Contemporary Arts Center Córdoba

Córdoba • Spain

By Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

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Kreten Side Tables by Souda

Kreten Side Tables are the result of a concrete molding process used to create smooth, industrial organic side tables that breathe life into an often-quotidian material. Each table is formed in a rubberized-fabric that is filled with fiberglass reinforced concrete. The weight of the concrete, in conjunction with the stretch of the fabric allows each table to take on a unique form.

thesefamilyjewelsreflections asked:

Taurus girl and Rap Monster (BTS) what would the relationship be like?

Taurus + Virgo = Very good! c:
Like you he is an earth sign, so he is as organized and concrete than you. You both are hard-working, when you want something you get it, no matter how hard it is. There is a beautiful balance between you two. A Virgo male dream of a good life, a good house, succeed in his job… You would do the perfect wife for him (taurus wives are naturally good wives anyway) tender, sweet, good at cooking and cleaning, supportive… Everything a Virgo man needs. Him, would be a faithful and good husband, always here to protect his family. It can happens that the Virgo male lack of confidence and lock himself in a bubble of sadness, you would know how to cheer him and to support him. He may appear cold, but he truly needs a lot of affection, I know that you Taurus girl will know how to take a good care of him!

-Xie ♥


Born into grief, collisions
in the driveway like abduction,
thunderstorms experienced within
the womb, a landscape
of ruptured drywall, exhaling
nicotine, pocket lint, oxidized
pennies like old wishes, enough
gum to stick the headboard
back together, the waiting
between crimes, gutted
doorways, prayers made to porcelain
gods, dancing through
the mottled flesh of the refrigerator,
the sulfur breath of the stovetop,
linoleum insides, what the walls kept,
burial mounds for the dead
wasps on the window sill, stumbling
on spare limbs, solar flares
against the kitchen cabinets, melting
the sliding glass doors, welding soles
to the concrete, abandoned organs that feel
betrayal, cottonmouths, strangers
in the daylight, in the living
room, in the wrong skin, counting time
by the rattle of the water heater,
the aftermath of creation, how the rooms still kept smoke in the corners,
visitors like earthquakes, the aftershocks of
staying, unmade
beds for absence, running
sinks to water the floorboards,
the way the ground darkened beneath,
when the cherry tree learned how
to hang bodies, both necks broken,