Facts About Hakyeon
  • He is beautiful.
  • He is beautiful no matter what.
  • He is certainly not less beautiful because of his skin color.
  • He is beautiful, in fact, because of his skin color.
  • He is dark.
  • He is beautiful.
  • He is our beloved leader of VIXX.

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Are you a vegetarian?

Does it matter? The core principle of my stance against abortion is that all humans are persons deserving of the same rights, no matter how sentient, developed, or autonomous they are. I believe murdering a newborn, two-year-old, or fifty-year-old human is morally comparable to killing a human who is still at their embryonic stage — regardless of their vast developmental differences — because humanity is inherent, not earned.

Animals are not human; they are not persons. So while I don’t condone cruel or inhumane treatment of animals, I don’t believe that to be pro-life/against murder and eat meat is hypocritical.

I DO however see much hypocrisy in being vegetarian/vegan and supporting human abortion. It’s the epitome of dehumanization and ableism, to value the life of an animal over your fellow human being simply because they don’t yet have the same developmental capabilities as you. 

Question the ableist, ageist priorities behind human abortion.

I understand that some of the fandom feels a need to prop up Rebecca’s character in the wake of that finale, but don’t go overboard?

Because all I’m basically seeing is:

Haven’t you ever made mistakes?  Haven’t you ever done something bad when you’re nervous?  Haven’t you ever knowingly given someone an overdose of PCP in an attempt to make them dissociate away evidence of your actions but they turned out to be permanently institutionalized?  Haven’t you sweetie? (:

i love how just because i reblog a song it must mean i condone whatever that artist has done like no it’s just a bop damn

I am making one post on this whole situation because it is almost the only thing I have been seeing on my dash lately. This whole situation is one giant mess and I have been staying out of it and will continue to do so because I think it only spreads more hate and negativity than anything and the last thing we need is more of it. Honestly, what happened, happened. None of us can go back in time and change it. No, not even Taylor herself she is human after all guys. And I think people are losing their “chill” for the wrong reasons. Now, don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT condone bullying in any way. However, I feel like the line between fact and fiction in this situation is just so blurred. And yes, I have seen the “comments” and all the posts with evidence and such and if this is all true, then he knows what he has to do. And if it isn’t true, well then it isn’t. However, I feel like there is way too much of, “he said, she said” going on that is just twists things even more out of context and such. I feel like this just keeps tearing this fan base apart and it is sad to see, which is why I am trying to bring some light back into the fan base. I think we all need to focus more on what we all do best. And that is love and support Taylor with everything we have. We all have different opinions. And sometimes our opinions may differ from Taylor’s. And that’s ok guys. We are all human and we are all never going to agree on the same things all the time. But we are letting this drag everyone so far down this hole, we are never going to be able to come back up. This is the one and only post I am making on the matter and it’s really more of a rant than anything to just type my feelings out. But I think if we put half as much energy into spreading more positivity than negativity, this site would be a much brighter place. Smile, laugh, be happy my friends.

Agent Grant Ward - The Meta (that kind of got out of hand)

So one day ages back I had an argument with my wifey, inwhich she disagreed with my assessment of Ward’s character. I calmly and intelligently attempted to change her mind…

Okay so I referred to her as my broken wife and stuck my fingers in my ears whilst singing Christmas carols very loudly to avoid her opinion on the matter. Still it did make me think about my argument and how I can defend Ward as a character. That is to say I do not agree nor condone any character’s attempts at world domination that involve killing innocent people. I get where they come from, emotionally though. However in the case of Grant Ward, he is not a Villain in my eyes but instead a victim.

So here is my meta/rant as to why I want to wrap Ward up in a blanket tortilla because OOOOOH BOY does that baby have some issues and I cannot resist a flawed broken character. Someone really needs to tie Ward up and, I don’t know, marathon Disney and Pixar movies with him…maybe some therapy too, lots of therapy.

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im so lonely, my best and only friend doesnt even bother to reply to my messages now that hes got a boyfriend. All my parents do is scream at eachother so i hate being at home, my phone just broke and im super poor so i can get a new one so i have nothing to do and im just bored and lonely and it turns out that taking lots of sleeping pills doesnt kill you, it just makes you really tired and throw up. I dont really see a point in life tbh. my one isnt horrible, theres just no point to it

No, I’m sorry I cannot condone this, this isn’t cool at all. 

1, You need to stop trying to OD, that is not the solution, all you’re going to do is hurt a lot of people. I lost someone to suicide and I genuinely nearly lost my mind because of it, it is the most selfish act and I beg you not to do that to the people you love. 

2, Speak to someone, you need to get some help and you need someone to hear you, I’m not that person, I don’t know you but I’m glad you reached out to me. You need someone in your life to speak to, call your best friend, right now, tell him how you feel. 

3, Life is a gift, it’s handed to us and you get one chance, so don’t mess it up, just work with it. It can deal some shitty hands but trust me, your cards will always spin in your favour eventually, it just sometimes likes to test your endurance, show fate you’re a fighter. 

Love is all around you and you’ll be in my thoughts, please stay and be a light to the world, don’t let a dark, windy night put you out, your fire burns stronger than any wind can howl. 

I no longer wish to be part of a community that not only worships those who act the most aggressively towards fellow fans but encourages and condones harassment, emotional blackmail and manipulation, forcing victims to come out about their abuse publicly in order to prove that they’re not “Problematic” for shipping something dark, compromises the mental health of those victims by publicly calling them rapists and abusers so that other fans will cut them off without ever speaking to them in order to form their own opinion about a situation, the list goes on and on… and on…

It’s exhausting. It’s been bad for my health. It’s no longer fun when at every turn I have to hold myself together. It’s heart-breaking, seeing other people suffering.

You took something that brought so many amazing, creative people together and turned it into an excuse to harm and pat yourself on the back about your “good work.” 

And you call yourselves fans. You call yourselves activists. You call yourselves Right. You call yourselves Good. 

I really, really hope that when you finally reach the point of maturity where you can have an outside perspective on your actions, you can look back and say, “I hurt so many people, and it was wrong to do. I was an asshole” and then put every atom that holds your heart together towards being a compassionate, aware, and kind person. One who does not use real-life horrors as an excuse to terrorize other people. One who recognizes that there is a real person with real experiences and real feelings on the other end, who you have never met and may never ever actually meet… And so to say that you can judge this person’s entire life, their thoughts, their emotions, their motives, their perceptions, and rightly decide what kind of “literal trash” they are, is not only completely removed from reality, but very, very self-absorbed and cruel.

Being cruel is a choice. It’s not an unfortunate byproduct of “standing for justice”, and will never be. You must believe that you have the capacity to make kind, compassionate, rational choices. You must believe that you can analyze your initial, internal emotional responses to something but then use your head and remember that, “Hey, I don’t know this person. I literally know nothing about them other than the fact that they like this ship that personally squicks me for reasons XYZ. Am I really being a good person by starting a witch-hunt and forcing them to talk about how they were beaten by their mother on the internet in front of the entire community in order to prove they don’t abuse people IRL because they ship these two villains in a violent way? 

Who am I helping?”

This is all I have to say about this situation.

I dunno if you got bullied or not. That’s between you and the other person. From what I’ve read the said person has apologized and people have moved on. Yet other people are still bringing it up. The moment those handful of people decided to drag it out publicly was the moment they decided to show how they were no better. If someone bullies you, confront them. It’s not like Taylor is going to handle your battles for you. It’s not her place. She’s busy and has her own life going on. Yes she loves us all so very much. But she doesn’t have time for this. She doesn’t condone bullying and by some of you constantly dragging said person you are no better. FORGIVE AND FORGET. Going on and on about it won’t change the past.

i think whats worse though is that there are a bunch of starlights that dont even acknowledge the fact that everyone in vixx are saying things that are very harmful to hakyeon and that they condone their behaviour and pass it off as a joke. Hakyeon aint laughing because its funny he’s laughing because its awkward and he has to put on a facade that everything is alright bc thats what he does

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whats ur opinion on bi dorian

disgusting and awful to do. tbh i say this about most any changing of any LGBTQIA+ orientation into another, bc we dont need to erase representation to get another kind of representation u know.

its especially sickening w/ dorian bc his whole storyline is that hes NOT bi. not to say that bi ppl couldnt still face oppression (bc they do irl and they certainly do in thedas as well) but its a different kind, and his personal story comes from that. 

also like. im not saying that being bi means ur like “half str8” or whatever, im a pan person for god’s sake, but like i guarantee the majority, if not all, of the ppl that condone/want this mod r str8 girls lmao.

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Wendy is a queen

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All hail Wendy, turtle queen of Boston.

For the record, Killian, Emma, and I do not condone bedazzling turtles, BUT, this gif was too appropriate. 

So I am apparently being affected by hormones, which I DO NOT fucking condone at all. I have never, ever in my life had PMS or hormonal moodiness. because I had been on birth control for over ten years, but now I’ve cried six times this week, and I am bitching and moaning ALL THE TIME and CANNOT STOP, and I have that awful feeling that my coworkers are just annoyed to tears with how I have to give an opinion on EVERYTHING, but I cannot stop being that obnoxious person, and I keep rage-posting on EVERY social media about these dumb bitches named Sarah, and I’m sure my friend and family are very confused, as am I.

Cheers! 🍷🍹🍸

i have been informed.

i am disgusted, and i am greatly saddened that this happened. this is terrifying. i do not condone rape. i do not support rapists. i am so disgusted. i wish i had known sooner. im so disgusted that i let this person call me friend. this person had my kik. this person has my email. this person has my skype. i am shocked, i am appalled.

theyve been unfollowed and ignored, contact ceases. when i get on my laptop i will go through my archive and delete all trace of him. this is disgusting.