I don’t think you guys know how proud I am of my best friend, she directed a short film and it looked amazing, I’m just glad I could be a part of it. Both caitlinrose—xx and concloms made sketches and slowly I got to see these sketches come to life, it was amazing! Although I hate seeing myself on screen it’s more than worth it to see the film come to life.

concloms said:

So I'm just here to confess that you're really really attractive (and I envy you), and your blog is one of the blogs (including the other one ;) that are my "pick-me-ups" because of your genuine humour (you make me laugh irl) and your love for everything Gaga and Drag race. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, now a huge fan (: ps. that detox pic - i live! haha

getting emotional tbh


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questions i was asked:

1. favourite country you’ve been to:


2. have u ever sent a controversial/mean anon into the anon group?


3. am i your favourite blog (there is only one correct answer)

-no hannah u suck lol jks ily

4. xmen or avengers

-why u do this to me why um um um um um avengers ok 

5. films or tv shows:

-tv shows

6. would you please pay for my graze box subscription please thank you 

-no pay for mine

7. would you rather be stranded on an island with your least favourite potterism member or aragog

-aragog tbh

8. do you know what you want to be when you’re older? if yes, what is it? if no, hurry up and make a choice we can’t all dilly dally in this economy

- i wanna be a spy ok 

9. can you explain to me the differences between effect and affect?

-effect is w an e and affect is w an a

10. how old will you be in the year of 2389

-392  lovely

11. FUN INTERACTIVE GAME WHICH YOU MUST ALL KEEP BETWEEN US 11- i want you, when you do this, to post in potterism and absurd lie but could be probable and will make everyone go WHAT ??? (ie like my “i had nose surgery today” but obvs i supported that with pictures so urs has gotta be stronger). when you’ve done it, fb message me or inbox me on tumblr and i’ll look at it and we ALL have to go along with each others holllaaaaa cool aren’t we hip

-okokokoko ill post mine in the group now prepare to love it

Questions im asking:

1. DO U LOVE ME (u must right)

2. how many languages do u speak?

3. wheres u dream location

4. r u in school? what year u in bud?

5. r u a hottie lamottie w a swimma suits body

6. whats the most wildest thing u ever done

7. whats the most romantic thing anyones ever done for u ;)

8. if u could date any celeb in the world wHO WOULD IT BE

9. how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

10. whats ur fave letter

11. advice u would give to a younger sibling (if u had one maybe):

i drew u in like 6 seconds flat bc some guy came up to us & was like “yall sell what” so i had to be quick but like here u go friend (also srry u look so pissed)

anonymous said:

Good blogs to follow?

Lameorgy , gayboyfriencl , postllimit , nlghtvisions , conclom , fappuclno , spankmehardbarry , beyonception
(I would tag them but I’m on my phone)

conclom said:

what's the latest you've ever slept in, gimme a blog rate loser <3

like 5:30 pm lol <333


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