Are you tired of pants with pockets barely big enough to carry a folded dollar bill? Or even worse: pants with FAKE or NO pockets at all???

Contribute to my survey and tell me what is the perfect pair of pants-with-actual-pockets! I worked to make it gender-confirming, body-positive, not ageist, and not Super Whitebread (racist); but you should definitely let me know if I missed any of those marks.

About me: I am genderfluid, but I also have hips, so I get to deal with the questionable fashion available in the women’s section as well as the poor fit of the men’s! Woo! I hate it! I have a sewing machine an a couple of really great local fabric shops in town, and a lot of competent friends who can help me make prototypes and develop The Ultimate Pants.

If you’re interested, please tell me opinions about pants! If the first question seems gendered and heteronormative at all… read the second one and I hope everyone will feel better again. ALL QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL, ALL RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS!

To the folks who already gave me feedback: you are all charming and delightful and I loved reading your responses. It is fantastic seeing what everyone agrees with and where there is a wide array of differing opinions!

Visit - Keep calm. There is no god. And you’re not going to hell (or heaven). ● Take responsibility for your actions.
● Be all that you can be.
● Live with purpose and meaning.
● Enjoy your family & friends. ● Treat yourself to good things.
● Help others in need whenever you can. ● Stand for something; just don’t sit in complacency. ● Redifine yourself. ● Make love. ● Make peace .
● Make things work. ● Do not conform.
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Katara, destroying the patriarchy.

do you ever want to go give your younger self a hug for internalizing so much bullshit


Incredible 3D Artwork

These truly unique pieces by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda literally jump off their canvases toward the viewer. Escape seems to be the main theme of the sculptural work. The artist takes objects, signs, and items of everyday life, mounts them and then appears to deconstruct them by having an important or needed element fly off the image. The clear acrylic wrapping of the sculptures ultimately acts as a kind of barrier to the outside world, constraining them within a kind of impenetrable force field.

Matsueda appears to be making a comment on the desire for individuality and escape from societal rules and norms, with the clear acrylic acting as the inevitable reaction to the attempted escape, literally stopping the object in its tracks. The artwork also displays a sleekness similar to that of high-gloss ads. Matsueda has a background in design which clearly shows in these pieces.


What a difference 3 years can make!

In the picture on the left I was preparing myself to come out to my parents as transgender. My stomach was in knots, I had lost 10 pounds that semester due to stress, I wasn’t sleeping well, panic attacks were a weekly event, and gender dysphoria plagued my ever waking moment. 

In the picture on the right I stand strong and proud of the man I have become. Recovering from top surgery with the support and love from my family that not all trans* individuals are blessed with, I am preparing to graduate college and enter the world with the intent to make it better. 

These photos are my pledge to every trans* kid out there that I will make the world better for you, or at least I will die trying to do so. 

Photo by Allieoop Photography