walterfirelly asked:

"Eyyyyy, Whitner, so how's your work going~?" Aviator approached boy with hands folded behind his back, smirking mischievously.

That voice. Those cocky vocals. They infuriated him.

Whitner sneered and got on his feet, taking the planks he had worked hard for and tossing them at the other man.

"Here are your fucking planks, you highness." His voice dripped with a condescening touch and sarcasm put on the last word.

His messy hair flew gently in the autumn wind, the hood formerly covering it laying discarded on the ground by the thief’s feet.

frondswithbenefits asked:

Yah but I dont consider black an offensive term at all. I'm proud to be black haha. Basically if youre unsure of what someone IDs as, just ask them as politely as possible!! But keep in mind it can be a touchy subject for some ppl. (Like Ive had ppl come up to me and say in a really condescening way: "What are you?" Bc I'm lightskinned and ppl assume I'm biracial) So yeah black isnt offensive to me but it varies btw ppl I guess!!

okay cool! i guess it kinda just irks me when ppl use african-american as a blanket term bc like u dont know where they come from and yeah idk lol but yeah cool cool thank u!!