved around/etc. It was fantastic!

NYCC Rundown
  • Oh jesus that was a lot of people
  • No seriously that was 150k people, I thought I was prepared I was not prepared
  • The con was large enough that it spilled all over Manhattan - we’d see other congoers wherever we were.  I mean, I’m used to that happening with Baltimore or Indianapolis, but Manhattan is on such a different scale.
  • That being said, I had a lot of ‘cosplaying or just New York’ moments.
  • My aunt and uncle kind of knew something was going on, but more in a ‘it’s a little early for Halloween, isn’t it?’ sort of way.
  • Sheer number of people also included the sheer number of artists, writers, and generally awesome folks around.  I need to get better at actually talking to them, but the interactions I did have were cool.
  • I think if I were to do this again, I’d just get Thursday and Friday tickets, then spend Saturday and Sunday outside of the con hanging out with people.  I pretty much noped out of the con on Saturday as it is.  Also, I do need to prepare.  Like, look at the schedule beforehand.
  • So, in my defense, my general con prep involves not looking at the schedule beforehand - I just go in with a vague idea, and if I ever find myself not doing anything, I check what’s happening at that time and find something to do.  And this works!  I spend a lot less time angsting about all the things I miss and usually end up picking up a few awesome people I hadn’t really paid attention to before, or watching something I’d probably otherwise not bother with.  But the thing is that outside of the panels, the artists alley, and the vendor’s floor - there’s not much to do.  No gaming area, no movie rooms, no reading areas (okay, there was a small library in the Mary Sue’s area)  And all of the panels had lines.  So, you either had to devote 45 minutes to two hours to waiting in lines for a panel or you can go to the vendors floor again.  And I can’t help to wonder if this is somewhat on purpose?  It would lead to people spending more time with the vendors.
  • On a related note, I ended up getting a lot of black T-shirts at the con.
  • Also, checking twitter usually meant I found out about awesome things too late to take part.
  • The vendors included Chrysler and Geico.  On the other hand, I saw a kid get SUPER EXCITED about the Geico gecko, so I guess he does have a fandom.
  • The inflatable baymax made me ridiculously happy, too.
  • On the whole, I did have a good time!  I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about it, but while there are things I would totally change about it, I don’t regret going.

So if you are going to Youmacon and you like Fire Emblem and candy…..

August is going to be cosplaying as Gaius on Saturday and you know what that means! Yeah. Fucking candy.
We are making a limited supply of edible versions of Gaius’s “bear” lolipops to hand out. If you’re a friend, send me a message and we will make sure to make one for you! We will also be making a few extra to hand out to random  congoers. :3 And of course… lots of regular candy.

There is such a large amount of people I have met at conventions/know everything about me from a congoer, that I know absolutely nothing about and sometimes don’t even remember. It’s almost getting embarassing.

I’ve now met like 3 or 4 people who know all about my life and my past because they were close to someone close to me, that’s a crazy connection and I love it

  • Get randomly hugged by someone who called my Serenity-represented-as-knit-squares-on-my-shirt a cosplay
  • Violently play Brawl with three random congoers to the point where the Wii smashed onto the floor while I was busy Falcon Punching fools
  • Play Mad-Libs with anime, use “William Shatner” as a noun
  • Chat with gentlemen about the merits of 
  • Annoy Fon Davis about mechs
  • Listen to some foo’ talk about how Pacific Rim should have been more like Evangelion and have to remind dis foo’ that Evangelion was about making fun of nerds, not having fun with them.
  • Make an ass out of myself in front of IRC friends
  • Get Matthew Mercer to talk about “OCEANS OF STARS” (not to name names or anything) being rather poorly directed to the point of total ham.
  • Have Diet Root Beer actually be some sort of pounding whiskey that savaged my throat.
  • Help a concerned parent find their child!
  • Look like a fucking freak and spend an hour wondering if I came across as a creepy flirt to one of the programmers
  • Miss out on a ton of good cosplays