a start // something drastic

we   went for  our walk     as  we  are  wont to do.   it  was  the morning  but    it was  really the afternoon.     the cafe  by the park  fills  both  the dogs needs  and my own.      I wanted an  egg sandwich that morning,   that was  all  I wanted,   no more and no less .  .        

potato  took in the day  in good form,  proddled  along  without a coat or a worry,     she   took  first  to a  lamppost   and   then  to  some  invisible  scent which coated  a spot on the sidewalk  (??)    and  then  the patch of grass  by the big  catholic church  a  few blocks away .  .    

we  approached  the condomium  which was  still  under construction .  .   now  it  is  complete  though yet  empty .  .    in the dirt  patch on the  curb   there was  a  man  got up as a contractor  (probably a contractor)  .  .    he  was   outside   the place  raking   and  then  started pulling  up weeds .  .    bent  over with   his  eyes  on the ground  potato  rolled up  on im   with  her  tongue  hanging out  and  a  stupid  grin on

        ga aaah,  he manages

yes,  she gave  him  quite  a start

        oh  gosh,  says dino,   my  apologies 

        not  at  all,  says he,  not at all       

we  went on our  way and  left him be,  pulling up his weeds

       heh heh, goes potato,    gotim  good  yyop

she  sure did,  but  that guy was alright.          

on  the next block  potato  evacuated.   she dropped  two fine black foecal logs  and  two  smaller  gobs  and then  was off again.   like a  good boy  I wrapped the  logs and the gobs all up   in  a plastic  bag                      but   something   went  amiss —   a tear  in the plastic ?   no          some  of it got on  the upper part of the bag   and when  I  tied  it —          well .  .        frankly  I got  dogshit on my hand   and       it  was  really not cool.   my sinistral digits  no less  (am of the left hand)    .  .  I  tried to  wipe it  off  on  the bag itself  but     that didnt really work     so  I  picked up  some    paper  off the street    a  catalog  or something  for  a  grotesque  supermarket chain     but it was  dirty too   and  made  everything worse .  .     I tried  the patch  of grass  outside  the methodist chapel     and then  a tree   somewhat  further along the block .  .     nothing  worked      I  could see  it on  my  fingers      the dogshit  goddamit  it was  still there !     I  got  to the place  and  ordered my egg sandwich   with  the dogshit on my hand

        no  thats all,  says dino

and  then  I waited  for  a minute   with the dogshit on my hand    thinking  about the dogshit on my hand   all I could think about  for that minute  until  I resolved  to do  something drastic.   I would have to  leave potato with   this  tall dad guy  who  was also waiting for a sandwich (?)  withis kid and talking to another dad guy  withis kid —    well if he  can  watch a  human child  he can  take care o my canine,  I reckoned.    

        say man,  would  you watch potato  for  a moment   while  I  run inside ?

        oh uh,  sure,  he says

and potato  gave me a  look  like,       am alright    heh heh      this kids chump change,   she  also  implied  that he was  the butter and she the skillet.         I went inside like  a  one-handed maniac     scurried to the bathroom  and  delved my hand into  the hottest stream of  water the sink could muster .  .        soap.       soaped.           soap  and  soap       and soaped it .  .        until   I couldnt see the dogshit  anymore.    

        jesus,   says  dino     drying his hands

yes,    it was  frightful.         but  I   made it back outside  with a clean  hand   and  retrieved  my  ward  bearing many   thanks.     she was  sniffing a  large  greegn and yellowed  leaf  which  the boy  was holding out  to her

        no  worries,  says the dad guy,  shes  great

        heh heh,  goes potato

and  then  my  egg sandwich  came  out of the window  and   we  said  so long  to the dad guy and his baby boy    and  then  we were  on our way   and  everything  was  alright