I'm not sure what this says about me

but Bet On It and Go The Distance are currently my life’s biggest motivational songs.

Did you ever let go, did you ever not know? I’m not gonna stop
that’s who I am. I’ll give it all I got. How will I know if there’s a path we’re taking? Should I question every move I make? I don’t wanna make the same mistakes. Did you ever doubt your dream will ever come true? O
ut on my own, it’s such a scary place." ~listen

I’ll be there some day, I can go the distance. I will find my way if I can be strong. I know every mile will be worth my while. When I go the distance I’ll be right where I belong." ~listen

I’ve been holding off on buying Camp Takota merch because I’m waiting for them to release the pink tie-dyed shirt, the blue polo shirt, the “Hannahbandana,” the white shirt with the colored collar/sleeve hems, and also anything with the other Camp Takota graphic of the sun.

(some sort of friendship bracelet/lanyard thing would be cool. AND ALSO STICKERS)

…a fan can dream


Okay so this is my official theme song for Season 4 of Rookie Blue.

No questions. I’m done.


apparently a thing I like is when the writers of a show or the characters themselves make up their own couple name (versus when the fans do it).

Two examples off the top of my head are Peckstein from Rookie Blue, which Oliver made up and Caskett from Castle which Castle made up. (ironically from the only episode of Castle that I’ve ever watched and subsequently made me put it on my Shows To Watch List and yes, that list does exist)