Common sense -buying the best deal


What about using common sense when deciding which property is the best deal? To help make the right decision once you have set your criteria like bedrooms, bathrooms or cap rate also add  PRICE, LOCATION , CONDTION to your decision making process. Most times in the buying process you probably get two of these three criteria. That would be a good solid sensible decision . Getting all three is the brass ring and a lot of  wasteful time can be spent trying for all three. Decide which of the three elements are the most important to you, for example the condtion of a property can always be changed so  only price and location could be the goal. Adding these three elements to the decision making process takes out the emotion and allows you to make a solid sensible decision. In deciding “THE ONE” you make the best decision with the property that are available at a keyhole in time that match your needs and are the right PRICE , LOCATION and CONDTION.


*caugh caugh* So this might be really long but trust me it was initially supposed to be much longer lol so please bear with me I’m trying to be nice -cause you guys are the reason I’m still here- & it, being nice, is hard. So today, 4th of September, is my 1 year anniversary duh! & Idk I needed a motivation to celebrate & I really wanted to this since forever & school is in two weeks &*dies mid-sentence-*. 

Excuse me if this comes out wrongbut I’m making a follow forever to strictly thank each of you personally rather than having everyone know my follower count it’s just a number & you’re here to have fun get over with your life *sigh* or any other so-called ‘ulterior motive’ as people usually presume & bash at others for lol …  & this’s not meant to be offensive (I feel like I’ve to say that about everything lol) cause some people just want to share their happiness with others. Now congratulate me for the paradoxical occasion that’s a special post/follower count *bow down to me*
^ Just kidding. Or not. Never mind me, I’m more into dark humour … moving on.
I’m also sure this comes off as normal to you cause I’m aware of how exceptional each one of your blogs are but it’s a friendly reminder that you might (I hope not tho) be having a bad day & looking for a cause to make you smile, so I hope this would be significant in some way that’s not your-everyday- thank- you; everyone deserves happiness lol

I thought I followed too little blogs 236 blogs but that proved wrong when I was making this, it also made me realize how unique each blog is & that’s why I’ve a small message for each of you (some of you talked to me so you know how ‘small’ my MSGs are lol) So if you feel like it & have the time, please hover over your URL. I’d not really mind if you didn’t & only saw this as another follow forever lol so don’t feel obliged *shrugs*

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The First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

Mmmmmmm love that crackling sound… it’s outta sight!

Escalating Density Training (EDT) For Greater Size & Strength

EDT is the brain child of top strength coach Charles Staley and is a very effective method for building size and strength.  Rather than focusing on tempo EDT is all about number of repetitions.  Prior to starting the programme a personal record zone (PRZ) is set, ideally between 15 and 25 minutes.  Pick two antagonistic exercises such as bench press and bent over row and complete as many reps of both exercises as possible within your PRZ.  The target is to beat the best score during the next attempt; for e.g. if 40 reps were scored for the bench press the goal next session is to score 41 or higher.  As long as a greater number of reps are being completed within the same time period you will grow bigger and stronger.

Once you can complete 20% more reps than the original score increase the resistance.  Below is an example of an EDT programme:

Monday and Thursday:

Upper Body Focus

PR Z 1 = 20 mins

1)      KB Double Clean & Press

2)      Pull-ups

Rest 5 mins

PRZ 2 = 15 mins

1)      Dumb-bell Biceps Curls

2)      Barbell Triceps Extensions

Tuesday and Fridays:

PRZ 1 = 20 mins

1)      KB Front Squats

2)      Romanian Deadlifts

Rest 5 mins

PRZ 2 = 15 mins

1)      DB Alternate Forward Lunges

2)      Double Kettlebell Swings

The examples above adopt a split approach (i.e. upper/lower body exercises worked on separate days) and contain two Person Record Zones.  When starting an EDT programme choose a weight you can carry out 8-10 reps with.  Complete the reps wisely, perform too many early on and it’ll be a long 20 mins or however long your PRZ may be.  I like to perform each set in fives.  Looking at Monday’s PRZ 1 as an example; complete five DB shoulder press’, then five pull-ups.  Rest for 30 sec’s then repeat the sequence until the PRZ is over. 

Remember to record the number of reps performed for each exercise.  Expect fatigue to become a factor deeper into the PRZ, limiting the number of quality reps performed.   Avoid fatiguing too early by stopping a repetition or two prior to muscular failure, do not accept poor technique for greater reps.

