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1863 CIVIL WAR BOTTLE OF WINE OPENED AND TASTED AFTER 150 YEARS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN-AND IT TASTED DISGUSTING..  reviews of the 150-year-old wine including the terms “sulfur bouquet with distinct notes of saltwater and gasoline” and “a mixture of day old crab water with hints of citrus and alcohol” — much to the audience’s amusement

It was recovered intact four years ago from the 1864 wreck of the Mary-Celestia blockade runner that sank off the coast of Bermuda. It was sampled by wine experts after being submerged for 151 years.

The sommeliers’ verdict at a food festival in Charleston, South Carolina, is that the grey “wine” actually smelled and tasted like crab water, gasoline, salt water, vinegar, with hints of citrus and alcohol.

Fifty people bought tickets to watch a panel, however, apparently to laughter from the audience, the panel were quickly reaching for the spittoons as the milky-grey liquid turned out to taste of little more than saltwater.

Analysis showed that it was also 37% alcohol, so it’s possible it was not a wine at all and was in fact once a brandy or other spirit.

If it was ever a wine, then Madeira would be the most obvious choice. Only a fortified wine could have anywhere near that level of alcohol and Madeira has a long-established history with the sea and the American south. Photo Chris Burville/Look Bermuda


Confederate Motorcycles / X132 Hellcat Speedster


X132 56° Fuel Injected V-Twin

132 Cubic Inches (2,163cc)

4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke

One-Piece Forged Crank

Journal Bearing Design

Single Side-Draft Intake with 58mm Throttle Bodies

Performance Calibrated Engine Control Unit


121 BHP

140 ft-lbs Torque

Unitized Case

Proprietary X-Vault Unitized Design

CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft-Grade Bitlet Aluminum


3” 120 Wall Hard Steel Backbone

3” 120 Wall Hard Steel Down Tube

Hand Tig Welded Fabrication


5-Speed Drag Racing Transimission



Custom WP 48mm Fork

Adjustable Rebound and Compression


Custom Center-mounted Race Tech Coil-Over-Shock

Adjustable Rebound and Compression



Dual Beringer 4-Piston Machined Monobloc AEROTEC Radial Calipers

Dual Beringer AERONAL Floating Ductile Iron Rotors


Single Beringer 4-Piston Machined Monobloc AEROTEC Radial Calipers


BlackStone Tek Carbon Fiber With Proprietary Hubs

Front: 3.5” x 18”

Rear: 8” x 18”


Front: Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 120/70 ZR18

Rear: Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 240/40 ZR18


7” Round LED Headlamp

Integrated High Beam, Low Beam, Running Lights

LED Tail Lamp

Rizoma Graffio LED Front & Rear Turn Signals


Proprietary Design

Carbon Fiber Construction

Fuel Cell

Proprietary Confederate Design

One-Piece Seamless Handmade Construction

Heat, Chemical & Impact Resistant Aerospace Composite

Matte Clear Coat Finish Over Carbon Fiber

3 Gallon Capacity


Motogadget Precision Analogue Tachometer

Digital Speed & Status


Classic American Riding Position

Premium Solo Tractor-Style Leather Saddle

Forward Foot Controls

Classic Swept Handlebar

Seat Height: 28.5”

Geometry & Weight

Wheelbase: 63.5”

Rake: 29°

Trail: 4.185”

Weight: 500 lbs


Handmade in the USA

Limited to 65 Units


$65,000 USD

$10,000 USD Pre-Payment Required

Available Worldwide

To reserve and complete your order, click here:

Now, it’s important to note that [Philadelphia printer Samuel Upham wasn’t making] counterfeit money: Upham was careful to print “Facsimile Confederate Note,” along with his name and address, at the bottom of each one. You know, right where it could easily be trimmed off, making the bill virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Before long, Upham was offering them countrywide via mail order — he even expanded his product line to offer pretty much any denomination a collector might fancy. His reproductions were so good that some unscrupulous fellows could have waltzed right into the South and used them to purchase whatever the hell they wanted … which, of course, is precisely the type of thing that unscrupulous fellows did. It’s estimated that Upham singlehandedly produced $15 million in fake Confederate cash — about 3 percent of the entire Southern economy.

Of course, you can’t run a counterfeiting operation of that size without attracting the attention of the Feds, and Upham soon found himself under the scrutiny of the U.S. government. Presumably after nervously sweating in the foyer for a few hours, trying to figure out if he could kill himself with a fountain pen before the Union could prosecute him, Upham finally came face to face with the secretary of war, Edwin Stanton … who allegedly simply tossed him a supply of authentic Confederate banknote paper.

5 Hilariously Illegal Ways Governments Solved Huge Problems

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Handmade Confederate Playing Cards,  The Perkins Gallery, Duke University

During the fair-weather campaign season, soldiers could expect to be engaged in battle one day out of 30. Their remaining days were filled with almost interminable drilling, punctuated with spells of entertainment in the form of music, cards and other forms of gambling. -The Civil War Trust Life of the Civil War Soldier in Camp

Cards from the St. Clair Dearing Papers

Women Soldiers Fought, Bled And Died In The Civil War, Then Were Forgotten-

Women soldiers fought in the First Battle of Bull Run. “There were a great many fanatic women in the Yankee army,” a Georgia Confederate wrote home, “some of whom were killed.”

In fighting near Dallas in May 1864, several Confederate women soldiers were killed in an assault on Union lines. “They fought like demons,” Sgt. Robert Ardry of the 11th Illinois Infantry wrote to his father, “and we cut them down like dogs.”

My School Encourages Racism

I go to James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan, South Carolina. The name of our mascot is the Rebels. White kids walk around wearing the Confederate Flag in “honor” of the sports teams. Fridays are really scary for me because all these kids are wearing these offensive t-shirts but the teachers say it’s okay because WE are the Rebels.

Now my school is asking people to vote YES on a bond campaign. I want everyone to vote NO unless they change the mascot. No one will listen to me. I’m asking the internet to make this go viral. I shouldn’t have to put up with racism in my school like this at all. They shouldn’t get more money to make it worse!

Here is a link to info on the bond: