So I'm thinking of using my most recent conglang for spells.

My thoughts are thus: I have put a fuckton of effort into this language, into the grammar, the vocabulary and the alphabet. Every new sentence I write in that language requires a large amount of effort: working out the grammar, finding/creating the right words, working out how to write it.

That is a lot of unharnessed energy I could be making use of.

This language is also perfectly personal. No one else alive could even begin to read or write it. It is capable of expressing concepts that cannot be expressed in English. 

On top of this, I find language incredibly important in my spellwork. Like, the main way I make spells is by repeatedly saying/writing a sentence. My usual method is to take a bible passage, translate it into Sindarin, and repeat that, because then I get the power inherent in the words, the effort expended in translating it, and the energy from speaking it, all pumped into the words.

What I want to try as an alternative here is choosing relevant phrases, then translating them into my conlang, writing them down, and repeating them (either writing or speaking).

I will see how this works as spellcasting. At worst, it ought to be at least as effective as Sindarin, but I’m hoping it might make a significant difference. After I get used to it, I’ll use it for warding, and see how that goes.

Conlang Ideas

No differentiation between voiced and unvoiced

Differentiation between breathy and aspirated

No differntiation between the order of diphthongs (i.e., /oi/ and /io/ would be allophones)

Extremely community based- the only root pronoun that exists is one meaning “the family” and then it is inflected for how much of the family did the thing.

For serious, conlangers...

How do you come up with a name for your conlang?  Before with my sketchlangs (new word I learned, woot woot!) a name would just “jump out” at me, but in my first conlang that’s actually standing on its own… Nothing.