Warm up and cool down thoroughly pre and post exercise.

what you don't see

It’s funny how because I smile people think i’m ok
It’s funny how because I laugh people don’t see the pain
It hurts when you call me lazy
It hurts when you doubt my dedication
and its frustrating how you will never understand why
you just see the part I want you to see
It’s easier to tell the world i’m “fine”
than to explain what’s really going on
don’t judge a person on how they smile
don’t assume there isn’t another explanation
i’d love to be able to do what everyone else does
but I can’t
I have a condition that prevents me
and because you can’t see it, you think there’s nothing there

It hurts knowing I can’t reach some of my dreams
but that doesn’t mean I don’t try
some days I can’t get out of bed and I just lie there
and on the bad days I feel hopeless
because I know that things can get worse than they are
I know one day I might have to give up what I love doing

so please, before you insult me
because if I could get rid of this condition I would
but I can’t
so I live with it the best I can
because while some see it as a curse, I see it as a gift of sorts
I can help those who are struggling with the same condition
and I can tell those who have conditions,
things may not be simple, but happiness is worth fighting for

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The Omega Confluence: Charting Mankind’s Destiny by Examining the American Condtion through the Lens of Faith

The Omega Confluence: Charting Mankind’s Destiny by Examining the American Condtion through the Lens of Faith

A growing sense of unease is beginning to affect more and more Americans. Making sense of the world is becoming increasingly difficult. Long held assumptions about the economy, our political leadership, our culture, America’s place in the world, and the future in general are being challenged as never before. There is a growing feeling that what looms just over the horizon is bad…very bad. The Omega Confluence uses the lens of faith to reveal the reasons for the uneasiness. By examining the h

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So i bought this leave in condition to help with my damaged hair, i wouldn’t really say it is a hair healer like it claims to on the front. But it does make your hair feel soft and extra fresh with a nice smell to it, i only use it on the ends of my hair as i don’t want it to weigh down my roots. Also if you put it near your roots, your hair is most likely to become greasy quicker or even irritable so avoid putting it so close.

I was worried when i first squeezed some out as it does feel thick and sticky, but as soon as you start to rub it into your hair, the stickiness goes away. A great thing about this is that a little bit goes a long way, so only use small amounts but if you feel more is needed feel free to add more to your hair. :) 

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anonymous said:

I gain and lose weight all the time but you can never really tell, but I wanna get to my goal stomach and I have ton of back fat, I've always been average but never lose fat 😩 I think it's cause I'm average and not big enough to get rid of the fat but it's taking sooooo long 😢😢😢 idk what I'm doing wrong and I'm not just beginning to try to lose my fat

Every single body is made the same. If it burns more energy then it is consumed; over a period of time you will lose weight. Unless some pretty uncommon medical condtions are holding you back, which you would probably be aware of.

Being at a average weight will not make you not able to lose weight? Not only obese people can lose weight but EVERYONE at any current weight.

It seems like your problem is you arent consistant. If you are trying to “lose weight all the time” you are probably yo-yo dieting. If you are truly looking to lose weight and improve your body image then a long term lifestyle change is what you will need.

For inspiration I used the representation of Shockwave from the Fall of Cybertron video game and mixed it up with some notes from G1 Shockwave. G1 Shockwave would sometimes appear to be more red-purple than purple from time to time, so to capture that effect I used a variety of shades mixed with an iridescent medium applied in several thin layers.

The result is a Custom Figure that will look more purple when less light is present and more red-purple in brigther condtions.

I did not add the signature yellow eye from G1 Shockwave because I felt the purple/pink-white eye was more fitting for the mold.

Outside of the purple color tone, I added the Decepticon Symbol on his forearms and the needed Cannon Cable which this figure originally doesn’t come with. Shockwave’s cannon to be held in either left or right hand like a rifle or pistol or on either forearm as a hand replacement like in the G1 series.

The Alt mode has 2 two different configurations, it can be Transformed like intended with the rear booster on top (Photos: 18-27) or with the rear boosters on the bottom so the cannon cable is more exposed. (Photos: 28-34)

Deep conditioner time! It is well needed. Im deep conditioning with my Brown Butter Banana Deep Conditioner and I added some Jasons Lyric on top for some extra uhhhmmmpppp!

Both can be found on

But you may wanna wait for tomorrow. Theres a special sale coming up for The Kid!

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Overdue Thoughts on CBL & SFCW Tue. 10/7/14

Overdue Thoughts on CBL & SFCW Tue. 10/7/14

Congrats for winning tonight, NATS!!! You made this house a much happier place! ;)

FIRST: I’m sorry I’m publishing this later than normal. It’s been long day, a fast-moving day, and I just got home from the gym!

SECOND: If you’re here for the workout, here’s a doozy modeled after the workout I did this past Saturday at the gym:

3 Rounds for time:

  • 12 Pull-ups (or you can substitute a row of some…

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