activatingaggro asked:

Either muse! Opinions on Pheres, traveling historian / book-mender / general snoop? Strife modus is 'PACIFY PACIFY PACIFY' with large dashes of 'run far away'.

I like the Cut of his jib, as Notius wouldst say! I’d enjoy disCussing history and travels with him.

Oh hey, we have the same styL-Le of confL-Lict resoL-Lving!

unofficialnaegi asked:

if ur still doing the fictionkin ask, 2, 3, 4 and 10

i did 3 already :3c

     2. what do you miss that this world doesnt have?

pokemon.. i miss being able to Be with all My Friends, and jjust sppend time wwith them ,. Of Course there Are the games, but its not Quite the same

      4. what was your favorite thing to do for fun?

i suuppose, caring for my pokemon, And working to prove my ideals .. althhough the latter caused quite some Confl’ict

      10. is the technology from your canon different from this world?

somewhat, Although in My Opinion, all’ technology is rather fascinatting .,