etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.14.15

theme thursday: go go glitter

recycled confetti shreds // a beautiful mess by lolasconfettishop

a vibrant, eclectic mix of recycled fashion magazine shreds, neon and tissue paper, gift wrap, tinsel, streamers, sequins and more — this bag o’ confetti will bring the party to your next get-together, or as a superfun, supersparkly gift-stuffer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! *Throws confetti and sparkles all around*

Have our muses Kaye White and Edward Elric being cute with their adopted son, Danny and FLOWER CROWNS! Which Danny clearly made for his parents bringing in more cute and yes *rambles* Not that I really need an excuse to draw you / us cute things of our muses/babies ;3


nixusclow asked:

Hiii! Igneel sama!! -trows more sparkling confetti- I just readed the last chapters, I'm sooo happy to see Natsu this determined! aren't you proud of him? and omg could you tell him stop staring at lucy's butt? He saw it a looong time! <w<

Igneel: I guess i missed a lot..

anonymous asked:

WELCOME TO THE BOOK OF LIFE FANDOM /)•3•/) **~*~* (sparkles and confetti)

did you mean welcome to poly shipping hell

jankenguu asked:

ooc: ahhh happy bday ninja-chan!! -throws sparkles and confetti- also get well soon xoxo take care of yourself lots and letttuuuceee 8D

ooc.  screeches shai-sama —-  * v *  thank youuuuu jalkdf and omg yes i shall get well.  WITH LETTUCE.  lettuce is secretly the ultimATE C URE.. .. ……..

anonymous asked:

Your theme is adorable


I’m so glad you agree it’s so pastel and cute and totally not subtly dirkjake colored NOPE not at all

There’s confetti and sparkles and Im just so happy!!

magicmanon asked:

"Oh, nonsense~! You did my a favor, so I want to do you a favor in return! It's the least I can do, I am a magic man after all~!" He waved his hands, and sparkles and confetti scattered about.

“A ‘magic man’? You mean a you’re a magician?” he asked curiously. “And again I don’t think that one is necessary for this type of situation.”