A great snack isn’t just about ice cream, it’s also about what you put with it.

Ampersand the Conery’s Honey Lavender offers a light but refreshing complement to a traditional vanilla or any other flavor you’d like to try. But you may not get the chance if the team doesn’t get the funding. Visit their Kickstarter page and decide for yourself if their vision is a future you’d like to see.

despiteyourdestination said:

Oh my goodness: watch Robin of Sherwood. It is my fav version of Robin Hood. Everything is shot on location; Clannad's score; the acting. Watch it! :D You'll finish it super fast. The Jason Conery version is all right, kind of falls apart, but good!

Whoops, forgot to reply to this!

Everything I remember reading about the show in that magazine article sounded like a cool take on the legend (and another interesting approach the producers took to deal with the departure of their lead actor - guess that’s become a tradition with British productions huh?). I definitely need to track the series down and check it out :)