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I'm confused about the concept of internalized misogyny. Could you provide a general overview of the concept? All explanations I've read so far have been fairly confusing.

Hey, Sam here!

Misogyny is the hatred of women, specifically those of the adult human female body.

We live in a misogynistic society.

Misogyny is generally a male thought pattern and manifests in male violence against females (physical, emotional, financial, etc), rape, murder, forced reproduction, domestic abuse, wage gaps, work-related abuse, among much else that would fall under female sex-based oppression.

Internalization is a psychological concept, specifically one of social psychology, that is super interesting and I would encourage anyone to read up on it.

Internalized misogyny is misogyny that women have learned over time.

With repeat exposure to misogyny, role models expressing misogyny, misogynistic mass media, etc, the negative stereotypes and feelings towards women in general can become a part of a woman’s unconscious psyche.

This being a self-hatred of sorts as well as the hatred of other women.

In other words, a woman with internalized misogyny has incorporated male hatred of women into her self-image and the image she has of any other woman she comes into contact with.

This is externalized (the opposite of internalized) in many ways, such as competition between women, bullying and teasing of other women, physical/emotional attacks on a woman or her reputation (mirroring the behaviour of men), preference to befriend men rather than women, conforming to femininity, socially ostracizing women who do not conform to femininity, etc. 

Conformity is another interesting concept of social psychology. 

In a way, internalized misogyny is an insidious way for females to conform to the majority consensus (most males are misogynistic internally, if not externally), to “fit in” with the male supremacy, and attempt to stay safe on the individual level. 

This, along with group pressure and dynamics, makes internalized misogyny difficult, albeit not impossible, to check and unlearn. 

- Sam

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Surely then that is transphobic in a way as it's basically saying that trans people don't fully exist (I'm unsure as to the best way to word this) as they can never truly be women? And I'm pretty certain that transgender people are more oppressed than women so surely we don't get to tell them what their gender is? Just like males don't get to tell us what we should do because of the fact that we are women? I am sorry but I just don't understand the concept behind this part of radfem.

Gender non-conforming males receive backlash from patriarchy for not conforming to sex-based roles and stereotypes prescribed to males.

Gender non-conforming females are further oppressed for not conforming to sex-based roles and stereotypes prescribed to females.

Check out our Gender Critical tag, it may help with your confusion.

Why is it that transactivists always go straight to essentialist and existentialist arguments?

It seems like most every time I say I do not support male appropriation of male prescribed femininity, reoccurring responses I get both in online and physical activist discourse are “are you saying I don’t exist?!” (existentialist) or “but I feel female!” (essentialist).

Gender is a social construct, without such there would be no need to “transgender” in the first place, and questioning the broadest socialization of our world does not negate anyone’s existence.

Males and females physically exist, as well as those who are intersex. Humans exist. Cats exist. Trees exist. I exist. You exist. And so on.

My critical point being: Gender does not exist physically. 

It only seems to exist so long as we pretend that it does and socialize it unto future generations.

- Sam

4 weeks!

Today marks four weeks on Androgel and to celebrate my body decided to start bleeding! I was kind of hoping (against rational odds) that my body would be over this process, but oh well maybe another four weeks from now will be a time for celebrating such ends.  Anyway, I seem to have some more hair coming in on my abdomen.  I’m not sure if this is new hair, or hair that is becoming darker, but it is very apparent and I’m pretty excited about it!

Last week I discovered that I had an incoming single wiry black chest hair moving on in, unfortunately, I got so excited about it that I may have accidentally messed with it so much that it fell out :P Another one has already popped up though so at least I can find the downfall of the previous hair completely entertaining and funny.  

Other than noticeable hair changes there have only been a few minor relevant changes. First, I noticed today in the shower that my muscles feel different specifically my calf muscles which feel harder and the muscles in my neck which seem more prominent. Second, some friend commented that my voice sounds like it has hit a raspy stage where it sounds like it may start to crack more often! Finally, acne doesn’t seem to bad, but for me the amount i now have on my chest and back is super annoying, but still it could be way worse!! 

Being patient so far has been the most difficult part of this process. I find myself staring at my torso willing more hair into existence, playing with my vocal range, and imagining what new surprises T has in store for me… I might have the christmas bug, but every new change this week has felt like a gift! Maybe if things keep going so well 2015 will shape up to be a fun year for me. Happy Holidays!


Katara, destroying the patriarchy.


I just found THIS AMAZING WEBSITE called Trans Birth.  It is “a directory created to connect trans* and gender non-conforming people and their families to midwives, OBGYNs, and doulas who provide welcoming care to our communities.”

WHHHAAATTTT???  I’m sending them a blurb as we speak so that I can be listed on their directory.

Providers - sign up!!  It’s quick and easy.  Let’s make this an awesome resource for trans people!!

do you ever want to go give your younger self a hug for internalizing so much bullshit


Incredible 3D Artwork

These truly unique pieces by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda literally jump off their canvases toward the viewer. Escape seems to be the main theme of the sculptural work. The artist takes objects, signs, and items of everyday life, mounts them and then appears to deconstruct them by having an important or needed element fly off the image. The clear acrylic wrapping of the sculptures ultimately acts as a kind of barrier to the outside world, constraining them within a kind of impenetrable force field.

Matsueda appears to be making a comment on the desire for individuality and escape from societal rules and norms, with the clear acrylic acting as the inevitable reaction to the attempted escape, literally stopping the object in its tracks. The artwork also displays a sleekness similar to that of high-gloss ads. Matsueda has a background in design which clearly shows in these pieces.